A terrible idea combining Maid RPG and BLAME's setting. In effect, this is a set of bits of fluff, random event,s items, and other general stuff to run a game of Maid RPG set in the megastructure. Optional rules may appear, but they will mostly be, well…optional. The general tone of Maid RPG will be retained. This is more an idea about madcap fun and making fun of something I enjoy, than grimdark suffering and shit everywhere. The default setting assumption is effectively Blame Academy with the moe-moe effects turned on. So…not exactly the normal megastructure, but not exactly not, either.

Character Creation Tweaks

All Maids may freely take the android quality in addition to the ones they rolled.

If one wants to keep the monochrome "feel" of Blame!, when rolling colors, characters may opt to replace a color which is too "flashy" with black or white. Alternatively, two of a maid's colors must be chosen from black, white, grey, gold, silver, or metallic.

Running a game

Just run things like normal Maid. Except it's now in the Megastructure/netsphere/whatever you want to call it. There are a bunch of optional modifications to things one could try, but they're all not really needed, either. The mansion is just a specific location within the ever-expanding Dyson sphere which is the setting, and could be quite large. It might look like a normal, fancy mansion somehow nestled amongst pipes and other strangeness, or something like the entirety of Toha Heavy Industries' isolated environment and networks.

Stuff one might want to use

  • The Computer is your Master: Rather than have a centralized master NPC, one could run things much more like the original source material. The "mansion" is the entire setting. The "master" is the Netsphere Governing Authority or other control programs. Favor should still be handed out liberally, on a basis of any time someone's entertaining or whatever else. This is slightly less ridiculous than the idea of an actual "mansion" somewhere, so it may be a bad one. If one wants to be a nomadic band of maids, they just have to travel with and protect the master, as wherever the master goes, the "mansion" follows.
  • Cyberspace: I'd suggest messing with this, as it's a major part of any cyberpunk or similar stuff. There's the netsphere. Maids may not necessarily be meant to access it (well, unless they acquire net terminal genes as an item), but it's there. In cyberspace, it's some sort of digital world. Generally, use cunning or will for rolls to act in there, as one's physical ability doesn't matter. Beyond that, like anything else in Maid, whatever people can get away with goes. Hack nearby machines for your own use. Download maps. Pirate the Master's favorite song. Whatever. Standard challenges in Cyberspace are various forms of ICE, which have whatever stats and spirit ratings are appropriate. There's also "Black" ICE, which kills you (if it runs you up to stress explosion). And Blacker ICE, which is just plain impenetrable.

Setting stuff.

Time for some canon rape~ Probably unnecessary though, so…maybe not. This is a good place to put the random event chart, though.

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