Lyndis Sappho

Lyndis Sappho


For as long as Lyndis could remember, Lyndis grew up as a slave in the Nexus. She was raised by her brother, Dionysius. Dionysius worked his ass off as best as her could for his sister and the other children, often taking on additional shifts and giving up his rations to the others. Lyndis wanted to become a performer, but Dionysius often pushed her hard for training in weaponry. Dionysius knew that soldier slaves were usually kept in a better condition, and so tried to make sure Lyndis would be chosen as a soldier instead of anything else. With luck, she was eventually picked to become a soldier. She kept up her rigorous training, despite how she disliked it and would be rather doing other things. Dionysius also taught a few other things besides battle, like how to read and write. He also managed to give her a few dancing books he found discarded. Lyndis was a sharp kid, and learned to quickly combine the Dance moves with some of the brutal techniques she witnessed from the slave managers. While learning how to fight with a weapon, her very fists remained her favored weapon.

Her first job was that she was rented out to a merchant. There was a package in Chanta that the merchant wanted to be delivered back. Lyndis and Dionysius were signed on the job in addition to many others. The trip was incredibly long and quite a few perished due to multitude of the attacks. After a long journey, they arrived in Chanta. The “package” they were sent to get was in a small box. Lyndis was somewhat angered that they were risking their lives for just a stupid box, Dionysius had to quickly calm her down.

On their way back from the trip, they were ambushed by a group of Fair Folk. The Fair Folk were greater in power and ravaged most of group. The squad Lyndis and Dionysius were in were under heavy assault. A Fey creature, who’s name was “One Who Walks the Path of Strong-Fisted Supremacy”, is the Fair Folk came up and challenged Dionysius to a duel. The fight was hardly fair and Dionysius lost shortly after. As the Fey creature gloated, Lyndis went up and took a swipe at the Fair Folk. Even though she only nicked him, the creature howled in pain and batted Lyndis away where she tumbled under the caravan where the package was being stored. One Who Walks the Path of Strong-Fisted Supremacy ordered some of his men to gather up the captives before they could concentrate on the others while clutching his wound.

Lyndis pushed herself up off the ground and noticed that a lot of Fair Folk were taking many of the captives away, including her brother Dionysius. At a loss, she looked to the side and noticed that the package was tipped over and on the ground was a pair of bracers. Seeing as how her normal tiger claws were now badly damaged and shattered, she put on the bracers with haste so she'd have some kind of defense against them. When she climbed out of the wreckage she went back to attacking the Fair Folk. They started to fall one by one with greater and greater speed. Lyndis noticed that her body was more responsive than ever during this time. When most of the Fair Folk were dead, The Most Supreme Benefactor challenged Lyndis to a duel to end this. The Fair Folk attempted to kill her right off the bat, but to everyone’s amazement she parried it with almost no effort. The duel was long and hard fought, remaining combatants standing slack jawed watching the battle. Lyndis body was mostly on automatic for the fight, and before she knew it she punched the Fair Folk so hard that he went completely through it and reduced the tree to splinters.

After the fight, Lyndis went over and to check on the remainder of the people. Many people were slack jawed and cowering before her. It took her a moment to realize that she was glowing in a golden light. The caravan owners thought they knew what they saw and apologized immediately, saying that she could have anything on the caravan so long as they left them alone. Lyndis said that she’d be taking the remainder of the caravan guards, in addition to the package and whatever resources were on it. Following the standard procedure, the caravan owners complied and began to pack up to leave. Lyndis told the people that they were free to go. They said that “We owe The One Who Breaks Supremacy our lives.” Too soft to deny them, Lyndis accepted them. She took whatever Jade was left in the caravan as well as a breastplate that appeared to be made out of gold from the same package she found her new claws in. She and her group then started to make their way back to Chanta in order so they could find some possible clues.

