Kunede Fuzen
The sooner I'm done, the sooner I can get dressed and have fun.

Kunede is currently sickened by pain and has 1 bruise


Kunede Fuzen was born to a family of prodigious scholars, owners of a one of the top schools for magical development and research there is. It would have lead her to following her family tradition to become a skilled practitioner of a broad variety of magical arts for the betterment of humanity.

It's a pity she could have cared less. Even at a young age, Kunede skipped multiple of her lessons and ignored parts of many more, largely because she had the same stuff drilled into her at home (which was appropriately enough, on campus.) and in spite of her objections, Kunede developed a very strong knowledge of magic.

It was still less interesting then things she wasn't meant to do though, sneaking out of the halls between classes, pilfering the keys out of the library from book engrossed professor-dad, not that she'd have anywhere to go or things to do, but the act of escape alone was fun to her, it certainly beat reading.

At a still young age, Kunede along with the rest of her class was equipped and given a test, to build a complex spell from scratch. She was initially annoyed at another test she couldn't just steal the answers from the teacher, but then she had an epiphany, why not inject the dull lessons with some real fun, and near immediately made an insanely complex trick to steal other people's magical energy, use those peoples powers all for her own purpose. Her peers weren't impressed with the humiliation, but Kunede did put on an impressive show for the teachers. The ethics might be questionable, but it was still what the school wanted from her, and maybe with that she could find a passion in magic.

Which, she did, around her fun new combination of magical theft, she especially expanded a speciality for into illusionary and spacial magic, not quite as original, but classics for the magic using thief for a reason. Boring magic was still boring, but at least now she could bluff her way though things if need be. On graduation, she was given a Archmagus staff like every other of the highest ranking students and that almost every member of her family had, and offered positions within many places including her own academy as staff.

She took her chance for something real interesting, that no one of her family would take, and joined the military, winding up in the MCTF. Her family are very big when it comes to magical theory, but they're also borderline conscientious objectors and pacifists. They didn't approve, but she wasn't known for obeying them before, and had no intention to start now.

Kunede is a veritable magical prodigy, she can chant foul tongues and even include the accent, never screws up runes and scribbles clearly understandable scrolls, but only when it interests her, normally to get out of doing something manually. Kunede is extremely lazy, disinterested and unable to appreciate her natural gifts, but if that isn't a problem she tends to be easy to get along with. Her philosophy is that if it isn't fun, it's not worth doing, and that's not intolerable. The occasionally missing knickknacks she winds up with might be, however, and she's got a wicked fondness for practical jokes, which she is good at.

Her use on magic boarders on abusive, she floats down halls in the base instead of walking, uses her perverted illusions to help get attention, teleports out of bed, but what physical effort she doesn't bother with due to magic she makes up for animated movements, shows of agility and slipping between people to get access to vulnerable pockets. She does have some sense of honour though, and while she may push teasing as far as it can go, she'll not go past that and steal truly important things.

Kunede has long purple hair and dark blue eyes, she's a little skinny and dresses to accentuate that, she tends to wear something different every day with a fondness for casual clothing, but seems to have no limit to outfits she'll wear, some looking very familiar to others on base… She's very liberal with her Poly-Glamour spell and it's her main source of a (fake) wardrobe. Her military outfit is a custom work on the standard, much of it's been thinned and trimmed, less sleeves, midriff, as Kunede values movement far more then protection, plus showing a little more skin keeps the mirror images as being that much more effective.

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 12 16 12 14 10 14
Bonus: +1 +3 +1 +2 +0 +2

18 PP

Saves and Combat:

Name Total Notes/Sources
Toughness: +6/8 +1 con, +5 protection, +2 Defensive Roll (Goes away if can't move)
Reflex: +7/9 +3 dex, +2 bought, +2 Defensive Roll (Only for area affects)
Fortitude: +5 +1 Con, +4 bought
Will: +4 +4 bought
Name Total Notes/Sources
Attack: +7 Accurate moves (eg, chaintrap) are +9
Defense: 20/11 +2 bought, +3 Dodge Focus, +6 Sheild, 11 when denied dodge bonus
Initiative: +7 +3 dex, +4 Improved Initiative
Grapple: +8 +/-Size Modifier +1 str, +7 attack, Normal size
Knockback resistance: -4

28 PP

Carrying Capacity:
(in lb): Medium and Heavy Loads lower flight speed, teleport can only carry an extra 100 lbs, Dimensional pocket can hold 2500 lbs

