List Of Angels

The first Angel:

Appearing two years ago. Details pending, This is the Angel that attacked Germany, causing the incident with Alice and Meiya.

The Second Angel

Appearing three months ago. Details pending but records are few due to low amount of witnesses. Destroyed with multiple N2 mines.

The Third Angel, Gazardiel


The Angel's form seems almost like a small planet, it's insides body consists of rapidly churning water thick enough that it actually is hard to see more then the blurry form of what is behind it, including the deep red core within the centre of it. Carried within its water are large sections of mass grating under the surface, identifiable as landscape and buildings from both the city and from pre-second impact buildings, all of it encased within what seems to be an extremely thin clear material which rapidly starts distorting itself in swirls as 'threats' are perceived.

At 1620 hours, The third angel was detected by Magi systems 1 and 3, presumably it somehow travelled into the basin from the sea by somehow dampening any methods that would detect it. It began displaying powers similar to those observed within the previous two angels. It seemed immune to the fire of tanks and retaliated to them swiftly as it pooled water and surroundings from the basin to act as a further shielding. When it stopped consuming mass it was engaged by the Evangelion units 00, 01 and 02. The angel forced them to disengage and preparations were made for a more formal strike. Though each Eva suffered considerable damage, two progressive knives were lost and the basin, as well as layers 1 to 64 of the geofront's western armour plating suffered severe damage which will need repairs, as well as multiple tons of liquid that will need transfer, the Angel was defeated by Alice Hartmann, Pilot of unit 00. - Lyndon Torres report in brief.

The Fourth Angel, Yrouel

A strange insectoid shape bursts from the ground, the Angel seems almost like a centipede, coated in black and grey colours are beneath the rapidly falling dirt, it crawls on many legs, and at its front it has longer 'arms' each ending in a chaotic mass of pincers. At its 'front' is an Angel's mask resting on a tiny segment, looking down at everything, buried deep into the armour of its upper body, only noticeable due to its colour its red core rests on its underside.

The Fifth Angel, Gradhiel

This blackened angel flies well above the ground, with small, decrepit legs that could clearly not carry its size. It holds itself in the air on large, wiry wing like protrusions from its back. Its arms are almost painfully oversized, each with elongated elbows reaching back past the shoulders. Its core rests in the centre of its upper torso, just below a head without features.

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