It was a long journey that was filled with many setbacks and a few favors for people she didn't like, she eventually found a Fey. After she kicked its ass the Fey said it knew the location of Lyndis's brother, intrigued, Lyndis didn't kill it. Lyndis said that so long as she told the truth about her brother and did no harm to him, then neither her nor her men would be allowed to kill her. True to her word, the Fey told Lyndis where her brother was, but not after making her jump through hoops and generally do her best to piss her off in virtually every instance she could (Such as that shaping brooch that made some of her hair Ori. and how she blames it for her now being a pervert [whenever it caused the latter or not]). Eventually she reached Yseult's domain of where her brother was kept. Taking no chances, she made a quick blitz inside and stormed the place, looking for her brother, then getting the hell back out before Yseult could get his pants back up. Needless to say it worked albeit with a few losses.

When Dionysius awakened (and sure he wasn't dreaming this time), Lyndis showed him that she had Exalted and began to explain what had happened, what she had learned, and what she had to go through in order to get him back. Resigning any chance of ever having a peaceful life with her, he agreed that blood was thicker than Exaltations, and agreed to follow Lyndis with whatever she did, only this time he would be under her command, not the other way around. It took a few days of discussion and deep thinking for her before she remembered how much she was feared and how much her kind was hunted. She then proposed an option to her brother on how she wanted to make a safe haven for Exalts like her, and the both agreed the best way to do it was to carve out themselves. After some research, they both decided that the Hundred Kingdom's was ripe for the picking. Fractured, mostly mortal, and by the time people notice a few places are being toppled they'd kick it into full gear. Agreeing on the plan, Lyndis took an escort caravan job that would lead her straight into the heart of the Hundred Kingdom's.


Lyndis is still unsure of what she has become lately, but she doesn’t let that bother her much. She sees this as a sign that she has been given the power to save her brother and free all the slaves she wants to. Growing up she always wanted to be a performer mainly and wonders when the day will come when she will be invited to dine or stay in a real castle. She only learned the fighting arts as her brother pressured her to do so. She knows it was for her own good, but she does wish for a chance for her dancing skills to impress and calm people rather than just kill them. She’s a kind girl who tries to treat people with respect despite her somewhat lack of social skills. She is fairly strong willed, and is willing to see most things through to completion. She is fairly shy about her looks since her body has light scars all over. Since she is free now, she is eager to try everything the world has to offer. Maybe a little too eager…

After beating what people considered their worst nightmare incarnate with only her bare hands and skin, Lyndis is cocky as all hell and loving her newfound Exaltation. She gets what she wants with ease and most mortals are nothing more but a joke for her in combat now. While confident, she still (tries to) remember how frail most mortals are and treats them with the same respect she would give herself and leaves no man behind. Her men know this, and are steadfastly loyal to her despite not being able to save most of the other slaves that were captured by the Fair Folk. She still continues to practice her dancing skills while she trains with her men, and trying to make sure her men don't practice the same dancing skills she does until she perfects it herself. Brash and arrogant, she is still a kind girl with a very strong sense of justice and loves most of her body except for her non-existent bust size. She still has a strong sense of willpower… except when it comes to one activity which she insists she doesn't have a problem. She is still extremely caring towards other things, even when her men keep making bets to see who she will eventually cave into first.

Physical Appearance

Lyndis herself has semi-long hair that goes down a little past her neck, and is happy now that she has a chance to grow it out. Her skin is white and covered in small scars underneath the clothing along with the arms and legs, most of which have healed nicely since she Exalted but still some left. She is a little shorter than normal and her bust is fairly small. When she finds out that her Exaltation caused her to halt her age for a few thousand years, she’ll be bitter that it stopped her “Late but actually started growth spurt.” She currently wears a jacket over on top of her breastplate and is wearing loose pants. Her muscles look a more toned than a normal girl’s. Not by an abnormal amount, but enough to stick out. One of her favorite outfits is a loose fitting cheongsam/qipao with the sides removed that allow easy access of movement for the legs. Example of outfit

Anima Banner

  • 11-15 - At this level the paws of a tiger form around her fists whenever she lashes out and attacks while a pair of golden cat ears and tail also appear.
  • 16+ - At this level a massive Tiger with bright blue eyes can be seen above her. Whenever Lyndis attacks, the Tiger lashes out at those she aims at. Even using distant attacks, the Tiger will put it's head on the forefront of any weapon, attempting to bite the victim just before the weapon hits.

