Junko Kohaku

Basic information
Family name Kohaku
Given name Junko
Age 14
Eyes light red
Hair Blonde
Height 150 CM
Weight Hidden forever in the nurses office
Bust Se~
Waist cr~
Hips et~

Just a normal happy girl with a passion for finding deals at the mall.


Junko just wants to have fun and be worry free. Her friends will always be there to have fun with her too right? Even if they aren't she's sure she can find things to do and enjoy life to the fullest.



Junko was born in a world of high stimulation and interesting little things can catch her attention and interest more than boring things.


Junko has little impulse control, if something interests her she'll want to do it. Any trip to a mall will have her coming home with arms full of things.

Air head

Junko for lack of a better term is naive. It takes quite a strong hinting for her to get things. It's more to do with her lack of attention than anything.


Junko is substitutable to positive emotions based attacks. Somehow her state of mind and body is more in tune with these for better or worse.


Junko comes from a decently well off but busy family. Both parents work well paying jobs and instead of giving time to their little girl they gave her a Cyprus credit card with a modest limit. The upside is when they are all on vacation they are on vacation often traveling away. Beyond that she likes her small group of friends and used to like one boy until he confessed to another girl.

Bruise Staggered Unconscious
Injury Disabled Dying
Fatigued Exhausted Unconscious
Essence Essence Max
195 210
Name Total Modifier
Strength 10 +0
Dexterity 12 +1
Constitution 19 +4
Wisdom 10 +0
Intelligence 8 -1
Charisma 16 +3
Total cost 14
Hero points
Name Amount
Hero points 6
Determination 2 (3)
Determined Recovery 0
Escape Death 1 (1)
Improvisation 0
Inspiration 0
Inspired Feat 0
Instant Counter 0
Lucky Dodge 0
Second Wind 0 (1)
Despair 0
Name Base Attribute modifiers Total
Toughness N/A + 4 Constitution, +2 dodge bonus, +3 force field 4/6/9
Reflex 3 +1 Dexterity 4
Fortitude 4 +4 Constitution 8
Will 6 -1 Wisdom, +5 mind shield 5/10
Total Cost 13
Name Base Attribute Modifiers Total
Attack 6 +4 melee focus 6/10
Defense 5 +1 dodge focus 5/6
Grapple 10 0 10
Block 10* 0 7
Knock back 4/7/9 0 2/3/4
Initiative 0 1 dexterity 1
Energy Max 180 20 energy feat 200
* caped at 7 due to tradeoffs
Total Cost 22
Movement Capabilities
Name Tactical Total
Ground speed 30 feet 20 MPH
Jumping 50 feet N/A
Carrying capacity
Light 43 pounds
Medium 86 pounds
Heavy 130 pounds
Maximum 260 pounds
push/pull 650 pounds
Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 6 +1 dexterity 7
Bluff 2 +3 Charisma 5
Climb 0 -0 Strength 0
Concentration 0 none 0
Diplomacy 2 +3 Charisma 7
Disable Device 0 none N/A
Disguise 0 None 0
Escape Artist 0 +1 Dexterity 1
Gather Information 6 +2 Charisma 8
Handle Animal 0 +0 Wisdom 0
Intimidate 0 +3 Charisma +3
Investigation 2 -1 Wisdom 1
Knowledge: Local area 2 -1 Intelligence 1
Knowledge: Popular culture 2 -1 Intelligence 1
Notice 6 +0 Wisdom 6
Search 8 +0 Wisdom 8
Sense Motive 4 +0 Wisdom 4
Sleight of Hand 0 +1 dexterity N/A
Stealth 0 +1 dexterity 1
Survival 0 None 0
Swim 0 none 0
Total Cost 10
Name Ranks/Specialty Description
Combat feat Feats total 9
All-Out attack N/A May trade dodge bonus for attack bonus
Attack Focus 4, Melee +4 to melee attacks
Defense Roll 2 +2 dodge bonus to toughness in situations
Dodge Focus 1 +1 defense bonus
Power attack N/A May trade attack bonus for bonus to DC
General Feats Feats total 3
Skill Master 1, Local area, Popular culture, Sense motive, Search May take 10 on the chosen skills even under pressure
Wealth 1 Her family is decently well off
Equipment 1 cellphone, other odds and ends that a typical girl can get away with
Fortune Feats Feats total 4
Determination 3 May use the reroll feature of hero points
Escape death 1 may use the escape death feature of hero points (stabilize self or other)
Other Feats Feats total 1
Additional energy 1 +20 to energy per rank
Improved Absorbtion Every 1 essence taken now gives +1 pp by itself, as well as 40 energy and a +5 heal check.
Attractive + 4 to bluff/diplomancy in certain situations
Total Cost 17

