Magical Girl RPG

Like standard character creation, except where listed

Magical Girl Roots

Roll 2d6, take result(s)

1,1-1,3 Own Making You found a magical device, or book, or learned spells or made machines and became a magical girl by your own accord.
1,4-1,6 Trained Some patron, magical pet device or destiny itself told you how to become a magical girl. You probably pick if they're still around and in what form.
2,1-2,3 Runs in the family Being a magical girl, or magic full stop runs in your family, they have magic genes, rare tomes or expert master members. You can pick if your family all know magic or if only some, possibly you do still.
2,4-2,6 On the clock You are a Magical Girl by career, like trans-dimensional police or galactic military. Make sure you don't compromise your mental health insurance benefits.
3,1-3,3 Magical Mishap Some disaster, or at least something unintended made you into a magical girl.
3,4-3,6 Magical Being You're some sort of magical race of some sort, a demon or what have you. You use your abilities to be a magical girl in some way.
4,1-4,3 Residing Spirit You aren't actually a magical girl yourself, you are instead possessed (willingly or not) by something magical, for these purposes. the exact nature of it is up to you.
4,4-4,6 Wait, I'm special? You're from an alternate dimension or school for wizards or something, back home you're a nobody, but here you're a powerful magical girl.
5,1-5,3 Goofing around You're actually an obscenely powerful being, however being a magical girl seemed fun, and you had to try it.
5,4-5,6 Sufficiently Advanced Technology Instead of using magic, in some way you use the wonders of SCIENCE! for your magical girl-ness. How and why is up to you, internal installation isn't protein resistant, you'll need to buy that separately.
6,1-6,3 Eeeevil Roll again, that is your root, but you were trained by a villain, or tentacle demons or for evil purposes. You get to pick if you're still evil now. If you roll this again, you're more evil, roll again. Repeat until you get a satisfactory result.
6,4-6,6 Reluctant You don't even want to be a magical girl, you just wanna be normal, or a more respectful archwizard that wears flowing robes, not revealing miniskirts. Roll again until you don't land on this. If you do again you're probably suicidal.

Magical Girl Powers:

At the moment, like Maid:

1 Super Evasion In exchange for 1d6 Stress, you can completely avoid a single attack.
2 Iron Wall You can use your Athletics attribute to defend up to two other characters.
3 Trespass You can take 1d6 Stress to intrude on a battle, love scene, etc. You can also butt in after the action has ended, and this can even work when someone is using World For Two.
4 Weapon From Nowhere You can pull your weapon out seemingly from nowhere, and get in a surprise attack. If you make a surprise attack, you get to make an attack roll without the target getting to make an opposed roll.
5 Giant Weapon You can attack with a giant weapon. (+1 to Athletics for attacking).
6 Ultimate Retort You can blow off an opponent completely by delivering a good retort (GM decides). You can make it impossible to defend against this by taking 2 Stress. (This must be role-played).

Parts may need fixing.

1 Power of Friendship You can take 1D6 Stress in order to remove 2D6 Stress from someone else.
2 Maiden's Tears By taking 2D6 Stress, you can make a request that can’t be refused. (This must be role-played).
3 Dat Ass Gain X Favor when performing fanservice and/or Gain X more Favor when doing something that has you provide fanservice
4 Reality Marble By taking 1D6 Stress, you can create a “world” for you and one other person, where for 5 minutes no one else can intrude.
5 Killer Obsession When you put your mind to someone, nothing will stand in your way~ Gain *some bonus we'd need to name* when *some condition, probably relating to seduction, firends, or spending favor.*
6 Mob Tactics/Friends Forever Gain a bonus (+3 when helped) And/Or +1 when surrounded by friends.

Need to determine some things, especially bonuses allotted.

