Mage Academy Rosemary Evelyn Daniels

Background and Summary

Rosemary Evelyn Daniels, or just "Rose", is a slightly short girl in trim shape with curly long red hair and bright green eyes. It would seem fortune, and perhaps her own efforts, have gifted her with a nice figure and she isn't shy about dressing to take advantage of that. Rose is a mischievous and mercurial girl with a curious streak and a fascination with puzzles of any type. She seems blessed with good luck, or at least more of it than bad, and it is rare to find her without a deck of cards or set of dice. Unfortunately, the pranks and tricks she likes to play aren't always benign and the trouble around her is occasionally surprising only in the strange forms it takes.

Her family claims genealogy from Ireland or Scotland depending, and she's even visited both and liked them well enough, but aside from the occasional vacation she has spent most of her life in (…USA?) where she was born. Her family has moved around from time to time within her home country, so she's gotten used to picking up and starting over; she tends to try and treat such as an opportunity to start over fresh and see new things. She's managed to live a somewhat charmed life, though occasionally her somewhat wild nature catches up with her.

She entered her Mystery Play after an extended date with her then-current boyfriend at the park; when she woke, he seemed noticeably worried and she heard he moved away soon after (even despite her confused use of the mysteries to find out why). Her Mystery Play consisted of a strange dream where she wandered a weird Wonderland-like realm guided by various puzzles and clues; after she woke, she noted the park didn't seem exactly as it had and she could almost swear she remembered some odd puzzles that she was sure wasn't part of her Play. She was also left with the disturbing feeling that he may not have been entirely human and may have been trying to take her … somewhere.

Name Rosemary Evelyn Daniels Concept Mischievous Fool Path Acanthigos
Player Orrin Virtue Faith Order Mysterium
Chronicle Magical Academy Vice Lust Cabal Light Music Club


Power Intelligence 3 Strength 1 Presence 2
Finesse Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3
Resistance Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 3



Academics 1
Computer 1
Crafts 1
Investigation 1
Medicine 1
Occult 4
Politics 1
Science 1


Athletics 1
Brawl 0
Drive 0
Larceny 1
Stealth 1
Survival 1
Weaponry 0


Animal Ken 0
Empathy 1
Expression 1
Intimidate 0
Persuasion 2
Socialize 0
Streetwise 1
Subterfuge 2

Other Traits


High Speech 1
Hallow 1* 1
Trained Memory 1
Extemporaneous Affinity 2 3
Geomancer 1
Allies: Students 1 1
Status: Mysterium 1 1


Size 5
Defense 3
Initiative Modifier 6
Speed 9
Experience 1/10


Death 0
Fate 3
Forces 0
Life 0
Matter 0
Mind 2
Prime 1
Space 1
Spirit 0
Time 0
Health 7
Bash Lethal Aggravated
Current 0 0 0
Willpower 5 5
Mana 7 10
Gnosis 1
Wisdom 7
Type Amount
None 0
Protective Spells
Name Amount
Fortune's Protection 3
None 0

Skill Specialties

Occult (Geomancy)

Academics (Puzzles)

Subterfuge (Bargaining)


High Speech [1]

  • Rose knows the High Speech, or at least enough of it. Aside from being able to somewhat use a Supernal language, she can chant it during spells for a boost of power or inscribe glyphs to make a spell more enduring.
  • +2 dice for boost of power, chant at least loud whisper (30 minute chant for extended)

Extemporaneous Affinity 2 [3]

  • Rose has a knack for spontaneous casting, which she still regularly practices.
  • +2 dice to improvised casting spell pools

Trained Memory [1]

  • Rose has an astonishing memory when she puts her mind to it.
  • Perfectly commit to memory a scene or day's worth of study with a turn of concentration. Remembering during peaceful situations is automatic.

Geomancer [1]

  • Rose has an instinctive understanding of ley lines, and can shift them through some creative redecorating.
  • Make extended Intelligence + Occult roll to figure out how to affect ley energies, with varying difficulties.

Hallow [1]

  • Rose has a Hallow she has graciously shared. Any purported lies about her use of Geomancy to wrangle it should of course be ignored.
  • Resonance: Creativity/Curiosity. Shared to the group Sanctum.

Allies: Students 1 [1]

  • Rose has gotten into the habit of trading various minor favors with her fellow students and, so far, luck has been on her side in them.
  • Request (relatively minor) favors and occasionally get the same requested. It's relatively common for her to use Fate to help out, even if it's just helping a student to have a day of minor good fortune.

Status: Mysterium 1 [1]

  • Rose has managed to join the Mysterium. Aside from occasionally letting those who abuse the school library or its books have a little taste of misfortune, she is still very much a new, if full-fledged, member of the order. Still, some places or knowledge are now more readily available to her, as are some other perks.



Improvised Casting

  • Fate: 6 (3 dots)
  • Mind: 5 (2 dots)
  • Prime: 4 (1 dot) [requires 1 mana]
  • Space: 4 (1 dot) [requires 1 mana]

Fate Rotes

  • Exceptional Luck
    • Fate 2
    • Pool (11): Manipulation + Occult (+1) + Fate
    • Cost: 1 Mana
    • Gain 9-again (choosable) uses for each success
  • The Evil Eye
    • Fate 2
    • Pool (8-): Manipulation + Persuasion + Fate - Composure
    • Cost: 1 Mana
    • Next [successes] actions penalized by Fate

Prime Rotes

  • Dispel Magic
    • Prime 1
    • Pool (9): Int + Occult (+1) + Prime
    • Cost: 1 Mana
    • Universal counterspell, requires 1 dot in each arcanum in a spell to be countered
  • Supernal Vision
    • Prime 1 + Mind 1 (Supernal Vision with Mind 1 added)
    • Pool (9): Wits + Occult (+1) + Prime
    • Perceive Aura Nature/State [Mage Sight]
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