Lillet Duchamps


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Character Sheet

Ability Scores:

Str Agl Fgt Awe
Score: 4 4 4 2
Sta Dex Int Pre
Score: 3 0 0 4

42 PP

Saves and Combat:

Name Total Notes/Sources
Dodge: +10
Parry: +10
Fortitude: +8
Toughness: +10
Will: +6

21 PP

Name Total Notes/Sources
Attack: Unarmed +10 Unarmed Close Combat skill, applies to normal unarmed and God Hand array.
Attack: Silver Wave +10 Ranged Combat skill and accurate ranks on the attack itself.
Initiative: +8
Grapple: +
Knockback resistance:
Bruised Dazed Staggered
- - -
Fatigued Exhausted Unconscious
- - -

Carrying Capacity: 800 lbs

Movement Rates:

Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 30 feet
Wings of Light (Normal) 120 feet 8 mph
Wings of Light (Boosted) 500 feet 30 mph
Speed of the Heavens 120 feet 8 mph
Speed of the Heavens (jumping) 30 feet


Skill Rank Ability Total
Athletics 6 +4 +10
Close Combat (Unarmed) 6 +4 +10
Deception 4 +4 +8
Expertise (Dance) 6 +4 +10
Expertise (History) 4 +0 +4
Expertise (Nobility) 4 +0 +4
Insight 0 +2 +2
Intimidation 4 +4 +8
Perception 8 +2 +10
Persuasion 6 +4 +10
Ranged Combat (energy blasts) 4 +0 +4
Stealth 4 +4 +8

28 PP


Accurate Attack: Lillet may take a penalty of up to -5 on an accurate attack's effect ranks for up to a +5 modifier on the attack check.
Attractive 2: Lillet gains a +5 circumstance bonus on Deception and Persuasion checks to deceive, seduce, or change the attitude of anyone who finds her looks appealing. (This may well be women as much as or more than men.)
Benefit, Status: Lillet is a princess of little consequence.
Benefit, Wealth: She can dip into some pretty deep Royal pockets, though.
Chokehold: If she grabs and restrains an opponent, Lillet can apply a chokehold, causing her opponent to begin suffocating for as long as she restrains her target.
Fascinate: Expertise (Dance): Lillet is Lord of the Dance. She can hold people's attention with her skill, subject to normal guidelines for interaction skills, and combat or other immediate danger makes it ineffective. Standard action to initiate, roll her skill versus target's opposing insight or Will check, if she succeeds, the target is entranced. May extend the effect with a standard action and new contested rolls each round.
Fast Grab: Lillet can immediately make a grab check as a free action against an opponent she hits with an unarmed attack. (GM's call whether or not her fancier unarmed strikes also apply.)
Improved Disarm: Lillet has no penalty to her attack check when she attempts to disarm an opponent.
Improved Grab: Lillet can make Grabs with only one arm and can leave the other free to perform other actions. She is not vulnerable while grabbing.
Improved Initiative: +4 to Initiative checks.
Improved Trip: Lillet takes no penalty to attack checks to trip an opponent, and they do not gain an opportunity to trip her. When making a trip attack, she chooses whether the opponent uses Athletics or Acrobatics to oppose.
Instant Up: Stand from prone as a free action.
Leadership: Lillet's presence reassures and lends courage to her allies. As a standard action, she can spend a hero point to remove one of the following conditions from an ally with whom she can interact: dazed, fatigued, or stunned.
Luck 3: Once per round, Lillet can re-roll a die roll, like spending a hero point. Che can do this as many times as she has Luck ranks, but her Luck only refreshes when Hero Points reset at the start of a new adventure.
Move-by Action: When taking a standard and move action, Lillet can move both before and after her standard action, provided she doesn't exceed her total movement distance.
Power Attack: Lillet can take a penalty of up to -5 to her attack check to add the same amount (up to +5) to her attack's effect DC.
Uncanny Dodge: Lillet is especially attuned to danger and is not considered Vulnerable when surprised or otherwise caught off-guard.

20 PP


Divine Resilience Protection 7
Acton: none Range: Personal Duration: Permanent
Descriptors: Divine, Good, Natural Lillet gains +7 Toughness.
7 PP

Lillet is supernaturally tough. Rather than be completely undetectable, this tends to manifest as armor or a uniform. Typical magical girl bullshit, really.

God Hand - Primary attack array. Lillet's defenses are impregnable, and her style is impetuous. Cue surf guitar.
Adamant Strike Strength-Based Damage 6
Acton: Standard Range: Melee Duration: Instant
Extra(s): Penetrating 10 Flaw(s): none Drawback(s): none
Descriptors: Bludgeoning, Martial, Piercing Damaging attack, DC 25. Penetrating 10 means impervious Toughness must still save against a rank 10 effect.
16 PP

Lillet unleashes a single, powerful blow which can shatter even the strongest of defenses.

