List Of Adeva Npcs

NERV Staff

  • Jack Colburn, NERV Commander

The product of a wealthy British family, only he and his twin sister survived to carry on their families name when second impact happened, at that time, Jack was already an accomplished air force pilot and only further strove to excel because of it. He quickly climbed the ranks gaining an increasing focus on command based jobs until he was pretty much running the air forces of the UN armies. When it came time to militarise the Boston NERV base, he was already well entrenched enough in the mess of politics and was assigned the position.

Jack's personality is quite easily summed up, he is an asshole. He has been one since he got some power and the two increased at the same pace, now he heads the world's most powerful organization. Both he and many under him are well aware of this, however Jack claims he is unconcerned with it. He does not need to be liked, just respected, and when it comes to his job of making hard decisions and keeping NERV running, he is very good at it.

  • Jacqueline 'Jakki' Colburn, Sub-Commander and UN Representative

The twin sister of Commander Jack, only in appearance however. Jakki's career had her climbing the ranks of various charity and political organizations before second impact, and relief efforts when it struck and in the years after. Eventually finding herself working directly for the UN. As NERV started up formation, and became a large drain on UN resources, she was assigned to Boston before its change of command, and kept on staff as her relation to the commander helps immensely with keeping trust, something that's needed as she's between the UN and their project, equipped with several of the potentially most unstoppable weapons on the planet.

Personality wise, Jakki is even more noticeably Jack's opposite. She is exceedingly trusting and friendly, almost to a fault, more then once doing small favours for members of staff if there is nothing critical to be lost in such. Like her brother however, she has shown she does have the ability to put feelings aside and do what needs to be done to keep NERV running and prevent the angels from initiating third impact.

  • Nicole Ashmore, Command Center Staff, Specialization, Troop Management

Now a decorated soldier of the post second impact wars. Due to the events of one of many disasters it caused she was found by American military remnant forces within one of the ruined cities, after only a brief time in a refugee camp, Nicole volunteered to help their efforts and stumbled from civilianhood and into the mechanized infantry very quickly in the chaos, just riding the various changes in factions until the milita she was part of was merged into the UN armies. By that time, she was involved with her squads tactical planning on site, and consistently showed a talent for extremely brutal takedowns, though she seemed to have never quite grasped the concept of avoiding collateral. She was actually at NERV before its militarization, and in charge of its extremely small and unnecessary armed forces even then. The fact she now has something to do at work has cheered her up immensely.

Personality wise, Nicole seems fine, but shuns social interaction, and has had many superior officers speak negatively about her habit for speaking and even sometimes acting out of line with military ideals, and she has a record for letting emotions get in the way, but this has the effect of normally amplifying her effectiveness, as it takes the form of her being exceedingly aggressive.

  • Lyndon Torres, Command Center Staff, Specialization, Information Management

Formerly part of several black ops missions, exact details of Lyndon's previous experiences are not actually known, even more annoyingly in the cases that would be authorized, many of the records have actually been lost in Second impact and the years after. Lyndon will happily talk about previous exploits when ordered, but its impossible to tell how much he has omitted. It is known that he is more then competent enough to have gained his position in place of the old command staff, lost during the attack of the second Angel on Boston before it was brought down.

Personality wise, Lyndon's compliance with regulation are obvious, almost obsessive, he acts by the book whenever there is time for it. When at ease, he softens somewhat, but maintains a stoic pattern to all of his behaviour. He partakes in an extreme amount of hobbies, from stargazing, writing, to sharpshooting to even several kinds of swordplay, claiming a wide array of skills helps with his job immensely.

  • Kyrsten Jennings, Command Center Staff, Specialization, Evangelion Management

German-American, Kyrsten has the dubious honour of being in front of appropriate scanning equipment results for both recorded angel attacks. Kyrsten is one of the lead developers for the Evangelions, and while not classified for certain aspects of the project, she's one of a precious few that understands how many traits of the Evangelions work, and with her experience and talent at multitasking, acts as the monitor for the Evas and Angel specifically.

Personality wise, Kyrsten's experiences and knowledge have left her with difficulties in interacting with any who are not in the same small boat as her. Those that are with her, members of the science team, and fellow command center managers report that she shows signs of depression.

  • Dr. Yunfa Kabal, NERV Boston Science Director

Arguably the head of all NERV sciences, Dr. Kabal was the former head of NERV Boston when it was devoted to research. Ever the contrayian, Kabal was ecstatic at the shift in command, though its up to interpretation if that is because this frees him from responsibility, gives him opportunity for research, or the rise in angel activity is something he genuinely enjoys. the doctor received his education via experience, involved in more then one shady group that was absorbed into NERV during its formation, specific details are classified however.

Personality wise, if it difficult to gauge if Kabal is even sane. His co-workers have many times recommended his release, all times being denied due to his competency. Kabal's completely blind to social etiquette displaying an almost sociopathic lack of acknowledgement for others or moral concerns, and its openly mentioned that people suspect if he were not kept in line by NERV's requests for frankly mad science for their purposes, he'd probably try and find a way to work for the Angels, due to his obsession with the abilities of the experimental A.T. Fields and other technology they have set into motion.


  • Minerva Davies:

A spirited classmate, most other students call her Davies, though its very easy to see why Haruka's calls her Minnie when they're beside each other. she's never seen not smiling. Even the sudden reduction in class size recently apparently hasn't got her down much, and she seems to be friends with everyone, though maybe isn't the sharpest prog knife in the armoury compared to her best friend Haruka.

  • Haruka Asagami:

Japanese in decent, though born and raised in America herself, Haruka blends right in with a crowd, which is where she normally is. She's able to remember the name for every student in the school and probably the centre point of the rumormill. Armed with all manner of dirty secrets on everyone, while savvy enough to avoid people figuring out the worst parts about herself, despite this, she seems friendly to anyone she meets.

  • Gabriella Mars:

Preferring to be called Bria, though normally called Gabby much to her chagrin, Gabriella is a very high mark student, with a reputation that wouldn't suggest it. Its hard to get a fix on her with just observing her, in class she'll be acting like long term friends with Minerva and Haruka, then during lunch or once school's out seem to vanish from existence entirely.

  • Keith Marshall:

Even with little interaction, it's quite easy to see Keith's ego at work. Having a habit of taking the full credit for things he had any part in, though the origins of this may be obvious, as he has things very rare in a post second impact world, wealth and comfort.

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