Izabelle Bai


Izabelle is quiet, unassuming, and polite. She speaks with a foreign accent, as if she learned Japanese somewhere else, and incredibly politely. She speaks softly and actually seems rather sad; she's friendly enough, but distant. She is a long-time member of the martial arts club, and is an experienced practitioner of Shotokan karate. She holds a tenth-dan black belt, and often mentors other members of the club. As of yet, she has declined any tournaments, for unstated reasons.


The most striking thing about Izabelle is her bright red hair; it has a tendency to make her stand out, and there are rumors that it's dyed, but she seems tight-lipped on the subject. Besides that she has dull green eyes, a petite face, and, as if against fate, a figure to die for. She has an unusually large bust, and enough of a curve to her waist that she could certainly be desirable. She doesn't dress to appreciate her figure, though, usually just in pants and hoodies, making her look more than average when not in a school uniform.

She has rows of scars on each arm starting at her wrist and ascending up her arm towards the elbows. She has matching scars on each thigh.

Her magical girl outfit matches her personality quite well; the majority of it is drab greys and blacks. Black, loose pants cover her legs, while a dark gray top, complete with fluffy muffler, adorns her torso. Her sleeves are of a much lighter gray, and are also black and loose. Wrappings cover her hands and go all the way up to her elbows.

When her Soul Weapon is active, her eyes change from green to red, with the sclera remaining white. Three extra pupils appear around the center one, rotating whenever she uses one of her abilities, although it seems to have a second form…

Background and other things

To those in school, Izabelle seems like a very average girl. She has a mother and a father, she's an only child, she does well in school, hangs out at her club afterwards, and then goes home and shows up the next day. While she isn't very deep into any social circles, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her.

Character Sheet

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 16 18 14 12 20 10
Bonus: +3 +4 +2 +1 +5 0

30 PP

Saves and Combat:

Name Total Notes/Sources
Toughness: +2/+5 +2 con, +3 "Tekkai"
Reflex: +4 +4 dex
Fortitude: +2 +2 con
Will: +5 +5 Wis
~Tradeoffs: +3 Def/-3 Tou
Name Total Notes/Sources
Damage +6 Rankyaku/Shigan, +3 unarmed
Attack: +7 (+8 Unarmed) Bought (Attack Specialization)
Defense: 20 Enhanced Defense 7, Dodge Focus III
Initiative: +4 +4 Dex
Grapple: +10 +7 attack mod, +3 strength
Knockback resistance:
Bruised Staggered Unconscious
- - -
Injured Disabled Dying
- - -
Fatigued Exhausted Unconscious
- - -

10 PP

Carrying Capacity:
(in lb):

- Manual
Light Load lbs
Medium Load lbs
Heavy Load lbs
Maximum Load lbs
Push/Drag lbs

Movement Rates:

Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 30 feet 20MPH
Jumping 10 feet


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics* 8 +4 +12
Bluff 4 +0 +4
Climb 0 +3 +3
Concentration 0 +5 +5
Computers 0 +1 +1
Diplomacy 0 0 0
Disguise 0 +1 +1
Escape Artist* 4 +4 +8
Gather Information 0 +5 +5
Handle Animal 0 +5 +5
Intimidate 0 0 0
Know (Current Events) 0 +1 +1
Know (Pop Culture) 0 +1 +1
Medicine 0 +1 +1
Notice* 4 +5 +9
Perform 0 0 0
Search 0 +1 +1
Sense Motive 4 +5 +9
Stealth* 8 +4 +12
Survival 0 +5 +5
Swim 0 +3 +3

7 PP


Feat Name: Attack Specialization (Unarmed) +2 to attack with chosen weapon
Feat Name: Sneak Attack II +3 damage on surprise attack
Feat Name: Hide in Plain Sight No cover or concealment required to hide
Feat Name: Skill Mastery Can take10 on Acrobatics, Stealth, Notice, and Escape Artist under pressure
~Feat Name: Dodge Focus III Dodge bonus +3

8 PP


Rokushiki Container 8 (Passive) Energy Cost: —
Acton: Free Range: Personal Duration: Permanent
Extra(s): ** **Flaw(s): Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Feat(s): A container holds an array of powers that are similar or of a single entity, such as a martial arts style.
Container 8 (40pp)

Izabelle's martial arts were brought to superhuman levels when she made her wish, and they now form the core of her abilities.

Geppou (Moon Step) Air Walk 2, Leaping 2 Energy Cost: 2
Acton: Move Range: 65ft running, 33ft standing ** **Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): Linked Flaw(s): Drawback(s): Power Loss (When legs are bound, -1)
Descriptors: Magical, Physical Feat(s): You can "walk" upon the air as if it were a solid surface. For two ranks, you can move your normal movespeed (half speed when ascending or descending)/Leaping multiplies your jumping distance.
Air Walk 2 + Leaping 2, -1 (5 PP)

By kicking the very air beneath her feat, Izabelle can defy gravity, gaining freedom of movement in the air — she can even stand in mid-air for short periods of time, if she needs to.

Cursed Eyes

Cursed Eyes Container 5 (Active) Energy Cost: —
Acton: Free Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): ** **Flaw(s): Soul Weapon (-1/r) Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Magical Feat(s): Subtle (+1) A container holds an array of powers that are similar or of a single entity, such as a martial arts style or a collection of eye powers.
Container 5 (25pp) - Soul Weapon (-1/r) + Subtle (+1) = 21pp

In accordance with her wish, Izabelle's eyes can change into a red form, giving her an evil appearance, and enabling the use of eye powers.

Genjutsu (Illusion Technique) Illusion 9 Energy Cost: 7
Acton: Standard Range: Perception Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): ** **Flaw(s): Corrupting, Depressing (-2/r) Drawback(s): Phantasms(-1), Single Person (-1), Requires Eye Contact (-1)
Descriptors: Magical Feat(s): Progression II (+2), Alternate Power (+5) A container holds an array of powers that are similar or of a single entity, such as a martial arts style or a collection of eye powers.
Illusion 9 (4/r) + Progression II (+2) + AP (+3) - Phantasms, Single Person, Eye Contact (-3) - Corrupting, Depressing (-2/r) = 22pp

This is the core power for Izabelle's eyes, enabling her to craft incredibly realistic illusions to confuse and trap her enemies.

PP spent on powers: 65


Secrets: Izabelle is keeping things from you. She's keeping things from everyone.
Prejudice: Izabelle's long sleeves protect her from more than just the cold.
Agoraphobia: While normally she can contain it, Izabelle really, really, really doesn't like crowds.


Energy, Despair, and other things.

Energy Points
Total Current*
140 140


Some Other Things
Hero Points 1
Villain Points 0/8
Despair 0/8
Essence 0
Wealth +8

Power Points/Experience

Total Power Points: 120
Power Points gained via Essence:

Power Point Expenditures

  • None yet.

Pre-Contract PL 1 Sheet

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