Jack Elson

"Red-nosed Jack", "Jack Rednose" or just Jack Elson

Basic Traits:

Ability Scores

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 18 10 14 18 10 10
Bonus: +4 0 +2 +4 0 0
+1 Str, Int Level 4
+1 Con, Dex Level 8
+1 All, Level 10


Health Resistance
Total: Current: Damage: Elemental:
99 99 11 16

Movement Rates:

Type/Form 0 ? ? ?
Land 30 40/50 50 50
Air 50 50
Swimming blub-blub

Primary Skills:

Name Favored? Base Type Total:
Weapon Attack: 6 Str +10
Unarmed Attack: Fav 14 Str +18
Ranged Attack: 6 Dex +6
Defense: Fav 14 Int +18
Inititive: 6 Int +10
Fortitude: Fav 14 Con +16
Reflex: 6 Dex +6
Will: Fav 14 Wis +13

Secondary Skills:

Skill Fav? Type Total
Appraise X Int 4
Balance Yes Dex 14
Bluff X Cha 0
Climb No Str 10
Concentration Yes Con 16
Cooking X Wis 0
Diplomacy No Cha 6
Engineering X Wis 0
Escape Artist X Dex 0
Gather Information No Cha 6
Heal No Wis 6
Hide X Dex 0
Intimidate No Cha 6
Invent X Int 4
Jump Yes Str 18
Knowledge (Nature) Yes Wis 13
Knowledge (Others) X Wis 0
Listen No Wis 6
Move Silently X Dex 0
Navigation Yes Int 18
Perform No Cha/Dex 6
Research X Wis 0
Ride No Dex 6
Sailing Yes Wis 13
Search X Int 4
Sense Motive No Wis 6
Sleight of Hand X Dex 0
Spot Yes Wis 13
Trapping No Dex 6
Tumble No Dex 6


H Varied Nature Stat Start with 22 ability points instead of 20
H Skilled Skill Start with 7 Favored abilities instead of 6
H Gluttonous Misc Gain an additional Devil Fruit feat that doesn't count towards maximums
B Weapon Proficiency Misc Can use any martial weapon
B Brawler Unarmed Strike Buff Basic Unarmed damage is 2d6+Str
B Blooded Stat +2 HP/level
1 Elemental Resistance Stat 2 pri saves Gain elemental resistance of level+5 (16)
1 Talented Skill Gain Concentration and ? as Unfavored Skills
1 Improved Grapple Misc Str 13, US 4 +4 to Grapple, no AoO
1 Improved Trip Misc Int 13 +4 to Trip, no AoO, free attack if you down them
1 Devil Fruit User Misc Reindeer-Reindeer Fruit, 6 DF feats, DF weaknesses
2 Weather Patterns Misc no surprise danger weather, 5 rounds prep
3 Ocean Currents Skill -10% ocean travel time
3 Aggressive Stance 16 Str; US 6 +1 +1/5 dmg; -2 dodge; no med/hvy armor
4 Warp Punch Debuff Aggressive Stance; 10-100' full round unarmed attack; flatfooted
5 Wind Reader Buff Nav 7 +2 Top Speed (with sails)
6 Rankyaku Atk/Dmg 16 STR, US 8 unarmed attack for 40' long/ 5' wide line of 2d6 sonic (or 10' wide 1d6)
6 Sky Navigation Skill Retain all navigation bonuses in air
7 Shifting Winds Misc Nav 10 d20 minutes for rainstorm to enter/leave
8 Sucker Punch Dmg/Atk US 10 if behind & flanking; normal +1d4 dazed; 1d4 until reuse
9 Cartography Craft Nav 8 chart own maps; 16 hours for 10x10 mile area; users gain +3 nav bonus to follow
9 Log Pose Misc Full understanding of Log Poses
10 Current Master Skill Nav 12 immune to rogue currents; -10% more ocean travel time
11 One Hundred Hand Punch Dmg/Atk US 13 full round unarmed; cumulative -2 attacks; 1d4 until reuse

Devil Fruit: Reindeer-Reindeer Fruit (Mythical Zoan of flying red-nosed reindeer)

A tendency to attack with headbutts, wild swings with his arms, and mule-kicks if not attacking another way intentionally. Loves salt in nearly everything. Nose tends to stay red, as if cold or starting to get drunk.
He gets antsy around Christmas time and reacts oddly to characters wearing red then. He may or may not have pulled a ship through the air in a daze around then with little memory.

