Joy Lied-Yamamoto Asahina

A troubled, and troublesome, young girl, Joy is a headache at the best of times, and a WMD at the worst. Which of which she is at any given time depends on several factors, such as whether she likes you, whether you like her, and whether either of you has aggravated the other in the recent past, amongst other things.


Joy is a young girl, looking to be about ten years old, standing roughly 4'4", her build slim, almost underweight, even, with a toned quality commonplace to gymnasts that suggests regular physical activity. Her appearance is a blend of Scandanavian and Japanese, with her colouration leaning largely toward her Norwegian father, her skin considerably paler than a typical Japanese shade, her hair blonde and hanging to just above her shoulders, bangs trimmed to just above her eyes in the front, somewhere between ash and honey, her eyes a dark green. She took more heavily after her mother in many of her facial features, save her eyes, which her father claimed took after his own mother, and her build, but even those elements of form are much closer to a blend than being dominated by either heritage…all in all, it combines into a rather aesthetically pleasing, even cute, form…of course, that's the shape as it is untouched, which no longer applies to her entire body. A triple amputee, her right arm removed above the elbow, and both legs above the knee, she relies upon prosthetics to make her way in the world, refusing to be pushed around by others or have her weight carried by a motor; she'll keep struggling for every step she takes, until the day she ceases moving altogether. Her right eye was lost as well, orb replaced with a prosthetic implant, and a cosmetic 'glass eye' that resembles her remaining left eye well enough to look natural at distances of up to a few feet away; noticible scarring stretches over her eye, bisecting her right eyebrow and stretching down to terminate parallel to her upper lip.

In her 'powered' form, she looks a little different. More…whole. Her arms and legs are as intact and flawless as her remaining limb, scarring gone, and her right eye seemingly as alive and whole as her left, if a noticibly different shade…a rich crimson colour.
Her primary weapon is a spear with a shaft that reaches her shoulders, a featureless black colour, and a dark steel unsharpened head an additional foot and a half long (including the portion that connects it to the shaft) and six inches wide at the base of the main head (a foot wide including the two downward-pointing guard blades that extend back toward her). A large red jewel is set into the head near its base, the same colour as her right eye, and it glows when the weapon is 'active'. A black energy 'blade' flashes into being when used for melee attacks, 'growing' out and over the material head of the weapon, a total length of two feet long and a foot wide. The spear's head splits apart down the middle and shifts to form a pair of tines parallel each other when the weapon is used to fire blasts of energy, pouring into a gathered mass of energy in front of them (which then releases into the blast from that point) when used to perform her most powerful attack, the beam emerging from that space itself when her sniping blast is used, and spear-head shaped multiple energy-shapes manifest surrounding the main head of the spear when she uses her homing attack. The spear is stabbed into a surface (including a spontaneously manifested magical seal while she's flying) when her binding chains are summoned onto an enemy.
Her outfit comes in several layers, as most clothing tends to do in non-magical form. The first is a skin-tight black short-sleeved bodysuit that covers her from mid-neck down to her upper thighs, a red stripe running down the center and lining the sleeves and shorts hems. Over which an ankle-length large black skirt covers her legs, an inch-thick red stripe running around it a few inches parallel the hem, several small red oval stones set into it, one every 90 degrees at the front, back, and sides. Up top, a black high-necked (to the same point as the bodysuit) vest with dull steel-coloured lining that also runs up over the center zipper covers her torso, a pair of slim metal plates the same colour fastened over her ribs. Finally, a long-sleeved double-breasted jacket is worn over the vest, and reaching down to just above those rib-guards on the vest, form fitted and stylishly cut, red lining running along the hem and wrists, thicker there, and covered with thinner silver stripes, a red stone identical to those on her skirt placed on the outer edge of each wrist, as well as on the sides of her upper arms, shoulders of the jacket flaring outward slightly before narrowing to fit her arms, a dull silver pendant worn where her jacket opens at the top. A pair of black gloves with a red stone set into the back of each covers her hands, while her feet are clad in a pair of stylish yet functional black short boots. A set of silver barettes worn at each temple keep her hair more or less in check.

Joy's Background

A (Bad) Day in Joy's Life


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