1 Lethal Chef Your cooking is terrible, but you don't let that stop you. Anyone who eats a meal you make takes 1d6 stress.
2 Bookworm You actually LIKE school and study diligently. You never have to worry about failing tests and get +3 to the roll result for anything related to academics.
3 Snatch By taking a small amount of stress (1d6?), you can simply take something from the opponent.
4 Area Search You can find things. Easily. If you take the time to make a roll (or whatever) and describe what you're looking for, you can know where it is, without having to look for it yourself. Being more specific makes it easier to find.
5 Lie Detector By taking 1 Stress you can make other players or the master admit if they’ve lied.
6 Hammerspace You can produce anything you own from within your Magical Girl Outfit.

Need to specify more, but the basics are there

1 Bullshit knowledge You gain a bonus for things you have no idea how to do
2 Punishment When other magical girls make mistakes, you can gain the right to punish them, without them having a chance to make an opposed roll.
3 Binding Spells If you win a roll of Cunning Vs. Athletics, you can restrain someone from doing something.
4 Coercion If you win a roll of Cunning Vs. Athletics, you can completely damage or tear off someone’s clothes, even “accidentally”.
5 Fake Crying You can use fake crying to use your Cunning for what would normally be an Affection roll. (This must be role-played).
6 Mockery When someone is taking Stress points, you can mock them and cause them to gain an additional 2 Stress points. (This must be roleplayed).

Probably need more.

1 Denser than Neutronium When confronted with a verbal assault or seduction attempt, you may make a cunning roll. If the result is below 6 (8?), you are unaffected.
2 Karma You can use your Luck to dodge an attack, and if you roll a 10 or higher you cause twice as much Stress to the opponent.
3 Foreboding You can tell when something dangerous is coming or about to happen.
4 Teleport You can travel anywhere near-instantly. "Anywhere" is with moderation and subject to GM veto if you try to leave the setting entirely.
5 Lucky charm if someone would fail a roll you may roll your luck instead and take 1d6 stress
6 Spot light stealer if some other magical girl would gain favor you seem to have been involved and gain 1/4th the amount they do

Really need more luck powers

1 Immune to Pain During a battle, even if you’re sent flying, you don’t take any Stress. Outside of battle, however, you can still take Stress points like usual.
2 Sexy Magical Girl You are the very epitome of a magical girl, and you take no penalties when not in full uniform.
3 PTMGD You become immune to the effects of stress for one scene, but when its over you suffer your stress explosion automatically for twice your current stress in minutes.
4 Push Yourself By taking 2d6 stress you gain a temporary +1 to any attribute.
5 Never Give Up By taking 1d6 stress you can immediately make an attempt at a failed roll. You may do this only once per roll.
6 Force of will You may spend 2 favor to make your next skill roll equal to your will stat.

Need more Will powers too.

Optional content:

Token Male Slave/Savior

in place of the butler, most groups have one of these.

Roll twice, add bonuses to abilities.

Token Male Types
1 GAR +1 Athletics
2 Girly +1 Affection
3 Magnificent +1 Skill
4 Smart +1 Cunning
5 Harem Magnet +1 Luck
6 Bastard +1 Will
What he does
1 What a Hero Joins the fight for 1d6 rounds on the girls side. Once his time is up, he leaves, if the fight ends before he leaves, he'll just say cryptic things and maybe help someone off the floor. If combat still isn't over, he just ditches you.
2 Fed-Ex The token male arrives with a powerful artifact, weapon or advice, this gives one character a +d6 to a single skill for the purposes of getting rid of the problem.
3 Answers Explains what's going on to everyone, slowly and calmly enough that even the idiots normally figure it all out.
4 Perfect Distraction He has or is something the bad guys really want. They'll do just about anything for him, including ignore your attacks to get their hands on him.
5 Source of stability By being calming, wise, kind or even just cute, he can take 2d6 stress to restore 1d6 to everyone else.
6 Hidden powers When at least two thirds of the group are dead, near dead, insane, or grappled, he hulks out and automatically beats d6 enemies to save as many girls as possible.