1 Hooved Legs Stance Furred legs with deer-joints and hoof-feet
Gain a Hoof-kick: a normal Unarmed Strike at -2 to hit with +5' reach and +1d6 damage and a 25% chance of dazing the target; he pivots on his hands and lashes out with his hooves in a mule-kick. He can Trample an opponent underfoot if they are prone with an Unarmed Strike with +2d6 damage at -2 to hit; with Improved Trip, he can substitute a Trample if he trips a foe or dazes them with his Hoof-kick. He gains +10' move speed while bipedal or +20' move speed while quadrupedal. He gains bonus +2 dodge defense with his increased speed.
1 Beast of Burden Stance Increased chest/back, fur on torso. 10' tall if standing.
Large Size (but with +2 Str/Con, -2 Dex instead of normal ability changes). Winter coat of fur gives +2 cold resistance but -2 heat resistance. Double carrying capacity while bipedal; carrying capacity is increased much much more if quadrupedal and additionally he can be ridden around easily. Tasks of endurance are less fatiguing than normal and he can graze for food (though he needs to graze quite a bit in that case).
3 Red Nose Stance You might even say it glows.
Gain a +2 bonus to Navigation and Spot as well some minor scent capability. His nose is a minor light source; up to moderate with Concentration (or turned off). He can see further in low-light/fog/smoke/blizzards/etc and reduces penalties due to vision (this can help friends and foes as well if close enough).
5 Antlers Stance Antlers sprout from his head as he sprouts fur all over, except for his face. 12' tall.
Large size (but with +2 Str, +0 Con/Dex instead of normal ability changes). His fur and antlers grant him +2 DR. Gain a Headbut attack: a normal Unarmed Strike with +1d6 damage and a x3 crit, a +2 bonus to parry and disarm attempts, and does double damage on a charge. With Sucker Punch, his charging Headbut can gain 50% chance to knock the target prone (as if tripped) and daze the target for 1d4 rounds, but he cannot reuse his Headbutt attack for 1d4 rounds. He gains a +2 attack bonus to Unarmed skill on charges/overruns and +20' move speed to charges/overruns and does not provoke AoO from a Bull Rush defender without greater reach if he charges.
7 Air Gallop Stance Furred limbs with deer joints and hoof-feet as well as tiny antlers with scooped webbing between the points.
This form is mostly quadrupedal and gains +20' to move speed. He can walk and run on air, but not stand still and stay flying; he must take a move action each round or he falls 60' at the end of the round, possibly taking falling damage if he crashes into something without a gentle enough slope. If he starts running after a fall, then he effectively is crashing into ground unless he runs at enough of a angle to soften the landing.
9 Youth Stance Small ball of fluff.
Small size (but with Str -2, Con +0, Dex +2 instead of the normal ability changes). He gains +3 DR from the decorated fluff as well as a +2 Hide and Move Silently bonus. He gains +2 Dodge Defense. He can emit a piercing shriek that deals 1d6 sonic damage (ignoring sonic resistance) in a 10' burst centered around himself that can daze foes who fail a 21 DC Will save (DC = 10 + level + Cha modifier) for one round.
11 Monster Stance A Huge reindeer with bright red nose, massive antlers, and a human face. Can stand on muscled legs.
He gains all the effects of the previous 6 stances, except where noted differently. Huge size (but with +4 Str/Con, -2 Dex instead of the normal ability changes). His fur grants him +3 DR and +2 cold resistance, but also -2 heat resistance. He gains a +2 Dodge Defense and moves at +20' speed.
He additionally gains +50 HP and will attack the nearest source of danger, friend or foe, and is effectively a wild monster NPC.
Small Size: Attack/Defense +1, Space/Reach 5', Str/Con -1, Dex +1, 2-4', 8-60 lbs
Large Size: Attack/Defense -1, Space/Reach 10', Str/Con +1, Dex -1, 8-16', .5-2 tons
Huge Size: Attack/Defense -2, Space/Reach 15', Str/Con +2, Dex -2, 16-32', 2-16 tons


Item Details
Spiked Gauntlet dmg 1d6+U.S.; x2 crit; 5' reach
Navigator's Kit compass, sextant, quadrant, crosstaff, spyglass
Log Pose Grand Line compass. Kind of.
Baby Den-Den Mushi short-range radio, essentially
Dial (quality) (type) embedded in ?
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