Kasuga Air Base

The UN Air Force base at which everyone is stationed. It's of reasonable size, and has a relatively large city nearby, which is a popular spot to visit when on leave.

Places to go On-base

A big list of various locations of interest on the base itself.

  • The Dorms/Barracks - Where everyone sleeps and lives.
  • Commissary - A cafeteria, mess hall, or whatever. Were you get your food.
  • A Bar - I know there's a more specific name for these, but most military bases do have a bar or simialr lounge where you can go to drink. Characters who are at least 18 and have a military ID may be served regardless of local drinking age…
  • A Convenience Store - Or something similar. For buying little necessities and not-so-necessities.
  • The Laundry room - You going to wear that same uniform all the time and never wash it, pilot?
  • A Rec. Room/Lounge - Got to hang out somewhere, right?
  • The Hangar, runway, control tower, and other such facilities - It's…an Air Force base, after all.
  • Flight Simulators - They aren't video games, but that doesn't mean you can't treat your training like one.
  • A weight room - Full of free weights, treadmills, and more esoteric devices, because staying in shape is important to a pilot.
  • Vending machines - located in various convenient places, often with a variety of snacks or beverages
    • Presumably, these would be full service vending machines, like those at convention centers. One could buy hot food as well as office supplies from them.
      • Also panties and bugs, because Japan.
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