Keiko is a happy, upbeat girl who is impossible to keep down. Nothing seems to be 'too much' for her, and she's always up for new things — she's quite the flirt as well, and doesn't seem to mind who it's with. She never seems to meet a stranger, and has a brash smile for anyone she encounters.


Keiko is of an average height, and an athletic build. Unlike her mother, she was not gifted with feminine assets, so she tends to have trouble filling out clothes — her face helps her in that regard, though, as it's an appropriate heart shape, with bright green eyes that always seem to wander. Her school uniform is normal, save for a slightly shorter skirt, and white leggings.

Her magical girl uniform consists of a white shirt, baring her midriff, with long loose sleeves down to her wrists. A silvery vest fits snugly over that, and is accented by a pleated blue skirt, white stockings, and a mysterious lack of shoes.

Background and other things

Months ago she was in a tragic accident, then a wish came true and she made a 'miracle recovery.' The doctors are baffled, but expect for her to regress before long.

Character Sheet

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 12(20) 14(20) 12(20) 10 10 14
Bonus: +1(+5) +2(+5) +1(+5) +0 +0 +2


Saves and Combat

Name Total Notes/Sources
Toughness: +2(5)/+8 (+2 Con/+5 Con[Enhanced]/+3 Tough)
Reflex: +7(11) (+1(5) dex, +6 PP)
Fortitude: +4(7) (+2(5) Con, +2PP)
Will: +3(7) (+3PP, +4 Lionheart)
Name Total Notes/Sources
Attack: +4/+8 (non-soul weapons/Shiro Shinsatsu Yari 0 ;; Weapon Specialization 1/Accurate 1: Soul Weapon ;; Accurate 2: Shiro Shinsatsu Yari)
Defense: +7/8(17/18) (Dodge Focus 6/Favored Situation 1: Outnumbered, Flatfooted 11)
Initiative: +5(9) (+5 dex, +4 improved init))
Grapple: +9 (+4 attack mod, +5 strength)
Knockback resistance:
Bruised Staggered Unconscious
- - -
Injured Disabled Dying
- - -
Fatigued Exhausted Unconscious
- - -
+2(5) (+2(5) Con)



Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 12(17) +1(5) +13(17)**
Bluff 0 +2 +6*
Climb 0 +5 +5
Concentration 4 +0 +4**
Computers 1 +0 +1
Diplomacy 8 +2 +12*
Disguise 0 +2 +2
Escape Artist 1 +5 +6
Gather Information 0 +2 +2
Handle Animal 0 +2 +2
Intimidate 12 +2 +14**
Know (Current Events) 1 +0 +1
Know (Pop Culture) 1 +0 +1
Medicine 1 +0 +1
Notice 6 +0(4) +6(10)&
Perform (String) 5 +2 +7
Search 0 +0 +0
Sense Motive 8 +0(4) +8(12)** &
Stealth 0 +5 +5
Survival 0 +0 +0
Swim 0 +5 +5
* Attractive I
** Skill Mastery: Acrobatics, Intimidate, Concentration, Sense Motive
& Combat Insight
Impatient I (-2 on Take 10/20)



Elusive Target* Additional +4 penalty for ranged attackers when engaged in melee
Attack Specialization I* +2 attack with Soul Weapon
Improved Critical III* 17-20 crit range with Soul Weapon
Follow-Up Strike Immediately make another attack after a confirmed critical
Veteran Fighter Spend a hero point to trade extra damage from a melee critical for a debuff
Favored Enemy II Eidolon I, Familiars I; +1 damage vs
Critical Strike Can ignore crit immunity on favored enemies
Move-by Action* Move, make action, finish movement.
Up The Wall* Use Acrobatics instead of climb, requires handholds every half-base-movement
Swift I* Permanent Speed I
Tiger Leap* Permanent Leaping I
Power House* Super-strength 1, Distracting
Tough III +3 Toughness save
Dodge Focus 6* +6 Dodge Defense
Favored Situation I Outnumbered: +1 Attack or Dodge Defense, can be changed each round
Assessment Sense Motive vs. Bluff to size up enemy's attack/defense vs own
Combat Insight +4 to Notice and Sense Motive, for combat usage only
Startle Use Intimidate to Feint
Skill Mastery I Acrobatics, Intimidation, Sense Motive, Concentration (-2 to take 10/20 checks, Impatient I)
Attractive I +4 bluff/diplomacy vs. those attracted to you/your gender
Lionheart +4 Will vs. Fear
Evasion II* Half damage on failed saves vs. area attacks; no damage on success
Improved Initiative I* Initiative +4
Luck III Improved Roll II, Recovery I
Distract Intimidate vs Intimidate/SenseMotive/Will++ or dazed for 1 round
Fascinate Intimidate vs Intimidate/SenseMotive/Will or fascinated
Eyes In The Back Of Your Head radius vision (sneaking up behind them just as difficult as doing it from the front)
Combat Awareness DC15 Notice to negate surprise (and join surprise round) [blocking mental stops it]
Agonizing Strike melee attack, trade damage (1/2) vs Fort for Nauseate
Crippling Blow melee attack, trade damage vs Fort for Slow-only Paralyze
Stunning Blow melee attack, trade damage vs Daze-only Paralyze
Blindfighting half normal penalty to attack/movement when vision impaired
Benefit (Wealth) I well-off/rich family, and she herself is well-off because of it
Rage I +4 Str, +2 Will/Fort, -2 Defense for 5 rounds, then 5 rounds fatigue; no sustained/concentration/take10/take20
Takedown Attack Gain another attack if you successfully take down a foe
* = Attached to suit

