Katya Kotarou

Sheet by HabeQuiddam
Art shamelessly stolen from Noriaki Kotoba

Katya Kotarou
Full name Katya Kotarou
Birthdate November 8; 16 years old
Birthplace Russian Federation
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Weight 48 kg (106 lbs)
Blood type Synthetic (Accepts A)
Family/Relatives None
Job/Occupation Military Cyborg (Effective Rank: Yefréytor)
Likes Japanese media, the Siberian wilderness, stuffed animals
Dislikes Large radar dishes, spicy/hot food, thunder storms
Hobbies Sewing, internet, naming her attacks
Favorite food Okróshka, chilled soba, ice cream
Forte in sports High jump (But good at any sport)
Special skill Flexible body (Even before she became a cyborg)
Most unpleasant Feeling inferior
Favorite music Enka
Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip) 75, 53, 79 cm
Weapon Hand to Hand
Fighting style GRU CQC/Sambo/Systema + fanciful techniques learned from watching ninja shows.

"Kotarou Katya! Vzlet!


Katya is an augmented human of Russian and Japanese descent. She is a specialist on loan from the Federal Security Services of the Russian Republic, under provisional contract with the MCTF. In response to the widespread formation of magic research institutes and academies, as well as the militarization in some states of magi, FSB directed the formation of a new office of magical research and development. Its objective was to fuse thaumaturgical ability with special forces military training and tactics. As the FSB could not acquire enough high-potential mages for use in their program, and previously documented magic users were not suited for a soldier's life, the program was merged with a concurrently running cybernetic super-soldier project. The think tank reasoned that if they could not locate qualified magi, they would have to create some of their own. Drawing skilled researchers from the aerospace industry and biotech firms internally and from overseas, the FSB eventually formed some semblance of a working project, incorporating 20 children: wards of the state with severe disabilities or life-threatening conditions. All 20 survived the augmentation process and went on to lead surprisingly normal, healthy lives, but only a fourth of them managed to overcome the torturous conditioning, isolated upbringing and brutal training. Only one, Katya, managed to achieve any level of magical skill. The project was deemed a failure by the FSB, though the cyborgs, healed of their infirmities, earned good press for the Republic. She ran in a few sorties alone and with conventional military forces against extremist elements in former satellite states as well as a scattering of missions against the inhuman threat.

In order to salvage their hard work, their single successful super-soldier Katya was offered as a standard "recruit" to the MCTF in order to garner returns on her grotesquely expensive childhood, to produce positive political capital, and also to test the subject's combat aptitude in a multinational strike force. Katya as usual accepted the assignment without question, though inwardly she was nervous and excited to meet other people her age, let alone magically talented girls.


As befitting her military childhood, Katya is a no-nonsense girl with little in the way of social skills or friendliness. In the FSB's program, children were not allowed to associate with each other, for fear that the exchange of information would disrupt control over their psychological development and contaminate test results. Her only human contact with anyone, besides soldiers working alongside her and the enemy, was with older, mostly male researchers, who treated her similarly to a daughter in some small respects, but always maintained a stoic distance to keep from negatively affecting her fragile magic aptitude, which could theoretically be destabilized by uncontrolled emotions. Appropriately, Katya is icy cold, but yearns for friendship. She retains some child-like qualities due to stunted social development, such as her strong attachment to her eye-patch wearing rabbit stuffed animal. Some researchers who overstepped their professional boundaries exposed her to Japanese media and alluded to her mixed heritage, which gave Katya an idealized, distorted view of Japan based largely off hero shows and archaic period-drama film. She fancies herself a ninja, and has patterned her Spetsnaz GRU close quarters combat martial arts and cybernetic/magical enhancements to resemble those of a fictionalized kunoichi, complete with kunai/shuriken-shaped energy projectiles. Though her handlers attempted to dissuade her from this impractical fixation, they have had little success

She must take unnerving amounts of dietary supplements and medications to support her body's many enhancements and high level of physical activity, which often leads to her emptying a mountain of pills onto her plate whenever she eats. The one-eyed, morbid-looking stuffed rabbit, Kutuzov-chan, is often tied to her belt and goes wherever she goes. Katya does not respond or acknowledge his existence when others point him out unless she trusts them. She considered using the phrase "-gozaru" whenever she spoke Japanese, but has recently decided against it, becoming more aware of the concept of cliches. Katya tends to keep her scarred eye shut despite being perfectly capable of seeing out of it, though she hasn't opted to mirror Kutuzov with an eye patch of her own so far. Katya is skittish around boys and romantically naive in the extreme.


