Lucas Joran

Hisorty: Lucas Joran has always been something of a scientist..or an inventor..or just maybe somewhere on the wrong side of sanity. Being a big fan of skating, Lucas used his intellect and knack for making things to create his motorized skates, a device he calls Harul. Not the strongest or most fight based person, he is very much a mechanic at heart, even carrying along most the time a sort of mechanic's charm. This alone has caused him trouble in the form of experiments gone haywire. He volunteered for the force because he felt that he might be able to do some good, and, lets face it, the military has better toys and workshops then he does.

Apperance: Bright, ice blue eyes are set in a head topped by unruly brown hair, held back slightly by a pair of goggles that are almost always worn on his head. He stands about 5'9 at 17 years old, and prefers his overalls to most of the uniforms required.

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 20 24 18 20 14 20
Bonus: +5 +7 +4 +5 +2 +5

** PP**

Saves and Combat:

Name Total Notes/Sources
Toughness: +4/7/10 +4 con, +3 When Spinning, +3 Defensive Roll (Goes away if can't move)
Reflex: +8 +7 dex, +1 bought
Fortitude: + 7 +4 Con, +3 bought
Will: +5 + 2 Wis, +3 bought
Name Total Notes/Sources
Attack: +8 Melee, +3 Ranged +3 Bonus, +5 Melee Specialization
Defense: 23/19/16 + 6 bought, + 3 Dogde focus, + 4 Shield, 16 when denied dodge w/o shields
Initiative: +11 +7 dex, +4 Improved Initiative
Grapple: +11 +/-Size Modifier +5 str, +3 attack, Normal size
Knockback resistance: -3

28 PP

Carrying Capacity:
Carrying Capacity:
(in lb): Medium and Heavy Loads lower flight speed, teleport can only carry an extra 100 lbs, Dimensional pocket can hold 2500 lbs

- Manual
Light Load 133 lbs
Medium Load 266 lbs
Heavy Load 400 lbs
Maximum Load 800 lbs
Push/Drag 2k lbs

Movement Rates:

With out Harul out:

Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 30 ft 120 ft
Jumping 15 ft
Flight No No


Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 150 ft 30 mph
Jumping 750 ft
Flight 150 ft (Airwalk) 30 Mph (airwalk)


Acrobatics 5 (+12),
Climb 3(+8),
Computers 2 (+7),
Concentration 1 (+3),
Craft(mechanical) 1 (+6),
Disable Device 1 (+6),
Drive 4(+11),
Escape Artist 1 (+8),
Investigate 1 (+6),
Knowledge (arcane Lore) 1 (+6),
Knowledge (technology) 2 (+7),
Notice 2 (+4),
Ride 2 (+9),
Sleight of Hand 2 (+9)
Stealth + 7
Survival + 2
Swim + 5


Feat Name: Effect
Ambidexterity: Can use both hands for attacks, no penalty
Artificer: /You can use the Knowledge (arcane lore) and Craft skills to create temporary magical devices. See Magical Inventions, page 132, for details.
Attack Focus (Melee) 5: Adds bonus to melee attacks.
Attractive: Wherever it might apply, Kunede gets +4 to bluff and persuade due to appearance
Defensive Roll 3: +3 Toughness (or reflex against area attacks) as long as he can move.
Dodge Focus 3: +3 to Defence as long as he can move, already worked into math.
Elusive Target: Penalties to attacks against him while he's moving.
Evasion 2: Half damage on failing a reflex save, no damage on save.
Improved Initiative: Kunede's improved reflexes give her +4 on initiative checks
Improved Trip: Bonus to tripping attempts
Improvised Tools: Lucas can use most anything as a tool, so long as it can be seen as such.
Instant UP: Lucas can jump up to his feet from a prone position as a free action.
Inventor: You can use the Knowledge (technology) and Craft skills to create inventions and temporary devices. See Inventing, page 131, for details.
Prone Fighting: Lucas can fight easily from a prone position if needed.
Set Up: Can use a feint or other interaction in battle and transfer the benefit to a teammate
Takedown Attack: Bonus attack on an enemy with in 5 feet for disabling or knocking out an enemy
Teamwork: +1 for aid actions.//


Device 6 (Skates + Plated gloves) (Halur)
30 points
Strike 2 (Mighty)
Kinetic Control, rank 3 (6 points)
Leaping 5 (5 Points)
Speed 3 (3 Points)
Summonable (Watch) (1 Point)
Super Movement: Slow Fall, Wall-crawling x 2, Air Walking 2 (Rank 5 total (10 Points))
Shield 4 (4 Points)
Quickness 5
Spinning 4 (Radius Sight)

Guy/Girl Magnet (Both ways)
Obsession: Tinkering/Inventing/Knowledge (how things work)
Easily Distracted (Mechanical bent)

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