Who they are:
1 Demons *
2 Undead/Ghosts *
3 Dimensional Invaders *
4 Other Magical Girls *
5 Youkai *
6 Aliens *
1 Demons Dumb strong monstrosities acting mostly on instinct.
2 Devils Smart human like monsters that use cunning and deceit.
3 Angels Divine order following beings who aren't relatively evil to you today.
4 The cursed Humans exhibiting the power of ancient malicious curses.
5 Deadly sins One or the entirety of the classic 7 given physical form.
6 Unmentionable horrors Things that are beyond the stars and what your mind can comprehend without leaving you babbling.
1 Zombies The dead given life in some form or another.
2 Spirits Nearly incorporeal forms of those who can't rest.
3 Possessing ghost Could be that flying desk, could be that man with gradient eyes and floating fireballs circling his head
4 Vampires They want to suck your blood, or pyschic energy, or maybe even just tell the plain girl she looks nice while sparkling
5 Tsukumogami Objects of at least a hundred years old who grew a soul!
6 Shadows Negative emotions and thoughts of people given a physical form
Dimensional Invaders
1 Tentacled Beings of many slimy, gropey, clingy limbs
2 Giant brains Nerds that have transcended their physical form and can only get laid through ERPGing now
3 Mechanized invaders Monsters that are mostly or entirely machine in form and wish to conquer
4 Mirror dimension people Like your average everyday person only evil and with a mustache and a scarf
5 B-movie dimension Things that just seem cheesy like giant lizards or horrible like tim curry.
6 Nazi dimension Hey they had to win in some alternate dimension with super nazi science.
Other Magical Girls
1 Blatantly evil Girls that use the power of darkness and evil, clearly you must beat them up on principle.
2 Rival group You may have been great allies at some time, but at the moment you're in a race of ideals.
3 Really the heroes Wait you're the bad guys? And their seemingly evil plan was really stopping a catastrophe? oops.
4 Secret organization Magical girls really have been known forever and kept and used by amoral shadow government organizations.
5 Cultists Hey they're female and the use magic.
6 Super martial arts They may say it's through training and natural body energy but that glowing and teleporting is clearly magic.
1 Beast kin Nearly animal humans, don't take romantic interests in them.
2 Elemental Fire, earth, wind, or water beings if you're boring. Tungsten, Iron, Mercury, or Einsteinium if you're not.
3 God Maybe not an almighty one but something that can perform miracles.
4 Strong youkai Mythical Large brutes who may or may not be completely human like.
5 Smart youkai Mythical beings that believe in mind over matter and maybe trickery over strength as well.
6 Badass normals Regular people so badass that they don't need magic or special powers to kick your ass and get what they want. Why are they here? There was a 6th Youkai choice here before and they beat them up and put them in the Undead/Ghosts/spirits list.
1 Rubber forehead alien They're just like you only a different color, and a weird forehead. Maybe even a spaceship too.
2 Space elves Haughty aliens who are clearly better than you in every way beyond having the human spirit.
3 Space pirates they've come to plunder your space booty arggggg.
4 Starfish aliens Aliens that look like they come from the sea and may have made humanity as a joke!
5 Fungi aliens Aliens that aren't really animals. Beware their spores and need to put your brain in a can.
6 Little green men They've come in a saucer and aren't leaving till they have done some probing.

Roll the following as many times as desired and combine, (eg, they're after love-energy if you roll a 2 and a 3)

What they want:
1 Souls
2 Emotions
3 Energy
4 Artifacts
5 Magical essence/Power/Mana
6 Manpower
Their minions are:
1 More of/lesser version of themselves
2 summoned as needed
3 Mind controlled or otherwise compelled
4 Incidental things from say, the thing they're after
5 Manifestations of evil or some sort of negative emotions
6 Not natural, like machines, magical or otherwise powered.


Still to do:

  • More powers
  • Weapons; changing some stuff from mops to wands or cards, say?
  • Change a quality to like, Scrib's emotion magic?
  • Think of more things to change?
  • More for the Tuxedo wearing or maguffin delivering token male slave/savior content?

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