Name: Lyndis Sappho

Caste: Dawn

Concept: Ex-child Soldier

Motivation: Conquer the Hundred Kingdom's and establish a safe haven for Solars, Lunars, and any other Exalt that is hunted by the Realm.


  • STAMINA: 3
  • WITS: 3


  • Martial Arts: 5 (Unarmed: +3)
  • Melee: 2
  • War: 5
  • Integrity: 3
  • Performance: 5 (Dancing: +1)
  • Presence: 1
  • Resistance: 5 (In Battle: +3)
  • Lore: 1
  • Athletics: 5
  • Awareness: 2
  • Dodge: 5 (Unarmored: +3)
  • Linguistics: 1 (Native: Forest-Tongue. Others: Riverspeak)


  • Compassion: 4
  • Conviction: 2
  • Temperance: 1
  • Valor: 4
  • WP: 8

Limit Break

  • Name: Carnal Compassion
  • Duration: For a day Until the character experiences an orgasm.
  • Condition: The character goes a week without sexual intercourse.
  • Information: Filled with unspeakable lusts, the character becomes incapable of divorcing his Compassion from his lust. He becomes sexually attracted to any being he would normally feel Compassion for, no matter how taboo such a desire would be. While he will not commit rape or sexual abuse to satisfy himself, he will stop at nothing to pursue and seduce those that arouse his lusts. He cannot take up any other endeavors until he has satisfied himself sexually, committing all he has to pursuing those he loves.
  • Partial Control: While the character is still overcome with lust, it does not force him into taboo sexual relationships–while he may still lust for them, he can choose not to pursue family members, children, dead lovers, and similar.


  • Essence: 2
  • Personal: 8/14
  • Peripheral: 12/25 (33 total without commitments)
  • Temp WP: 6/8


  • Hearthstone Bracers: 2 (+3 dodge die, +2 to all damage, 4m attunement)
  • Resources: 3
  • Followers (Regular Troops): 2
  • Allies: 1 (Her Brother)


  • Omnidexterity: Can use feet to grasp objects, weapons, and tools. Ignore accuracy penalty for off-hand and use either hand without penalty. Spend an action to switch hands and reduce the PDV of the opponent by two for the next attack. (3 BP)


  • Vice: Sex (3 BP)
  • Enemy 2: Xia Fair Folk Noble she managed to piss off while saving her brother. Is the one that gave Lyndis her "flaw" (Most likely that cloud girl). (2 BP)


Martial Arts (Chungian SHS assuming)

  • First MA Excellency
  • Fists of Iron (3m, indefinite, perfect quality to fists)
  • Sledgehammer Fist Punch (3m, supplemental, double base damage, double raw damage vs inanimate objects)
  • Dragon Coil Technique (3m, reflexive step 1, add +1 autosuccesses to inflict, maintain, and control a clinch. Add +MA dice to damage against Clinched targets and STR+athletics total needed to lift and drag, enable access to defensive charms and dodge while grappling)
  • Solar Hero Form (6m, Scene, Speed 6 DV -1 penalty. Spend 1m in step 7 to count successes twice for damage, +ESS to damage)
  • Hammer on Iron Technique (5m 1WP, Magical flurry, six attacks)


  • Second War Excellency


  • IPP (5m 1WP)


  • Second Performance Excellency


  • Durability of Oak Meditation (3m, 8 hardness for one tick)
  • Iron Skin Concentration (2m)
  • Ox-Body Technique (4x -1/2x -2)
  • Invincible Essence Reinforcement
  • Iron Kettle Body (4m 1WP, Simple, Combo-OK, scene, +8B/+8L/+4A soak for scene)


  • Graceful Crane Stance (3m)


  • Third Dodge Excellency
  • Dodge Essence Flow (TRAINING)
  • SSE (3m, Conviction)
  • Reflex Sidestep Technique (1m)
  • Shadow Over Water (1m)
  • Lightspeed Body Dynamics (Every time my dodge DV is capable of being used, I regain motes equal to half the attackers essence, rounded up)