Powers reference list

Offensive Powers list
Name Effect Range DC Energy cost Other
Slash Damage Touch Toughness 21 0 N/A
Wind up Damage, Trip Perception Reflex 16 (no effect), Toughness 21(damage), Strength/Dextarity 21 (trip) 5 Touch range only
Earth Render Damage, Stun Touch Cone Reflex 18(half effect), Toughness 23(damage), Fortitude 18(Stun) 10/8(no knock back) Daze only on stun
You're in my way! -2 to hit Drain(Toughness), Nauseate, Damage Touch Fortitude 17(drain, nauseate), Toughness 22/17(Damage,drain) 10 -2 to attack, nauseate is weaken only, drain may effect objects and use toughness save instead. Drain may only drain up to half it's max ranks though the DC is the same
Buy one get one free! Damage Touch Toughness 21 (max) 9 meant for split attack between 2 and 3 targets
Delimber Damage, Drain(additional limbs) touch Toughness 21/16(damage,drain), Fortitude 16 9 Drain additional limbs may effect objects
Maim Damage Touch Fort 20/ toughness 20, no save(Always fails by at least 1)
Magical girl blast! damage ranged Toughness 25**/21*/18 3 ** Sneak attack bonuses against a target with no dodge bonus * against a target with no dodge bonuses
Non-Offensive Powers list
Name Effect Rank Energy Cost Other
Magical coin barrier Force field 3 2 N/A
All in my head! Immunity emotion 5 0 Negative emotions only
Magical fun and adventure Healing 2 6 Reaction seeing an enemy taking damage while having a heal able condition. Once a round
Mind Maintaining Mind shield 5 3 N/A
Magical girl movement Leaping 4 1 Distracting


Axe of simple honesty
Type Container
Cost 2 per rank
Flaw Easy to Lose
Flaw Soul weapon
Ranks 6
Power feat Summoned
Power feat Barrier Detection
Power feat Indestructible
Total points provided 30
Total cost 15

A golden axe that actual looks quite plain.

Slash and dash array
Type Array
Cost 2 per rank
Ranks 10
Total points provided 20
Power feat Alternate power 6
Total cost 25
Default power
Effect Damage
Name Slash
Type Attack Action Standard
Range Touch Duration Instant
Descriptor Slashing Source 'natural'
Extra Energy Saving +2
Power feat Innate
Cost per rank 3 Ranks 6
Total PP Cost 20
Energy cost 0
Toughness DC 21

"It's totally simple, you swing the axe and you hit them! Nothing hard all fun."
Basic application of sharp metal to any surface.

power feat: Glowing. The axe may create light at will of the user.
Magical Girl Magic!
Type Array
Cost 2 per rank Ranks 2
Total points provided 4
Total cost 4
Magical Girl Blast!
Effect Blast
Type Attack Action Full round
Range Range Duration Instant
Descriptor Electric ,magic Source magic
Flaw (partial 3 ranks) defenseless targets (no dodge bonus against her)
Flaw Action
Drawback Movement -1 (requires full range of movement to use)
Power feat Sneak attack(2)
Cost per rank 1 Ranks 6
Drawback total -4
Total PP Cost 4
Energy cost 2
Toughness DC (Damage) 21/25

*with immense gesture and flourishing junko lets out a magical attack of pathetic magnitude! slightly lazily looping through the air it'll hit the target for some damage if they don't lazily move out of the way, in which case it'll merely bounce off them. It'd be a shame if they were to be hit in the head with it though.
A small electrical mote of energy that loops through the air.

Almost becoming Niko!
Effect Mirror Image
Type Defense Action Free
Range PErsonal Duraction Substained
Descriptor Magic, movement Source Magic
Flaw Requires freedom of movement?
Cost Per rank 2 Ranks 1
Total PP Cost 2
Energy Cost 1

Junko is just so bouncy in battle, now she's even bouncer when the magical etheral crown and cape appear! She's sooooo bouncy it's like there are two of her there!

All in my head!
Effect Immunity(Emotions)
Type Defense Action None (passive)
Range Personal Duration Continuous (Permanent)
Descriptor Brain damage Source Magical lobotomy (natural)
Extra Energy Saving
Flaw Negative Emotions only
Power feat Innate
Cost per rank 2 Ranks total 5
Power points total 11
Energy cost 0

As per contract Junko will no longer have bad events happen to her and only good ones.

Travelers Insurance!
Effect Force Field
Type Defense Action None(active)
Range Personal Duration Continuous
Description Metal, Summon, Magic Source Magic
Cost per rank 1 Ranks Total 3
Total power points cost 3
Energy points cost 2(1.5)

A small assortment of metal coins appear around junko and defend her.

