Johann Leyte


Name: Johann Leyte
Race: Caucasian
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Background: Manufactured
Class: Berserker
Rank: Two (Savage)

Johann's hair and skin are very pale compared to the typical human to an almost albino like extent, He's fitter then the typical teenager, though he's more suggestive of a wiry strength then bulk. He bears a modest amount of scars earned from his interests in sports and physical training combined with his slow healing. His clothing is typically more practical then fashionable, and has no attachments of any sort beyond those of school uniform standard. As a person, Johann's mannerisms are almost always calm, though anyone forward enough can catch his lack of experience and keep him off of his expectations of people, leaving him bewildered, his default expression seems to be one of boredom.

Evangelion Unit 06:
Beyond its very dark colouring and ominously white eyes, the Evangelion looks little different from the 'standard' model. Some observation will quickly reveal its notably thicker around the chest and arm area. Internally however, is where the Eva is considerably more complex. The control seat inside the plug is equipped with an advanced set of monitoring systems build for interfering with feedback on the pilot, this system is often complained about by Johann, claiming its noise distracts him many times but this has gone unheeded due to the fact the system theoretically runs silently. It's organics are built with redundancy in mind, a result from literally regrowing it over its old frame when it took severe damage during its first mission, and as a result the layered organs and muscles have made something stronger and hardier then the template it was built on. It's worth noting that it was constructed by the Germany branch before being transported, though it is American NERV property.

Personal Statistics:

name at max
Wounds 9 9
EGO 100 100
Fate 2 2
Insanity 1 100
Fatigue Level none
Name Rating Bonus
Weapon Skill 40 4
Ballistic Skill 31 3
Strength 32 3
Toughness 35 3
Agility 37 3
Intelligence 32 3
Perception 30 3
Willpower 35 3
Fellowship 31 3
Synch Ratio 54 (52 in Unit 06) 5
Positive traits
Replacable Johann is a clone, and there are multiple copies kept at NERV ready for use. When burning a fate point to survive, it has a 50% chance of not being burnt. This however forfits all that session's exp and costs 1d5 intelligence from his implanted memories degrading.
Superior Specimen +3 to Strength, Agility and Toughness from genetic manipulation.
Negative traits
Flawed Made imperfectly, Johann was designed to fight, not to survive. He has had to select 200 exp worth in additional drawbacks (which gives no extra points)
Inhuman Psychology Between abuse, being called 'it', that everyone on earth will die when he says "I give up" and fragmented memories, Johann has a hard time truly communicating with 'superiors' and as a result conventional human therapy cannot reduce his insanity points.
AT Powers
name Action Cost Effect
Deflective Field Half or Full spead, maintain Free N/A Raising his field and keeping it in passive mode, Johann gains a 10% chance of deflection per unspent ATS (Normally, 50%)
Neutralize 1 Half, maintain free 1+ May spend points to reduce the ATS of 1 target within 20 DM lower at a 1:1 ratio.
Quick Reference Pilot Traits (all factored into math where applicable)
1 extra chance to berserk per a session.
+1 critical damage delt in melee when berserk.
Only 20% chance of attacking allies once Angel is dead when berserk.
Evangelion gives +10 on feedback save.
Evangelion lowers the Pilot's SR by 2.
Name Rating Trained? governing attribute
Awareness 15 Perception
Barter 15 Fellowship
Carouse N/A
Charm 15 Fellowship
Climb 32 Yes Strength
Common Lore 16 Intelligence
Concealment 18 Agility
Contortionist 18 Agility
Deceive 31 Yes Fellowship
Disguise 15 Fellowship
Dodge 18 Agility
Drive 18 Agility
Evaluate 16 Intelligence
Gamble 16 Intelligence
Inquiry 15 Fellowship
Intimidate 16 Strength
Medicae 32 Yes Intelligence
Literacy 32 Yes Intelligence
Logic 32 Yes Intelligence
Scrutiny 15 Perception
Search 15 Perception
Silent Move 18 Agility
Speak Language (English) 32 Yes Intelligence
Swim 16 Strength
Name Value Effect
Driven 200 Johann refuses to surrender, even in the face of adversity. He gains a conditional Fate Point that may only be spent in situations to overcome incredible odds or when refusing to back down from a superior enemy. This conditional fate point may never be burnt, and must be announced as being used specifically as opposed to his normal pool of Fate Points.
Name Value Effect
Impetuous 200 Johann prefers action, and not in a good way. At the beginning of ever combat, he must pass a difficult(-10) Willpower test or charge directly into melee combat against the enemy, even if doing so forfeits his attack this round due to intervening distance. Only if it is physically impossible to enter melee range will he resort to ranged attacks.
Ineptitude: Carouse 100 Due to a poor biology, Johann automatically fails Carouse checks and may never improve them
Slow healer 200 A more disastrous aspect of his biology, whenever Johann would regain wounds for any reason he regains 1 less wound to a minimum of 1.

Evangelion Unit 06 Statistics:

Designations and Design
Line Combat Unit
Number 06
Primary color Dark Grey
Secondary color Dull red
Skill Rating Bonus
WS 15+40 (55) 5
BS 15+31 (46) 4
S 30+5+5 (40) 4
T 30 3
AG 37 4
Unique traits
Destructive The Evangelion is filled with nothing but rage. Deal an extra point of Critical Damage in melee whenever Berserk, but you add three points of collateral to the pool instead of two.
Redundant organs The Evangelion gains an extra wound on all body parts.
Feedback Supressor Gain a +10 to resist Feedback, but reduce your Synch Ratio by 2.
Haunted The rumor is that the first person to try piloting the Eva was absorbed into it. The pilot can always feel something watching them, giving them a -20 penalty to Perception Tests in the plug. However, when the Evangelion goes Berserk, it is 30% less likely to attack another Evangelion.
name armor current armor max wounds current wounds max Critical damage
Head 2 2 4 4
R.ARM 2 2 6 6
L.ARM 2 2 6 6
BODY 4 4 10 10
R.LEG 2 2 6 6
L.LEG 2 2 6 6
Current Damage:
Unit 06 is undamaged.
Weapon/Device Type Damage Location Effects Notes
Progressive Knife MK 1 Basic, Melee 1d5+1 R Dock Progessive, Compact Fitted snugly within dock, ready for use. Roll damage twice, pick highest when used
Pallet Gun Basic 1d10 I Standby Inaccurate, Unreliable 30 DM range, S/-/3 ROF, 0 PEN, 6 shots, 1 full action to reload
Knife Dock N/A N/A Left Wing NA Holds Prog Knife.

Character Advancement:

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