Naomi Kirsch

"I'm not beautiful! Don't say that! Don't lie to me!"
[crying] "No! Stop saying that! It's not true!"
"I… don't care. You… don't have to be gentle…"
"Die! Die! Die! Stop it! Die! Stop hurting me!"
[loud sobs] "Make it all go away!"
"Where is he!? I want him! Give me Luka! Give him to me! I want to see him!"
"… Just tell me what to do. I… I don't know, tell me what to do… please, tell me!"



Name 直美 キリシュ Age ~17
Call Sign Virgin Plane Vic Viper
Profession Fighter Pilot Affiliation EMA, ltd. UNAF
Intelligence 8 Education +4
Cool 7 Stability 17
Attractiveness 4 Run 21
Reflexes 10 Jump 1.75 meters
Empathy 5 Running Jump 4.25 meters
Tech Ability 6 Stun 7
Movement Allowance 7 Encumbrance Value 8
Luck 10 Lift 90 kilograms
Body Type 9 Throw 30


Grooming +3 Wardrobe & Style +1 Sing +5
Resist Torture +2 Interrogation +3 Blade +2
Intimidate +2 Expert: Navigation +2 Awareness +6
Gunnery +6 Handgun +4 Missiles +4
Electronic Warfare +2 Fighter Pilot +5


Part Cost Space Kills
Medium Striker 8 8 8
Cockpit 0 -1 0
Heavy Strike Sensor 2 1 2
Gun 10 4 8
Medium Striker 8 8 8
Hardpoints 3 2 0
Missiles x8 1 1 1
Medium Striker 8 8 8
Hardpoints 3 2 0
Missiles x8 1 1 1
Medium Striker 8 8 8


  • Luka's Toy - A small stuffed tiger intended for Naomi's son. She bought it on one of the times when she was taken off-base.
  • Automag - A UNAF pistol. Holds 8 rounds, 2d6 damage. +2 to weapon rolls.
  • Combat Knife - A serrated edged blade. Not from the UN or EMA, it's actually something she's had since her days in Devan. It's roughed up, but don't think it won't do it's job.
  • Flight Suit - Standard issue with United Nations Air Force markers and insignias emblazoned in all the proper places.
  • Dog Tags - Naomi 'Virgin' Kirsch, A1C, HVS-3577; United Nations Air Force; Kasuga Airbase, Hokkaido;
  • Dress - She tries not to let anyone see it, but she bought herself a pretty dress for Megan.
  • Bullets - Always carry protection
  • Make-up Kit - Self conscious of her facial scars, not to mention the more hidden ones, Naomi tries her best to hide them.
  • Lozenges - She may do it when no one is around to hear, but Naomi's voice gets tired when she sings.

Cherry Romance

Noami Kirsch was born to Luka Kirsch and Suzuki Sakura. The Austrian father and Japanese mother met during their college years, on a globtrotting trek with a group of their close friends. The first time that they met was in a hotel in Ireland. They quickly started a fling, and spent more time in Sakura's hotel room than they did seeing the sights of Ireland. In the last morning, Sakura left without saying anything, departing with her friends. Neither of them expected to see each other, and thought of the week as a fleeting romance.

Then they passed each other barely a month later on the streets of Italy. It was like lightning had struck twice. They hadn't even known each other's names when they met the last night. It was such a small thing that had been swept away in their childlike passion. It was a situation that they quickly remedied. Within this next week, this second chance, they vowed to make it work out. They spent all their time together, talking, telling each other of their lives.

Fate would conspire against the star-crossed lovers though, with the appearance of Helena Stein, an old flame of Luka's. The appearance of the 'one that got away' threatened them, and the relationship became strained. After walking in on something that wasn't what it looked like, Sakura left Italy, and joined Greenpeace, working in the African country of Devan. Proving his love, Luka followed her, and worked to rebuild the relationship.

Devanon Conflict

It was through his diligence in remaining in Africa to assist the country that made Sakura fall back into his arms once more, and on the night they rekindled their own fires, she told him that she was carrying his child. It wasn't long before the two were married, and their child was born. They named her Naomi, after Sakura's grandmother.

The family lived in Devan, and for five years they helped with the struggles of the nation. Things didn't remain as well as they had though, and this storybook would not have a happy ending. Political tension finally snapped, and with the UN dealing with the EMA the country of Devan broke into open civil war. Naomi's parents were taken down during a raid, and Naomi was captured.

For the next three years, she was used as a child soldier. She learned much under the cruel tutelage of the warlord Duke Jeudi. She would walk into a group of soldiers, crying. They would come to help her, caught off guard by the innocent frankness of a child, and she would stab them. Over time, she grew cold and distant, locking away everything in an attempt to retain her innocence.