- Manual Telekinesis
Light Load 43 lbs 532 lbs
Medium Load 86 lbs 1.1k lbs
Heavy Load 130 lbs 1.6k lbs
Maximum Load 260 lbs 3.2k lbs
Push/Drag 650 lbs 8k lbs

Movement Rates:

Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 30 feet 20MPH
Jumping 11 feet
Flight 35 feet 10 MPH
Teleport 300 feet move action, 1000 feet full action -


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 5 +3 +8
Bluff 8 +2 +10/14*
Climb 0 +1 +1
Concentration 0 +0 +0
Diplomacy 6 +2 +6/10*
Disable Device 6 +2 +8
Disguise 3 +2 +5/+20**
Escape Artist 7 +3 +10
Gather Information 0 +2 +2
Handle Animal 0 +2 +2
Intimidate 0 +2 +2
Knowledge: Arcane Lore 13 +2 +15
Notice 8 +0 +8
Search 6 +2 +8
Sense Motive 10 +0 +10
Sleight of Hand 7 +3 +10
Stealth 7 +3 +10
Survival 0 +0 +0
Swim 0 +1 +1

*Where Attractive comes into play
**With Morph

21 PP


Feat Name: Effect
Accurate Attack: Can trade up to -5 on DCs for up to +5 attack
Assessment: As a move action, Kunede can use Sense Motive vs. Bluff to 'size up' opponents to gage their strengths.
Attractive: Wherever it might apply, Kunede gets +4 to bluff and persuade due to appearance
Challenge: Improved Feint: Kunede fights in a confusing manner, letting her make feints as a move action without penalty.
Defensive Roll 2: +2 Toughness (or reflex against area attacks) as long as she can move.
Determination 2: 2 improved rerolls of a D20 per a session.
Dodge Focus 3: +3 to Defence as long as she can move, already worked into math.
Evasion 2: Half damage on failing a reflex save, no damage on save.
Improved Initiative: Kunede's improved reflexes give her +4 on initiative checks
Ritualist: Can devote time to use Arcane Lore skill to craft temporary magical spells.
Sneak Attack4: Any unexpected attacks gain up to +5 damage (Still subject to power level limitations)
Stunning Attack: Instead of damage, Kunede's attacks can make enemies make a DC 10+damage fortitude save or be stunned
Uncanny dodge: As long as Kunede's hearing could inform her, Kunede retains her dodge bonus even if surprised or flat-footed.

21 PP


Archmagus Chain, Device 5, Indestructable, Summonable
Allows for 25 points for a power
Flaw: Easy to lose. Kunede's chain weapon is heavy and awkward at times, and it can be taken away with things like simple disarm attempts
Note: One point remains unused within the device

Originally the staff she was given as a family gift, it was enchanted with many utility powers to aid in magical research based work. Kunede's since twisted most of those on their head for her own purposes. It is extremely difficult to damage and being keyed to her in its original staff form, can be called on and offhand to its resting place at base.
Main Power:

Barrier Bypass Strike 9
Feats: Extended Reach 2, Innate, Alternate Powers 3
Extra: Penetrating DC 24 Toughness attack, 10 feet
1/r + 1/r ex x 9 +6 fe = 24

Originally enchanted as a simple tool, Archmagus Staves are given a potent but unassuming enchantment to ignore magical wards, so they can be used in magical experiments and held by heavily warded mages. When Kunede was making something less lame out of her staff, she figured these enchantments would be much for fitting for something pointy to get by an enemies barrier.

Alternate Powers:

Chain Trap Snare 9
Feats: Accurate, Tether DC 19 Reflex save snare, 90 ft range
2/r x9 +2 fe = 20pp

Using its magical design, Kunede's chains can wrap themselves around enemies, pinning them down while she then proceeds to use her pilfered magic to deal with other problems Given that it actively moves itself with its own magic, its quite accurate.

Mage Hand Move Object 6
Extras: Perception Feats: Precise, Subtle 1
Semi- Str 30 control of objects
2/r + 1/r ex X6 +2 fe = 20pp

A proper Archmagus' staff is always enchanted to be able to magically lift things that are too heavy for the typically weak user. Kunede is no stranger to this kind of laziness. Well practiced, this has become quite finessful and while not quite as personal as she likes it, it's perfect for any awkward, valuable, icky, heavy or valuable, things she comes across.