  • DDV: 9
  • PDV: 8
  • MDDV: 6

Attack Block

  • Fists: Speed 5, 16 Accuracy, 6L/B Damage, 15 Defense, Rate 4, N
  • Kick: Speed 5, 15 Accuracy, 9L/B Damage, 11 Defense, Rate 3, N
  • Clinch: Speed 6, 15 Accuracy, 6L/B Damage, - PDV, Rate 2, N,C,P
  • SHF Fists: Speed 5, 17 Accuracy, 8L/B Damage, 16 Defense, Rate 5, N
  • SHF Kick: Speed 5, 16 Accuracy, 11L/B Damage, 12 Defense, Rate 4, N
  • SHF Clinch: Speed 6, 16 Accuracy, 8L/B Damage, - PDV, Rate 3, N,C,P


  • Move: 5
  • Dash: 11
  • Jump: 2V/3H

Health levels

  • 5x -0
  • 8x -1
  • 11x -2
  • 1x -4
  • 1x Incap
  • 4x Dying


  • 6B/6L Natural
  • 14B/14L/4A Iron Kettle
  • 22B/22L/8A Iron Skin


  • Her Brother
  • Slaves (Desire to free them)
  • Guild (Negative)


  • Spent: 83
  • Banked: 4
  • Total: 87


(name), Xia Fair Folk Noble

In order to gain knowledge of her brothers location, Lyndis had to agree to a few things. The primary one was that so long as it told the truth about her brother and did no harm to him, Lyndis nor her men would not kill her despite how much it had lied to her. This clause is still sadly in full effect and she milks it to the fullest. The clause says nothing about Lyndis beating the shit out of it, but so long as her brother is not harmed by it she considers herself honor bound not to kill it.

Mass Combat

Regular Troops

  • Number: 20
  • STR: 3
  • DEX: 2
  • STA: 3
  • Resistance: 2
  • WP: 6
  • Soak: 3L/7B (Buff Jacket)


  • Sword: 6 Acc, 8L Dam, 4 PDV, Rate 2
  • Self Bow: 4 Acc, 7L, Rate 2, 150 range

Basic Mass stats

  • Drill: 2
  • Endurance: 5
  • Might: 0
  • Close combat acc: +3 successes
  • Ranged combat acc: +2 successes
  • Close combat dam: +3 successes
  • Ranged combat dam: +3 successes
  • Armor: 1 (Mob: -1, Fat: 2)
  • Morale: 3 (This is total. Morale + Drill - Mag. = total morale)
  • Join War: 5

Close Formation

  • Close combat (Fists of Iron): 17 +6s ACC, 8L +3s Damage
  • Ranged combat (Long Bow): 14 +2s ACC, 5L +3s Damage, 150 range, 2 Rate, 6 Spd
  • PDV: 13
  • DDV: 9
  • Soak: 7B/7L/1A or 15B/15L/5A
  • HL: 25x2
  • Double enemies Magnitude when they make ranged attacks against me
  • Difficulty rolls against hesitation are at -2 bonus

Relaxed Formation

  • Close combat (Fists of Iron): 17 +3s ACC, 8L +3s Damage
  • Ranged combat (Long Bow): 14 +2s ACC, 5L +3s Damage, 150 range, 2 Rate, 6 Spd
  • PDV: 10
  • DDV: 9
  • Soak: 7B/7L/1A or 15B/15L/5A
  • HL: 25x2
  • Double DV bonuses by shield and cover against ranged attacks

Skirmish Formation

  • Close combat (Fists of Iron): 17 +3s ACC, 8L +3s Damage
  • Ranged combat (Long Bow): 14 +2s ACC, 5L +3s Damage, 150 range, 2 Rate, 6 Spd
  • PDV: 10
  • DDV: 9
  • Soak: 7B/7L/1A or 15B/15L/5A
  • HL: 25x2
  • Increase DV by +3 against Ranged attacks
  • If an opponent hits group with Close combat, double their magnitude. If they are using close, triple it.
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