When she was about eight, Jeudi sold her to the EMA.

Experimental Maturation Acceleration

Naomi was taken out of one war to serve in another. Her skills had caught the eye of EMA, ltd. and they wanted to use her in their Experimental Maturation Acceleration project. After a year of mental training, drug cocktails, and the cold cruelty that only a combination of researchers and military personal could show a young girl, Noami Kirsch became an Ace pilot, just as the project promised.

She was met by the worst of the cruelty as she grew older. The teasing and mockeries of young girls was not helped by a system that showed little more than apathy for bad behavoir, and Naomi was often ridiculed and labeled a suck-up when she tried to be good. She only wanted to avoid the beatings that she knew would come from "The Bitch", one of the older girls to go through the EMA process, the first on base. She acted as dorm-mother and instructor, and Naomi was her 'favorite' student.

When she wasn't good, The Bitch would punish her. Other instructors would as well, but none was as cruel in her first years as The Bitch. One night, when Naomi had wet the bed, and told an instructor, The Bitch overheard, and dragged the girl away. Her hand was placed in the threshold of a door, and it was slammed on the fingers of her right hand. She was sent to bed without even being given clean sheets or clothes. She wet the bed again that night.

When she was 14 was when the worst came. One of the male instructors had taken a liking to Naomi. She wasn't the best looking, and by now had started on her collection of scars (a canopy busting that lacerated her face and lips, a stray bullet to the forehead, a fight with another girl left her left eye just a little more closed than her right, and the colour was darker), but she was quiet, and she would be good for what he wanted.

She was his lover, for want of a better term. He wasn't a bad man, he wasn't disgusting or ugly. Under other circumstances it would have been pleasant. She'd even seen him before, and had those flutters in her stomach that young women often get upon seeing older men. He was her first. She was his… twelfth. Of those at the base. She quickly realized that this was not the way that things were meant to be. He took advantage of her in every way, and he didn't care for her. She knew what he was doing, but did nothing to stop him. She started wetting the bed more.

The only friend that Naomi had was another young girl, Olivia Brown. He had been her first. She had been his eleventh. She had felt those young girl flutters herself, and she knew how Naomi had felt, what he was doing to her. The two of them consoled each other. They comforted each other, and tried to fill the holes that he had left. Their feelings for each other grew, and soon they begun asking if "this is alright", saying "I won't hurt you like he will". They were gentle, and tender. They shared a bed many nights, the younger Naomi needing a friend. A lover who would feel sentiment for her.

When Naomi was nearing sixteen, she started becoming sick, and putting on weight. She didn't know what was wrong with her at first, but it soon became apparent that she was pregnant. Olivia stopped holding her at night. She grew distant, saying that she loved him, that that was why she had his child, that Naomi had stolen his heart, and that was why he no longer loved Olivia. The cold emptiness that had been held at bay flooded back into her. The Bitch was one of the first to learn of her pregnancy among the staff. A few months would be enough time to heal broken fingers with EMA medication, she reasoned. Naomi was made to feel her old punishment again, for "getting herself knocked up to avoid flying".

Mission Select

The one time Naomi had been able to join one of the off-base groups when she was pregnant, she bought a small, stuffed tiger with her allowance. She didn't know what a little boy would like. Despite the circumstances of his birth, she promised to love him as best as she could. She planned to name him Luka, after the memories of her father. She would make the world better for him. At the time, she had intended her promise to mean following through with the EMA's goals.

Luka was born a month early. Naomi went into labor, and needed to be sedated. A Cesarean was performed, and she awoke in her own bed, her stomach empty. They had taken her child from her. She was denied permission to see him, and Naomi became increasingly despondant. Inside of a plane she became reckless and dangerous. She wanted to die. The EMA had taken the one small light that she had in her life.

She tried to end it. During the chaos of a battle, she flew into another jet, The Bitch's. She never saw it coming. Naomi clipped her wing right along the canopy of the cockpit. The two of them plummeted to the ground to certain death, The Bitch likely already dead from the impact. Naomi survived, though, and cut open her arm and pulled out her RFID chip, smashing it on a rock. Her own plane was destroyed, and so she went to ther other. She found the body of Elizabeth "Bitch" Anderson, head crushed in the helmet (which lay on the floor of the jet) and neck twisted, a heavy chunk of glass torn away, large pieces in her flight suit.


After the incident in Naomi's youth when the canopy bust, giving her the scars along her face and mouth, it had been Elizabeth who had given Naomi the callsign 'Topless'. She ripped away the dog tags as she walked away, throwing them into a river as she staggered her way to the UNAF base. She collapsed outside of it. Her arm was bleeding from where she cut out her RFID, a long ragged and nasty line of red held closed by a torn flight suit. She was found, and taken in, worked on by the medics. She told them that she wanted to fight for the United Nations.