Total cost for the array: 26 PP. Silver Aegis Strike is the primary power.
Paladin Immunities Immunity 7
Acton: None Range: Personal Duration: Permanent
Descriptors: Divine Lillet is immune to Disease, Poison, and Emotion effects.

She's not really a paladin, but Lillet is just as impervious to some forms of harm as one would be.

Combat Stances - An array of stances Lillet can take for various buffs and changes to her fighting style and abilities. Assuming either stance, or dropping out of one, requires a move action.
Barrier Jacket Purge Enhanced Trait 10
Acton: None Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): None Flaw(s): Side Effect (of a sort): Drains Toughness by 5 Drawback(s): None
Descriptors: Divine, Skill, Speed Enhanced Traits are Dodge and Parry, by 5 each. Net result is Lillet has Dodge 15, Parry 15, Toughness 5 while in effect. She goes into heavy defenses for toughness trade-off while Sonic Form is active.
5 PP

Lillet refocuses her magical defenses, reconfiguring them to enhance her speed at the cost of durability. Activating Sonic Form incidentally blows off layers of her magical armor vestments, leaving her in what could essentially be considered underwear. Not only is she not as well defended, but it's obvious this is the case.

Boosted Flight Flight 2
Acton: Free Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): Stacks with Wings of Light Flaw(s): None Drawback(s): None
Descriptors: Divine, Radiant, Magical Stacks with Lillet's normal Flight ranks from Wings of Light, giving her an overall Flight rank of 4, and speed of 500 feet per round, or 30 mph.
4 PP

Lillet's flight speed is also considerably enhanced, allowing her to move much more quickly.
Drawback: Activating Sonic Form requires a Move action. -1
Total cost for Sonic Form: 8 PP

Total cost of array: 9 PP
Wings of Light - Movement array.
Wings of Light Flight 2
Acton: Free Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Descriptors: Divine, Radiant, Magical Gives Lillet a flight speed of 120 feet/round or 8 miles/hour.
4 PP

Lillet can fly, by manifesting wings of silvery light.

Total PP for array: 5 PP

PP spent on powers: 54 PP

Legacy Template Thing

Rather than segregate the stuff in here, I'll just list what Powers and so-on in are part of it. Out of laziness.

  • Paladin immunities - 7 PP
  • Wings of Light - 5 PP
  • Benefit: Status, Benefit: Wealth, Leadership - 3 PP


Fluff goes here?
Enhanced Agility 2 (4 PP)
Enhanced Dexterity 2 (4 PP)
Enhanced Fighting 2 (4 PP)
Two more ranks in her God Hand array: 8 PP (or maybe should only be 6 PP, but whatever works.)
Improved Vestments: Toughness 2, stacks with the rest of her toughness.
Basically, all of the above gets her attack and defense where they need to be at a higher PL, among other things. Also gains +2 Initiative.
Arms of Asura: Extra Limbs 4 (4 PP) - Lillet gains a set of four additional arms, for a total of six. Said additional arms happen to be gigantic, mechanical-looking ones attached to a golden ring which floats behind her.
Elongation 1, Limited, only to Extra Limbs, Permanent (1 PP) - Said arms are big. This makes them so.
Enhanced Extra: Improved Reach (melee) 2 (3 PP) - Those big arms provide some extra reach for Lillet's normal attacks, when she uses them.
Flaws: Fatiguing 2, as usual for these things, once the duration is up. Additionally, Lillet suffers for channeling so much divine power, and must pay the price in backlash to her body. She loses the use of one or another sort of sense or part of her body.


  • Fame: Lillet's not likely to ascend to the throne any time soon, but she is a princess. Many people in Aleister and abroad would know she she is, and might be interested in her for political or other reasons. She leads…some sort of military unit, and is known as the Orange Rose of the Battlefield. Many young ladies admire her.
  • Motivation: Doing Good: Too many heroic stories from her mother and the other former adventurers have her wanting to go on her own grand adventure and be a "awesome badass heroine," too. She may have somewhat unrealistic views of what happened.
  • Quirk: Hotblooded idiot protagonist Lillet tends to act before she thinks, has to be heroic and save people, and will react poorly when her actions don't lead to a good resolution of things or she's beaten down by a superior opponent who can get all smug and talk smack about why she'll never win. (But in that last case, she will come back and get her revenge). Role models: Ryouma Nagare, Hibiki Tachibana, Yuuna Yuuki
  • Rivalry: The Stange twins (Or Illya twins, whatever) Lillet has a mostly-friendly rivalry with Ilph and Ethe (primarily Ethe, though). It's been going on for a while, and involves competing to out-heroine one-another, among other things. That the twins are both older than she is despite any appearances to the contrary also irks her often.
  • Weakness: This is more just to put information on what the whole "Semi-divine" drawback does. It means she suffers additional effects (or maybe effects, period) from anti-divine measures due to being vaguely partially god herself. Or something.

Hero Points

Hero Points 1
Luck 2/3

Power Points/Experience

Total Power Points: 150 +15 template = 165 PP
Power Points gained: 5

Power Point Expenditures

  • None yet.
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