Kith And Kine


There has been rumors of unrest rising out of southwestern Britannia, specifically from the territory of Autirellauni, Roman Allies since the Claudian invasion. Their current chief is the current administer of the silver and lead mines within their territory. The Chief Titus Flavius Nectoprastus is a native Briton, a Roman citizen and a Equestrian (A higher roman order denoted by riding on horseback). He is well connect and friendly with roman patrons.

Investigators are involved in traveling to Autirellauni and investigating these rumors and stopping the uprising.

Cthulhu Invictus was originally made for 6th edition but with through the ages and Dark ages Second edition I can update to 7th for reasons.


Augur -
believe you can tell the future sell your visions to people.
Skills Art and Craft (Potions), Fast Talk, Insight, Library Use, Medicine, natural World, Ocult, Science(Augury). May replace a skill with the spell augury.
Occupation Skill Points:POW * 2 + INT * 2
Status: 30-60

Courtesan -
Provides a service to others who can afford your price. From prostitution to conversationalist.
Skills: Art and Craft (Orate), Charm, Empire, Fast Talk, Insight, Listen, Read/Write Language, any one other skill.
Occupation Skill Points: INT * 2 + APP * 2
Status: 30-50

Farmer -
You farm land
SKills : Accounting, Art and Craft (Farming)(, Animal handling or Drive Horse/Oxen, First Aid, Natual World, Repair/Devise, Ride, Track.
Occupation skill points : POW*2 + CON*2
Status : 20-40

Finder -
Basically a rogue. Part Spy, part private investigator, and part thug you find things out ofr people without getting caught.
Skills: Charm, Empire, Fast Talk, Insight, Library Use, Listen, Persuade, Spot Hidden.
Occupation Skill Points:: POW*2 + APP*2
Status : 0-50

Are you not entertained?
Skills : Climb, First Aid, Fighting(Brawl),Insight, Stealth, Throw, any two other Fighting specializations.
Ocupations skill points: INT*2 + (STR*2 or DEX*2)
Status: 40-60

Legionary -
Backbone of roman army
Skills : Climb, Empire, fighting (Pilum), Fighting (Shield), Fighting (Sword), Jump, First Aid or Repair/Devise, Spot Hidden.
Occupation Skill Points : STR*2 + CON*2
Status : 30 - 50

Merchant -
Moves all the goods
Skills : Accounting, Appraise, Charm or Persaude, Empire, Fast Talk, Other Kingdoms, Other Languages, Read/Write Language
Occupation Skill Points : INT * 4
Status : 20-40

Peltast -
Expert with ranged weapons used in the roman armies for hundreds of years.
Skills : Climb, Art/Craft(Leatherworking), Dodge, Fighting(Brawl), Ranged Weapon (Sling), Repair/Devise, Stealth, Throw
Occupation Skill Points : INT * 2 + DEX * 2
Status : 30-50

Speculatore -
Serves the roman legion as a scout, Ranger, and sometimes negotiator.
Skills: Climb, Fighting(Sword), Listen, Natural World, Other Language, Read/Write Language, Spot Hidden, Stealth
Occupation Skill Points: CON * 2 + INT*2
Status: 20-40

Surgeon -
Most would rather see a women who mutters and smears chicken guts on them
Skills : Accounting, Art/Craft (Potions), First Aid, Insight, Library Use, Medicine, Read/Write Language, Spot Hidden
Occupation Skill Points: INT*2 + POW*2
Status: 0-20

*not in through the ages

Patrician -
A high class that requires wealth to buy their way in and maintain their life style. No true work is done and is mostly a life of leisure.
Skills : Accounting, Civics, Empire, Other Kingdom, Persuade, Status, Write Language, and two other skills of the players choice.
Occupation Skill Points : EDU*2 + APP*2
Status: 50-99

Slave -
You're a slave, you might one day buy your freedom but for now you are property of another.
Skills : Civics, Repair/Devise, Empire, Insight, Natural World, Three other skills of players choice.
Occupation Skill Points: POW * 2 + CON * 2
Status : 0-10

Skill changes

Skills are differnt than standard cthluhu but not by much. Modern items are removed and a few new are added.

Computer Use
Credit Rating
Drive Auto
Electrical Repair
Fine Arts
Law (replaced with civics)
Operate Heavy Machinery
Psychology (see insight)


Art and Craft (Potions) (5%) - Involves componds, dispense infusions, poisons, antitudes, and hallucinogens.
Civics (10%) - Roman law and government, allows you to negotiate the system and offer bribes without causing offenses.
Drive Horses/Oxen (20%) - Driving and caring for your wagon animals.
Empire (25%) - Knowledge of roman Empire, history, and religion. Used for finding norms, current religion fads, and gladitory games among other things.
Fighting (Shield) (15%) - Shield fighting skill
Insight (5%) - Use to watch another person, observe their behavior, and deduce the persons motives
Other kingdoms [specialization] (25%) - same as empire only you have to buy into it and it's about other kingdoms
Ranged Weapons [specialization] (Various%) - Bow 10%, Crossbow 20%, Sling 15%
Repair/Devise (20%) - Fix simple devices such as boats, roofs, stone stacked walls. Common knowledge handyman for the times.
Status - Replaces credit rating.

Combat changes

Shields -
Shields allow you to forgo your combat action for all out defense. This allows you to take 2 attacks before having the gang up penalty apply and allow you to gain a bonus die on a fighting skill next round.

Shields also give an armor bonus if you use the shield to defend against an attack. If you fight back using the shield you will gain the shield armor on a draw but not on the attacker wining.

Missile/sling weapons such as arrows and slings give +50 to initiative.

Long weapons give + 30 to initiative.

Long weapons and closing in : Long weapon have an advantage over shorter weapon in combat, A person with a shorter weapon must use their combat action to dodge to get inside the long weapon users guard to begin attacking. A long weapon user can not attack a person inside their guard with a long weapon and must disengage by using a dodge action to gain enough distance. A long weapon user disengaging through normal disengagement rules will require a turn to properly get themselves into a position and stance to use their weapon again.


Player characters go here.

Decimus Burrienus Manlius Speculatore played by Thoon
Marcus Virius Lunaris Peltast played by Vega

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