Jack 'Ripper' Colburn


Age: 28
Nationality: British
Callsign: Ripper
Pilots: Eurofighter Typhoon
Affiliation: UNAF

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Jack has taken a lot of pride in his appearance, keeping himself looking clean cut; shaven, clean clothes, an approachable smile. He even managed to carry himself in an unimposing way despite his obvious wealth. The type who would appear in a lot of air force commercials to get new recruits. This all changed in the recent years, his happy gray eyes have become focused, his smile has shifted to half scowl. He still can smile to his friends, but there's an obvious air of severity around him.

Family Biography:

The Colburn family were an upper class family from Britain, consisting solely of himself, his parents and twin sister, Jacqueline, living the dull and average life of his birth, with modest rebellion here and there and fooled around with a gang, it started to get dangerous, dealing with all sorts of schemes in the European underworld before he was finally brought in for a shootout with a rival gang that killed his at the time girlfriend. His wealth kept him out of jail, but Jack was sent to the air force as an act of disciplinary training by his family, he came to enjoy it quickly and decided to stay, turning his life around dramatically. He proudly began fighting in the war when the EMA finally broke from the UN, questioning his acts, but resigning himself to the morbid task like many pilots. At least until four years ago, when he screwed defense of his home, and let several bombers get past the territory he was defending, they attacked his home town, utterly decimating it. Of all his friends and family from there, only his sister Jacque survived.

Recent History:

Since the news of his families death, Jack's behavior changed almost overnight, he was forced into a typical psychological evaluation but passed with flying colours, in fact on paper his performance increased. He volunteered for more missions, shot down more targets, and even with a tendency to disobey occasional noncritical orders, sheer numbers easily justified his behavior. When he was against EMA fighters, he no longer held any of the hesitation he once did, and instead enjoyed fighting. His enemies were no longer little girls, instead he started keeping a morbid count of just how many of 'the whores' he personally shot down, happily getting into heated debates with other pilots about if what they were doing was ethical and when the occasional girl defector joined his base, was one of the most vocally against it voices they had. He was a well trained soldier though, and despite almost slipping some times, resisted doing anything that would get him more more then dislike from his peers. Using the justification "working with a few of those whores to kill many more is worth it" to keep him focused on destroying his enemy as slowly and harshly as possible.

Psychological Profile:

Jack claims a philosophy that "Those things aren't worth the time locking on takes, but it's cheaper then a second missile." but in practice, doesn't often remember this. He willy happily fire needlessly on an enemy to see them go down and won't even accept leaving someone too crippled to likely make it back to base when dealing with the EMA's child soldiers, against standard pilots, he does however show some calm and respectful nature, he doesn't hold back, but he won't waste ammunition if it isn't critical. During special circumstances such as a cease fire, he has fired on occasion, though claimed it as instinctual slip ups, for the most part, Jack obeys his orders to the letter and if the mission is the right fit for him, he excels, when he slips up, a serious threats from command has always snapped him back in line.


Primary Stats:

70 points

Attractiveness: 6 Stability: 20
Body Type: 8 Run: 18 meters
Cool: 8 Jump: 1.5 meters
Empathy: 6 Running Jump: 4.5 meters
Intelligence: 8 Stun: 7
Luck: 6 Lift: 90kg
Movement Allowance: 6 Throw: 26 meters
Reflexes: 10 Unarmed Damage Mod: +1
Technical Ability: 5 Encumbrance Value: 8
Education: 7 Archetype: Professional


1d10 (1) Head (2-4) Torso (5) R.Arm (6) L.Arm (7-8) R.Leg (9-10) L.Leg
SP: 0 12SP 12SP 12SP 0 0
Hits: 7H 14H 10H 10H 10H 10H


Skill/Attribute Rank Total Notes
Attractiveness 6
Personal Grooming +2 8
Wardrobe and Style +2 8
Cool 8
Intimidate +5 13
Streetwise +2 10
Fast Talk +1 9
Empathy 6
Human Perception +3 9
Intelligence 8
Awareness +8 16
Expert: Navigation +2 10
Expert: Black Market +2 10
Electronic Warfare +2 10
Personal Combat Reflexes 10
Handgun +5 15
Jet Reflexes 10
Gunnery +4 16 +2 Thought Control
Missiles +5 17 +2 Thought Control
Piloting +7 19 +2 Thought Control
Non-Combat Reflexes 10
Driving +1 11
Stealth +1 11
Technical Ability 5
Pick Lock +2 7
Basic Repair +1 6


  • Criminal:

Pick Lock, Intimidate, Handgun, Streetwise, Expert: Black Market, 12Y

  • Criminal:

Pick Lock, Streetwise, Expert: Black Market, Stealth, Intimidate, 6Y

Jack spent four years earning his way up in a large gang, doing a lot of things he wasn't proud of even back then, the most notable being a shootout with a rival gang that cost him the life of his girlfriend, electing the military instead of jail and stigma, Jack lost a lot of respect with the gang, but they have not forgotten all he did for them.

  • Pilot Training (Non combat Pilot):

Awareness, Fast Talk, Basic Repair, Expert: Navigation, Electronic Warfare, 13Y

Jack took like a fish to water in the air force, fixing himself up, making his family proud and not caring about the dregs of society he left behind's opinion of him, if it weren't for the simple adaption, he'd likely not be where he is today (for better or worse) but his performance earned him a military tuition, so he could save a lot of money as he trained.

  • Military Pilot:

Awareness, Handgun, Fighter Pilot, Missiles, Gunnery, 14Y

It was a couple years into his fighting when he screwed dealing with the jets that would attack his home, regardless of what he claimed happened, his squad that was with him blamed him for the disaster, some more then others, Jack's blame lay with the EMA.

  • Military Pilot:

Awareness, Handgun, Fighter Pilot, Missiles, Gunnery, 12Y

Jack started forcing his way into missions, regardless of other squad members, earning him even more ire from his own allies then he already had with his drastic changes in behavior.

  • Military Pilot:

Awareness, Fighter Pilot, Electronic Warfare, Missiles, Gunnery, 8Y

Jack, in a recent reassignment to Kasuga Base started a small but fast moving relationship with another pilot, Megan Huntington, made of something between stress relief and a warped kind of mutual attraction.



Original: 900Y, + 100Y (Pilot Training), + 65Y (Careers)
Current: 398Y

  • Flight Jacket: 300Y

Jack brought himself a nice fancy jacket when he started his career, he's kept it to this day. He's taken to stitching in a tally of confirmed kills lately.

  • Combat Pistol: 310Y

Standard Issue from the military. Deals 2d6 damage, 15 bullets a clip, +1 to attacks

  • Pistol Clips, 15 bullets each X3 19Y each, 57Y

Jack tries to always keep a few extra clips lying around, curiously this isn't a new habit of his.

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