Mob Tactics Linked Drain 5
Extras: Alternate Save: Reflex, Range 2 (Perception) Flaws: Action (Full)
DC 15 Reflex save drain, perception range, every 1 they fail by reduces defence by 1 to a max of 5, it comes back 1 rank a round.
Teamwork Linked Empowerment 1
Feats: Split Attack 3 Extras: Range 2 (Perception)
5 power points in any combination to up to four team mates Kunede can see for improving powers.
1/r + 2/r - 1/r x5 = 10pp 6/r + 2/r x1 +3 fe = 11pp

To aid students who are clearly unskilled at attacks, Archmagus staves can designate targets as magical magnets, potentially increasing chances to hit them. With a bit of modification, Kunede's taken advantage of this for teamwork purposes. As a full round action, she may attempt to lower the enemies defense while also giving each ally a point point to preferably spend on a power feat like Homing, Accurate, Precise or the like. This goes away when Kunede doesn't spend an action maintaining it, but the drain only goes away at a rate of 1 point of defense returning a round. ((This is one that needs work, probably.))

4/r - 1/r fl X5 +2 = 17pp

Arcane Theft

Spell Steal Linked Mimic 10
Flaw: Tainted
50 point 'pool' for storing any one power of the magic descriptor
1/r - 1/r fl X10= 5pp
Spell Pillage Linked Nullify 10
Extras: Duration 2, Independent Feats: Slow Fade 4 (1 hour)
Flaws: Check Requred (Arcane Lore), Limited (Only usable on people, not manifestations), Range (Touch)
On a DC 20 Arcane Knowledge check, Enemy must make DC 20 will or lose ability to use targeted magic spell for an hour
1/r + 2/r - 3/r fl X10 +4 fe = 9pp

Kunede's self described masterpiece spell, assuming she can understand what to grab, she 'borrows' a chunk of the enemies magical potentially not just taking an ability from an enemy, but gaining that power for herself temporarily. She must touch the enemy, make a DC 20 Arcane Lore check, then the enemy must fail a DC20 will save, if they do she can steal any one magical spell like power of up to 50 points in cost, she also gains the drawbacks of the host, though if applicable.

Spell 'borrow' Mimic 10
Extra: Extra Subject Flaw: Tainted
50 point 'pool' for storing any two powers of the magic descriptor
1/r + 1/r ex - 1/r fl X10= 10pp

Being more gentle and only taking a portion of magical energy that leaves the target with more then enough to use themselves, Kunede can easily borrow an extra spell. She can still only hold up to 50 PP worth of abilities and must touch both subjects (Not at once), which can be a challenge if they aren't willing. Identical traits do not stack.

Hover Flight 1
2/r = 2pp

Kunede had a tutoring at arguably the greatest magical research school on the planet, with the most skilled theoretical magisters giving her her lessons. If only she were more focused, she wouldn't have cheated on her first basic spell test. She still has the trophy from she aced her flight test races with the schools fastest speed, and the until then fastest flyer in the school couldn't get off the ground lying around somewhere. She rarely exhibits those talents however, more often flying at the low speeds of 10mph, or 88 feet per a round.

Invisibility Concealment (Visual (all))
Flaw: Action 2 (Standard)
2/r - 2/r x 4 = 2pp

Like any thief stealthy elite soldier, Kunede can cloak herself in powerful magic, it's limited to visual senses, but with her quiet teleportation, she can easily get into hiding to flee tactically retreat from danger. If it somehow drops, it requires a standard action to reform.

Harem of One Mirror Image/Concealment (Visual (all, Partial))

Kunede protects herself with several illusionary copies of herself in close proximity, they seem real and provide confusion while she does her thing, and yes, they tend to favor provocative and vulnerable poses, Kunede claims it keeps them more effective, though some attackers have claimed they're sure they hit the most clothed one and found an illusion there too… They provide a 50% miss chance to any attacks phased by them, and they can be restarted as a free action, though only once a round.

Poly Glamour Morph (2/r) 3
Flaw: Action (Full) Type: Humanoids
2/r - 3/r x3 = 1pp

From clothes, to features to other things, Kunede can morph her appearance with a simple, if slow cantrip, its handy for any acts of perversion, pilfering things in plain sight, or sneaking into a base for the good of humanity, you know how it goes. Grants +15 to disguise attempts and limited form changing, though limited to humanoids.

MCTF Light Uniform Protection 5
1/r x5 = 5pp

Kunede wears a magically reinforced uniform like any MCTF member, though hers are customized to be much lighter then the normal as she values speed over defense. Raises toughness by +5, totaling it at 8. Worked into math.

