Legend Of The Five Scrubs

The Topaz Championship:

the most prestigious gempukku ceremony in Rokugan. Held once a year, in the Crane village of Tsuma, contestents from each great clan meet, alongside occasional minor clans and even the occasional ronin that manage to earn sponsorship compete to become one of the years Topaz Champion. The highest ranking role most people could hope to reach as such a young age.

The rules:

though no rules are written, as this is gempukku ceremony, each competitor is expected to prove their maturity, and Shugena are not to use their magic on other people. The first two days will be contests and those who are successful enough are allowed into the final Iaijutsu tournament to earn the title.

First Day:

  • Sumai (Wrstleing)
  • Heraldry (Caligraphy)
  • Foot Race
  • Horsemanship
  • Questioning

Second Day:

  • The Melee
  • Poetry (Haiku)
  • Courtier style
  • Go
  • Archery
  • Hunting (Co-operative)

Third day:

  • Iaijutsu tournament (Only the winners of enough of the previous games)


Though this is a championship, no one is truly expected to win, your being here is enough of a show of accomplishment and if carried with honor, all will be declared adults, but there is still the formal tradition that all attending the tournament must sign up, stating their name, their family name and the school they will be leaving, before noon of the first day, under what clan they belong to or is sponsoring them:

(Likely 1 or 2 per a clan, so claim spots while they're hot.)


Hida Ryouta - Scribbfag's failure of a character


Daidoji Takane - Vega' character.


Tamori Noburo - Orrin


Matsu Tamitsu: A massively strong man, with ego, rage and lust for vengeance problems only slightly toned down in proportion to the standard of the Berserkers.


Kitsune Negiri: A supposedly cursed silent, mercurial girl who keeps her distance from everyone.


A tiny Shugena with a fondness for travel, learning and philosophy far beyond her age.


Bayushi Hinata


A perpetually smiling man who has become the only courtier to participate in the years games.


The score:

  • Crab: 5 (wrestleing, Athletics, Law, Melee, Go)
  • Crane: 3 (Heraldry, Athletics, Law)
  • Dragon: 6 (Heraldry, Law, Melee, Go, Archery, Courtier)
  • Lion: 6 (wrestleing, heraldry, Athletics, Melee, Go, Courtier)
  • Mantis: 7 (wrestleing, Horsemanship, Law, Melee, Poetry, Archery, Courtier)
  • Pheonix: 2 (Law, poetry)
  • Scorpion: 6 (wrestleing, heraldry, Law, Melee, poetry, Archery)
  • Unicorn: 5 (Heraldry, Athletics, Horsemanship, Law, Poetry)
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