Details: Somewhat similar to pic. Just pretend her clothes got damaged. Hair is only neck length. Will have reference images for how the battle uniform looks later.

Katya's mixed heritage is readily apparent, but she looks too unusual to be either ethnicity. Her skin is quite pale. Experimentation and magical backfire has turned her dark black hair grayish-white, almost always worn in a warrior-like ponytail. Mechanically augmented eyes are colored a brilliant orange-red. Years of intense training has left Katya in the peak of physical condition; slim with a firm, lithe body and little excess fat. Underneath her clothes, some traces of cybernetic augmentation are obvious, such as a barcode tattoo on her right upper-arm, three tiny hexagonal panels located on the back of her neck in a triangular pattern, glowing lines and circuitry when she is using powers, and a few circular electronic sockets on her back. A long scar runs over the left side of her face and left eye (which she often keeps shut even though it was repaired), and continues down the left side of her chest. Katya would be strikingly cute were it not for the scar and her chilly, expressionless demeanor, neither of which would make her many friends. She has casual clothes but rarely wears them and keeps them hidden from her handlers, as they expected her to be in uniform or medical dress at all times.

In battle, she wears a specialized combat BDU, combining a dark gray camo tactical vest and belt with a black and navy bodysuit, along with a dark black visor that covers her eyes like a half-helmet. It has a single red lens that glows red when she wears it. She has modified her combat uniform to be more "ninja-like," adding fabric, baggy pants to the thigh areas, split toed metal and leather combat boots reminiscent of Japanese tabi, and a kimono-like jacket over the combat vest. Most importantly, she wears her a tremendous red scarf that trails behind her wherever she goes and almost drags on the ground even when she stands straight.


Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 18 18 14 12 10 08
Bonus: +4 +4 +2 +1 +0 -1

20 PP

Cyborg (Modified)
+2 STR, +2 DEX, -2 CON, -2 CHA
See Powers and Feats Sections. Cost of Cyborg Powers and Feats included in the 19 PP.

19 PP

Carrying Capacity (in lb): Medium and Heavy Loads lower flight speed, teleport can only carry an extra 100 lbs

Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Maximum Load Push/Drag
200 lbs 400 lbs 600 lbs 1200 lbs 3000 lbs

Saves and Combat

Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will Attack Grapple Defense Initiative
+10/+6 +4 +10/+8 +3 +10/+6 +10 +4 +1 +Size Mod 20/15/12 +16/+8


  • *Defensive Roll gives either +2 toughness or +2 to reflex saves (only for area affect attacks)
  • *Protection 2 (Physical Damage)

Attack: Attack Specialization Unarmed 2
Grapple: Super Strength 1
Defense: Dodge Focus
Initiative: Super Speed/Improved Initiative

35 PP


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 11 +4 +15
Bluff 0 -1 -1
Climb 2 +4 +6
Computers 5 +1 +6
Concentration 0 +0 +0
Craft 0 +1 +1
Diplomacy 0 -1 -1
Disable Device 4 +1 +5
Disguise 0 -1 -1
Drive 0 +4 +4
Escape Artist 6 +4 +10
Gather Information 0 -1 -1
Handle Animal 0 -1 -1
Intimidate 0 -1 -1
Investigate 0 +1 +1
Knowledge: Technology 5 +1 +6
Language: RUS, JP, ENG 2 +0 +2
Medicine 0 +0 +0
Notice 8 +0 +8
Perform 0 -1 -1
Pilot 0 +4 +4
Profession 0 +0 +0
Ride 0 +4 +4
Search 2 +1 +3
Sense Motive 0 +0 +0
Sleight of Hand 1 +4 +5
Stealth 11 +4 +15
Survival 3 +0 +3
Swim 0 +4 +4