For the last two years, Naomi has tried to put a life together working for the 'good guys'. While she had thought that the EMA had been the only way, when they took Luka, it caused Naomi's perceptions to switch. The EMA had stolen her life away. It had trained her to be a killing machine. More than any of that, it had stolen her child. She has dedicated her life now to regaining her son, and making the world one in which he can live happily. She knows that she will never make a good mother for him, but she still wants to hold him in her arms and fall asleep cradling her own baby.

In attaining this goal, she has once again become hard and cold, shutting herself off. Anyone who would stay with the EMA is the enemy. They work for the 'bad guys'. More than that, they threaten her son, and keep her from him. As such, she will kill any EMA soldier, whether they are a trained adult or a young girl like herself. If they cannot realize for themselves what the EMA is, then every bullet that goes through a canopy, tears through a fuselage, or takes out a rudder is a mercy. She will save her sisters from a life of pain if they won't do it for themselves.

In her two years, Naomi has been unable to open up to many people. One who stands out is Megan Huntington, an older woman, also a pilot. She could see how Naomi felt, and comforted the girl. It was a relationship much like the one that Naomi had had with Olivia. Many a night, Naomi will find herself in the arms of an older, more capable woman. Megan tells Naomi that she loves her, comforts her emotional wounds. She's made love to her more than once. She's like an older sister that Naomi never had. Still she feels distant. Megan will disappear, not taking Naomi's calls for hours. She followed her, once. She's been going to another one of the pilots, a man named Jack, who hates the EMA and calls even the defectors whores.

Still, Naomi wants to continue their relationship. She tries to be more active in bed, thinking that if she can give Megan what she wants, that she won't leave her for 'Ripper'. She's bought herself a beautiful red dress, one that Megan will love. She's afraid that the woman will leave her, that to Megan their relationship is just a passing fling with a teenaged girl too young to know better. She worries that with no one and nothing that she won't be able to live, that she'll be unable to save Luka, and herself. She worries, and yet tries not to.

Insert Credit

Naomi Kirsch is quiet. She rarely opens up to others for fear of rejection. The few times that she has have not gone well for her. Still, she will earnestly try for a connection to someone who will honestly love her. Even in a relationship of pain and betrayal, she will still try to cling on, and earnestly attempt to please the other.
She's frightened of all authority figures, even those of the United Nations. Far too many in her life have been nothing but dangerous and cruel towards her, if not apathetic. Naomi tries to stay as far away from men as possible, afraid of what they might do to her, that they might see her and do as the last man in her life did. She prefers to stay in the company of other girls and young women, though on the base those are most often not other EMA pilots, who make her uncomfortable. Despite fearing that if she looks beautiful or strays closely to men, or looks them in the eyes, Naomi is still self conscious about the visible scars she bears, and tries to keep them hidden. She takes care of herself, washing gently and applying make-up.

Still, what she wears more often than not is nothing more than a plain sailor uniform with a pleated skirt. In the EMA, her 'school' days where spent wearing miniature flight uniforms and military jump-suits. She never had a chance to go to a real school. Though she is eighteen, she took placement tests, and goes to high school. The sailor uniform reminds her that she now gets to have what she never did, and that one day she'll be able to be something more than a pilot. When the war ends, she wants to be a normal person, with a job and a husband. Maybe she'll even be able to be a good parent for baby Luka.

Naomi left the callsign Topless behind when she killed The Bitch. Within the United Nations Air Force her last name granted her the label "Virgin". It's a name that she has mixed feelings about. Every time someone calls for her by that name it reminds her that she isn't one, that she has a child waiting for the better world she will make, but at the same time it lets her know that there are people who accept her, if begrudgingly, as a UNAF fighter pilot.

Years in the EMA have left Naomi cold and bitter. She tries not to show emotions, or let on the way she feels about things (the way she clings onto her school work as if it was the last lifeboat off the Titanic) but she often fails. She can make an incredible impression on people, to the point where it's almost difficult to remember that she is a little girl. The truth becomes harder to stomach when she's the crying, frightened and broken little girl who wets the bed at nights and who fears the woman she killed coming back to punish her with the slam of a door. Naomi is more easily recognizable as a young girl brought up in war when a slammed door or backfired engine causes her to panic and hyperventilate.

She's a quiet girl, and tries to keep her secrets. She sings, to keep the demons at bay, though no one else can hear her. She goes to school because she wants a life, and wears the uniform as a reminder that she may actually have a future. She's self conscious about her face and body, though acts like she doesn't care. Naomi Kirsch is a young woman conflicted by her feelings, the image she wishes to cultivate as a wall against others is at odds with the small, helpless little girl that she really is deep inside.

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