A learned nano who wields power with precision

Stat pools (6 bp to spend)
Might - 9 (7+2) (edge 0)
Speed - 9+2=11 (edge 0)
Intellect - 12+5+2+2 (edge 1)

Effort - 1

practiced with light weapons (can use light w/o penalty. med +1 step, heavy +2 steps)
expert cypher use (can carry 3 cyphers)

numenera skilled - trained in numenera. ID and understand.
history trained - know local history. kingdoms/heros/oddities
kaiju trained - know the enemy. hate the enemy, etc.

starting equips;
Rapier (a gentleman's weapon) (light) (2 dmg)
book on numenera,
book on local geography
book on kaiju

Ranged projector, level 3, Two rings, circlets bracers or belts, this cypher comes as a pair of items but one is the master of the other. when the master item is activated, the creature wearing the other item is surrounde by a force shield that provides a bonus to armor equal to the cypher level for ten minutes. Can wear both if you want and have no range limit.
Detonation (Web) wristband projector (long range), explosive device (when thrown) or handheld projector with long range. level 7 Explodes in an immediate radius and creates sticky strands of goo. PCs caught in the area must use might based actions to get out determined by the level. NPCs break free if their level is higher then the cypher level.
Monoblade, level 6. Injection into fingertip, glove or device similar to a hilt. Produces a 6 inch (15 cm) blade thats the same level as the cypher, the blade cuts through any material of a level lower than its own. If used as a weapon, it is a light weapon that ignores armor of a level lower then its own, lasts ten miutes.
Unbreakable glass pyramid filled with what appears to be ice or snow.
4 shins

+2 int pool
skill - trained in 3 knowledge areas
+2 random books
flaw - bad at people. (+1 step to any charm/persuasion/etiquette task)

[wields power with precision]
tier 1. genius (+5 int pool)
+1 book on numenera

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