15 PP


  • Second Chance (Computers): Cyborg Feat: Re-roll a failed Computer check.
  • Acrobatic Bluff: May use Acrobatics instead of Bluff to Feint in combat.
  • Attack Specialty 2 (Unarmed): +2 to Attack Bonus per rank
  • Chokehold: Opponent begins to suffocate so long as you maintain a pin.
  • Critical Strike: May score Critical Hits on enemies immune to them.
  • Defensive Roll 2: +2 Toughness (or reflex against area attacks) as long as she can move.
  • Diehard: Automatically stabilize when reduced to 0 HP.
  • Distract: Bluff (Acrobatics) check against an enemy as a standard action to Daze them for one round. Enemy has +1 to resist after recovering.
  • Dodge Focus 5: +5 to Defense Bonus per rank as long as she can move.
  • Elusive Target: -8 to Ranged Attacks attempting to hit her while engaged in melee.
  • Evasion 2: Half damage on failing a reflex save, no damage on save.
  • Fast Overrun: May make repeated successful Overrun attacks for as long as you have movement.
  • Grappling Finesse: May make Grapple checks with Dexterity instead of Strength. Retain Dodge bonus when Grappling.
  • Improved Critical 2 (Unarmed): Critical Threat Range increased to 18-20.
  • Improved Grab: Unarmed Strike does full damage, counts as initial attack roll for Grapple. (Same size or smaller only.)
  • Improved Initiative: +4 Initiative.
  • Improved Overrun: When Overrunning, opponent cannot choose to avoid you; +4 to Trip while Overrunning.
  • Improved Pin: -4 to enemy Grapple escape attempts.
  • Improved Trip: +4 to trip, +2 to ranged trip, Opponent does not get to trip you.
  • Move By Action: May move before and after a standard action, provided it does not exceed your movement speed.
  • Online Research: May use Computer skill for Gather Information checks.
  • Hide in Plain Sight: May make Stealth checks while observed, even without cover or concealment.
  • Quick Change: Change into costume as a free action.
  • Sneak Attack 2: Any unexpected attacks gain up to +2 damage (Still subject to power level limitations)
  • Uncanny Dodge: May retain Dodge Bonus even if Surprised or Flatfooted. (Hearing)

41 PP


Device Powers

KS-P89 "Sinaps", Device 8
Allows for 40 points for powers
Feats: Hard to Steal (Sealed into the uniform.), Restricted (Fitted to her body and connects to intrusive implants.)
Flaw: Conditional Ownership (-1)
Katya named it "Ariake." Experimental sneaking BDU made of high-tech materials, with integrated thaumaturgical combat modules that interface with sockets on Katya's body. Essentially an artificial magic circuit allowing her to circulate her internal odic energy/mana in new ways without causing injury.
Power 1:

PS-64 "Jastreb" Boost 40
Feats: Subtle 2 Boost Strike 0/Alternate Powers
Extra: None Flaw: Personal
1/2/r x40 + 2fe = 22

Odic reactive circuitry lining her suit. Interfaces with sockets on Katya's body and brings out latent magic abilities she could not display without cybernetic augmentation. This particular enhancement acts as a capacitor of sorts that circulates internal energy and allows the activation of 0-Level spells.
Alternate Powers

VS-65 "Sokol'" Boost 20
Feats: Subtle 2 Boost 1 Power/Physical Attribute
Extra: None Flaw: Personal
2/r-1/r x20 +2fe = 22

Generalized circuit designed to enhance innate magical traits not covered by the main combat circuit. It is an auxiliary circuit meant for boosting powers already boosted, or boosting physical qualities one at a time.

NS-66 "Orjol'" Boost 20
Feats: Innate, Subtle Boosts STR, DEX, CON Attributes
Extra: None Flaw: Personal, Tiring
2/r-1/r x 10 +2fe = 22

Emergency circuit which interfaces directly with Katya's synthetic muscle fiber and artificial tissue, strengthening it by forced circulation of her inert magic energy. The enhancement puts increasing stress on her carbon fiber reinforced skeleton, and the buildup of lactic acid leaves her feeling drained after use.
Power 2:

OP-01 "Poljot" Flight 4
Extras: Feats: Subtle 2
2/r x4 = 10pp

"Idaten." Use of internal energy to manipulate air currents to generate lift.
Alternate Power

OU-02 "Bystrota" Super Speed 2
Extras: SS Array: Displacement, Seize Initiative, Stun 2, Rapid Attack
2/r x5 = 10pp

"Hayate." Use of internal energy to accelerate reaction time and movement speed. (Grants Quickness 2 and Speed 2.)
Power 3:

VI-24 "Dymka" Blending 2
Extras: Feats:
2/r x2 = 4pp

"Kirigakure." Use of internal energy to create visual anomalies and distort reflected light.
Alternate Power

VI-24 "Vspyshka" Invisibility 1
Extras: Feats:
2/r x2 = 4pp

"Hienkyaku." Speed and irregular movement to disturb the eye and make an outline impossible to follow.

4/r -1/r x8 +1fe = 25 pp

"Null" Powers"

Null 1

VJV-P36 "Kamen" Strike 0
Extra: Flaw
1/r x0 +0fe = 0 pp

"Gokuktoryu Taijutsu." Focused energy gathers in the striking limbs, delivering superhuman physical blows.
Alternate Powers

VJV-P37 "Nozhnicy" Blast 0
Extra: Flaw
2/r x0 +0fe = 0 pp

"Gokutoryu Kunai." Internal energy offensive projectiles, shaped to resemble kunai.