Empty Barriers Shield 6
1/r x 6 = 6pp

Kunede has based a large part of her magical effort in altering space, with it she easily maintains several normally invisible barriers of protection that keep attacks from even hitting her, some randomly bounce off and others vanish in gaps, the defense is not total though and if she cannot move or is distracted, it is effortless to overcome. +6 dodge bonus, totalling at 20, already worked into math.

Bounded World Slip Teleport 3
Feat: Change Direction, Turnabout, Subtle 2, Alternate powers 2 Teleport 300 feet as a move action, 1000 feet as a full action.
2/r x 3 + 5 fe = 12pp

Kunede can easily teleport short distances, even multiple times in rapid succession. She uses her method of altering space to create small holes between her current and desired location and darts through, this power is conveniently silent and easily controlled, making it a wonderful trick for a sneaky thief ambush tactics favouring soldier. It's range is 300 feet for quick short range teleportation, 1000 feet for a slower long range version.

Alternate Powers:
Still World Gap Dimensional Pocket 5
2/r x 5 = 10pp DC 15 Reflex or be trapped

Kunede's space altering magic lets her effortlessly open a small gap into a pocket dimension where she can store her equipment, and by that she means her 'earnings' for later use. She could theoretically also use it to hide or capture an enemy, but mostly only uses it as part of her teleportation and dislikes the thought of her gains being stolen (back). It's normally full of clothes, money, things useful for blackmail, a dusty metal rod with pretty and obviously fake gems glued to it and contraband, but nothing of particular note. It has enough room for 2,500 lbs worth of mass.

Precious Things Teleport 2
Extras: Accurate, Attack: Reflex, no save allowed Flaw: Distracting Feats: Precise, Progression (mass) 1
2/r + 3/r -1/r x 2 +1 = 6pp Sacrifice Dodge Bonus to teleport up to 250 lbs up to 200 feet away

By slipping her fingers where they don't belong, Kunede can teleport anything her victim has on them up to a weight of 250 lbs to somewhere within 200 feet, though she tends to pick her free hands. This is near useless in combat, as Kunede does not relish the idea of standing still groping enemies, but you never know. Her accuracy with this spell is a testament to what she could do if she only focused. Note: This attack still needs gross work I think, not to mention permission.


Treasure Hunting: Kunede has a small addiction to theft, she isn't a completely out of control klepto, and its not really burglary when you're typically paid to break in and pummel everyone to within an inch of their lives and take their stuff as it is, but whenever she sees a shiny gem, or luxurious coat, she tends to switch priorities.

Heirloom Hax: Kunede, like any member of her family or elite students at their school was given one of the most fancy, heavily enchanted and status bearing staves around. She then proceeded to screw around with its enchantments, melt it into slag and reform it into something not lame. Her near pacifistic family already disapprove of her career and hobby, she'd be disowned if they found out about this. Thus, Kunede tends to hide her chain when it could be found out just what it really is. She has a modestly convincing non-magical copy of the nerdstick elegant arcane tool in her dimensional pocket though.


Abilities: 18 + Skills: 21 + Feats: 19 + Powers: 64 + Combat: 16 + Saves: 12 - Drawbacks: 0

152/155 PP

Hero Points Remaining:


Starting 1 on evading blast
Mercy from friendly fire spellstealing from boss.



Amount Date Events
1 30/5/10 Introductory session, a little friendly teasing~
1 20/6/10 The mission at the labs. A little research into what caused it, and killing an alien. Oh, and a communal shower session.
1 25/7/10 Defending the city, bravely slaughtering the attackers and showing her courage in the face of overwhelming odds. This is why she was injured, vanished from radar for a while and had to look for her weapon before reporting in for debriefing
1 31/10/10 For defense of the train and all its precious cargo from a the Bydo attack and two mysterious girls.
1 28/11/10 For successfully blowing the ship engines, apparently, the end of the mission was a bit of a blur to her for some reason…
1 2/1/11 For succsessfully getting Felly's measurements broadcast to the whole world, getting personal with a couple new enemies and having a shower in slime.
1 27/2/11 For infiltrating the giant space monster, meeting fellow adventurers inside, getting a hand and gutful of her issues and then succeeding at their objective of placing the transporter beacon.
1 8/5/11 For helping lobotomize the Zolgear, and having a nap on the job.


Amount Benefits
2 Determination feat twice.
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