*Feats Total: (28 +*(19, Inside Suit))*


Party Bag Dimensional Pocket 1 Energy Cost: 0
Acton: Move Range: Personal Duration: Instant
Extra(s): Reduced Energy Cost II Flaw(s): Feedback (-1r), Grapple Required (-1r), Focus: Bag/Backpack/Sack (-1)
Descriptors: Magic Feat(s): — Keiko has a small dimensional pocket that she can access through an appropriately sized bag. There's probably drugs inside.
1 (2/r - 1)
Grounding Immunity 1 Energy Cost: 1/usage
Acton: Reaction Range: Personal Duration: Instant
Extra(s): — Flaw(s): Limited (Electrical Damage) **
**Descriptors: Magic, Electrical Feat(s): — Keiko's odd connection to electricity leaves her partially numbed to its effects.
2 (2/r)
Morph Morph 3 3
Action: Move Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): N/A Flaw(s): N/A
**Descriptors: Magic **Feat(s): N/A Keiko can transform herself into an older, much more svelte version of herself.
3 (1/r)

Raijin no Heiki

Electric Personality Absorption 8 Energy Cost: 2/usage
Acton: Reaction Range: Personal Duration: Instant
Extra(s): Reduced Energy Cost I, Power Magnet, Slow Fade II Flaw(s): Electrical Only, Distracting, No Toughness/Impervious
Descriptors: Magic, Electrical Boosts: Akuma no Okurimono, Raijin no Heiki Keiko has found that her body can feed on the raw energy that is electricity, from nearly any source. Using this power causes her eyes to gain an eerie glow, and electricity crackles across her skin while she's charged. In addition, if she has Brave revealed, it changes form to accommodate her charge: it extends six poles, three from each shoulder blade, of varying sizes in descending order, almost reminiscent of skeletal wings.
11 (1/r +3)

Shiro Yari/White Spear Damage n (1-8) Range; Area: Line Energy Cost: 1/2 ranks Absorbed (Rank 2 = 1 EN, Rank 4 = 2 EN, rank 8 = 4EN)
Absorption Rate: 1-1 (2r, each rank of absorb grants 2pp) Charges Used: 1 Descriptors: Magical, Electrical
A powerful, but ungraceful, attack. Keiko gathers lightning in her hand and throws it like a javelin; it launches out with the force of a lightning bolt, piercing all in its path.

Notes on Powers

Electric Personality It costs Keiko 2 energy to absorb an attack, and requires a successful toughness save.
Electric Personality It costs Keiko 2 energy to absorb electricity from an artificial source such as a transformer (800' range, ranged attack roll to hit, power check to absorb)
Electric Personality Can toss absorbed energy into powering reaction-personal-total Healing at 2/3 ranks of the damage
Electric Personality Can toss absorbed energy into powering electrical attacks, giving 5 'charges' of use for damage rank x minutes; move action to swap between 3 attack powers at the ready
Raijin no Heiki WSpear is at full damage rank, WField is at half damage rank and uses two 'charges', WgKSpear is at full damage rank and uses two 'charges'

Soul Weapon

Name: Brave Device 12 (Provides 60pp), Hard To Lose Extras: Barrier Guide, Subtle
Flaws: Soul Weapon Brave is Keiko's Soul Weapon. Its form while sealed is that of subtle, nigh-invisible tattoos along the backs of her legs, looking like flowery vines creeping up her legs when they are visible. The tattoos continue up her back, but stop at the nape of her neck. When active, it takes the form of an exo-skeleton-like contraption, thin metal rods running up the back of her legs, her back, to the nape of her neck, and down her arms. Metal rods work in conjunction to help her move and enhance every aspect of her physicality, as well as grant access to combat prowess beyond her years, as if it were working on its own. Brave has three major components: Passive abilities that are always active, Mobility abilities, and Attack abilities.

*Powers Total: 49*


Paraplegic (-4) A tragic accident left Keiko without the use of her legs. A wish come true seems to have fixed all her problems!
Impatient (-1) Taking your time is boring, and for people who don't have a new life to live.
Hunger (-1) Keiko has found that her new powers have left her with a little craving for electricity, but it's easy enough to satisfy, for now.


Rolling Blackouts Sometimes, Keiko just can't control herself. A cellphone might suddenly lose battery — then the lights fail. And then the entire block loses power. It's definitely not her fault, but at least she doesn't feel so HUNGRY anymore! Unfortunately, Brave enjoys the extra energy too, and isn't as easy to hide…
Doesn't Know Her Own Strength Sometimes, Keiko just can't help but go Full Power on anything she does. What's the harm in being a little too excited?
New Lease On Life She's made a miracle recovery, and is determined not to miss a single thing life has to offer. Sensationalism and indulgence are her new favorite words.
Impetuous Looking before you leap is no fun! Impulse control is for nerds. Jump right in and deal with the consequences never!
Center Stage I'm a brand new girl, so all eyes on me. Yes, that means you, too!
Dynamic Entry Stealth isn't fun. Make a big entrance, so everyone knows you mean business!


Essence: 6
Hero Points: 1
Villain Points: 0/3*/9
Despair: 6/9
Energy: 240/240

*Total: 131/145 PP*

Pre-Contract PL 1 Sheet

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