Magical fun and Adventure!
Effect Healing
Type Defense Action Reaction
Range Personal Duration Reaction
Description Passion, Mental, Healing, Magic Source Magic
Extra Action +4 (reaction to seeing an enemy take damage while having a healable condition
Flaw Personal
Flaw Temporary
Flaw Energy Burner
Drawback Once a turn -1
Cost per rank 3 Ranks 2
Total Cost 5
Energy cost 6(4)

Junkos only experience with fighting is seeing games, and it's fun to smack enemies around in those right? So with no longer having moral feelings of guilt she lets her body run wild with how cool it is to see things blown to bloody ribbons!
Mental effects of excitement temporary allow junko to overcome any damage effect against her without actually healing them.

Mind maintaining
Effect Mind Shield
Type Defense Action free
Range Personal Duration continuous
Description Mental, Magic Source Magic
Cost per rank 1 Total Ranks 4
Total Points 4
Energy cost 2

While her main brain tampering is quite permanent some magical side effects remain as her wish was mental in nature.

Magical girl movement
Effect Leaping
Type movement Action standard
Range Personal Duration instantaneous
Description Magic Source Magic
Flaw Distracting
Extra Energy saving
Cost per rank 1 Total Ranks 3
Total Points 3
Energy cost 1

Magical girls have to get around so of course Junko can do something special like that. Sadly it's only jumping she does have a great time with it often doing twirls through the air.
An overly dramatic jump

|~ Unstoppable Love!
Effect Immunity (fatigue effects)
Type Defense Action Passive
Description Emotion, magic Source Magic
Flaw Stock ( 5 uses a day )
Cost Per Rank 1/2 Total ranks 5
Total Points 3
Energy Cost 1

Nothing can stop Junko when she really wants it, and she'll use everything she got to get at it, even when it's beyond human means!

Gauntlet of the Empress
Type Container
Cost 4 per rank
Flaw Soul weapon
Ranks 1
Power feat Improved Grapple
Power feat Barrier Detection
Power feat Indestructible
Total points provided 5
Total cost 4

Talon-ed ethereal guantlets that come into reality for horrible attacks

Silvered grip*
Type Enhanced trait(strength)
Cost 2 per rank
Ranks 2
Flaw Limited( grapple only) - 1
Total cost 2
EP Cost 1
** Princess desires **
Type Array
Cost 2 per rank
Ranks 1
Total points provided 5
Power feat Alternate power 0
Total cost 2
Default power
Effect Damage
Name All is mine
Type Attack Action Standard
Range Touch Duration Instant
Descriptor Metal, stab, magic Source magic
Extra Linked drain(toughness) [4]
Drawback Ungrapples (always +4, major +2)
Cost per rank .5 Ranks 8
Total PP Cost 2
Energy cost 1
Toughness DC 23
Fortitude DC 19
pp Cost 1

"You have it and I want it, that's all that matters"

Total power cost 47


Vulnerable -1
Emotional descriptors

Impatience -1
Whether it’s that teen impatience thing where you think you don’t need help, or it’s one too many Big Gulps, you have a hard time focusing over an extended period. You’re impatient and ready to go-go-go-allright-let’s-GO! In short, you can’t even concentrate to Take 10 or Take 20 properly. You start out fine, but your nagging, hyperactive jitters take over, and you either rush through something or just drop that crucial last step all together.
Minor: You get the job done, but barely. You’re at –2 whenever you Take 10 or 20, meaning you Take 8 or Take 18, respectively.


Attributes Saves Combat Skills Feats Powers Drawback Total
14 13 22 10 19 44 -2 120

November 12 1 essence from Anteros (unused)
December 17 2 essence from ???? (used) 1 PP
Feburary 18 2 essence from the tree (used ) 1 PP
march 3 2 essence from horse (used) 1 PP (Used)
april 14 4 essence from shudoka (2 used) 1 PP (unused)
July 14 2 essence from EYES (1 unused)(1 used) .5 PP
aug 18 NOT GAINED GIVEN 1 essence used .5 pp
Aug 18 gotten off serpant (1used) .5 pp
Aug 18 baby tree (1 unused)
sep 29 insect dragon armor 3 (1 for atsuko?) (1 used) .5 pp
nov 24 pretty crystal thing! 3(2 unused) ( 1 used)
nove 24 outside barrier of pretty crystal thing! 3 (3 used) 1pp
dec 26 freebie~ used 1pp
January 05 used 3 PP
january 05 used 1 PP
Jan 19 Yuuki-kun~ (6 unused) (3 given away)
april 13 radar-chan 1 unused
May ?? nitoko 1 unused
jully 06 Body horror 2 unused
Total : Spent
17 : 14

March 17 : 1 PP to Attribute Constitution
November 24 : 1 PP to second wind
June 1 13: 4 to Empress Gauntlets
June 1 13: 2 to another rank of axe of honesty

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