VJV-P38 "Bumaga" Snare 0
Extra: Flaw
2/r x0 +0fe = 0 pp

"Gokutoryu Kagenui." Combination attack that paralyzes enemy either through displays of light or suggestion paralysis, typically performed by firing a hypnotic projectile in the shape of a kunai into the enemy's shadow.
Null 2

VJM-K41 "Mirazh" Substitution 0
Extras: Feats:
1/r x0 +0fe = 0pp

"Utsusemi." Emergency high speed movement leaves a visual distortion where the user once was, evading attacks.

Cyborg Powers

SR-v92 "Sharmanka" Super-Sense: Radar
Extras: None Feats: Acute, Innate
1/r x4 +2fe = 6pp

Highly accurate miniaturized radar capable of conventional radar function as well as discerning terrain layouts and electromagnetic reactions within living creatures, equipped with IFF and anti-jamming countermeasures.

SR-v93 "Sova" Super-Sense: Extended Vision
Extras: None Feats: Innate
1/r x1 +1fe = 2pp

Enhanced vision allows for sighting of targets at x10 the range of normal human eyes.

SR-v94 "Gadjuka" Super-Sense: Infravision
Extras: None Feats: Accute
1/r x1 +1fe = 1pp

Eyes are implanted with precision infrared vision, able to discern even minor differences in heat levels.

BM-psh12 "Kreznik" Super-Strength 1
Extras: None Feats:
1/r x1 +0fe = 1pp

Enhanced psuedo-organic myomer fiber muscle, partially synthetic.

BM-psh12 "Kreznik" Protection 2: Physical Damage
Extras: None Feats:
1/r x2 +0fe = 2pp

Reinforced skeleton and synthetic muscle allow some resistance to blunt trauma, cutting, bullets, and other forms of physical damage.

CPD-v8 "Djatel" Datalink 1
Extras: None Feats: None
1/r x2 +0fe = 1pp

Wireless data transfer device.

Natural Stealth Silence 1
Extras: None Feats: None
1/r x1 +0fe = 1pp

Superhumanly quiet, does not need to breathe.

Natural Immunity Immunity 3 (Poison, Disease, Vacuum)
Extras: None Feats: None
1/r x2 +2/r x1 +0fe = 3pp

Immune to poison, biological agents, and suffocation.



Owned: Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Cybernetics Research Foundation. (Federal'naya sluzhba bezopasnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii.)
The FSB provides Katya with necessary medication, maintenance and is her original employer. She regularly reports to them her physical condition, training results, sortie information and other details. Since she is "on loan" to the MCTF, as she often was with the GRU and other branches of the Russian military before them, the FSB exerts control over her. Though she is assigned to be subordinate to MCTF superiors, she ultimately belongs to the FSB research team. They may have ways of compelling her to do their bidding.
Social Ineptitude:
Naive and isolated from human interaction most of her life, Katya is very familiar with saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and thus opts to be quiet and inoffensive in presence, as much as an unnerving human weapon can be. (You could say all 8 points of her charisma are just from being cute, rather than any personality power…)
Literally marked in the sense of her scar, and figuratively marked in the sense of her unique position as the only known successful military cyborg from the FSB, as well as the only one of the project to continue being a super soldier. It separates her from human beings, from her handlers, from the soldiers she fights alongside, from magic users, and from the other cyborgs.
If she ever neglects to take her nanomachine supplements, dietary supplements, supplement supplements and Flintstones Vitamins, Katya will be having a thoroughly unpleasant day.


Frequency +2, Intensity +2
Electromagnetic interference already makes Katya feel uncomfortable. Strong, military grade electromagnetic pulse equipment can, as with other military technology, short circuit her and leave her numb, paralyzed or worse, depending on exposure. Although it's a serious disadvantage to all cyborgs, research in the FSB recognized the innate flaw of mechanical implants in soldiers and thus did their best to minimize the chances of EMP outright killing Katya, though the threat remains.


Abilities: 20 + Cyborg: 19 + Skills: 15 + Feats: 41 + Powers: 26 + Saves & Combat: 35 - Drawbacks: 4

156/156 PP

Hero Points Remaining:

Starting 1


Amount Date Events
1 30/5/10 First day with team. Is not bad. Was bullied by kapitalist dog a leetle. Flirtatious mal'chik and tricky 'devoesjka. LoliBaba Yaga roommate.
1 30/5/10 Began Operation. Forgot the date, derp.
2 19/6/10 Killed tentacle monster. HOROSHO! But not really big surprise. Roommate examined me like Grandpas at FSB. Didn't feel much.
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