Inia Seskiva


Name: Inia Alkaev
Age: 31
Sex: Female
Background: Impact Survivor
Profession: Operations Director


Inia stands just shy of six feet with purple hair and blue eyes. She tends to dress practically and conservatively, occasionally wearing a long coat over her NERV uniform. She lost her left eye and wears an eyepatch over it while on duty. Outside of NERV HQ however, she leaves the glass eye uncovered to not stand out so much.


She's a hard and demanding person. She comes from a military family and has actively served, though she never speaks about it, creating a sense of mystique about her expertise that she actively exploits. She doesn't particularly care about her age, she's satisfied with a good job with benefits. Being the Operations Director has put a lot of stress on her though, they're not an enemy she can fight with bullet or blade, and she's not fond of using children as soldiers; it brings back too many bad memories.


Inia does not speak much of her past. Even her official records are kept quietly under lock and key. She was raised in a military family and joined up with the American military after Second Impact, participating in peacekeeping activities in America until the signing of the Valentine Treaty. After that she served around the world. Supposedly, she's had significant cross-training with the special forces of other UN countries. She was scouted by Gehirn as a security officers and retained the post after the group reorganized into NERV, later receiving a series of promotions and reassignments that plopped her in her current predicament.

Rumors say that Inia was already in the military before Second Impact. The Seskiva Corporation did invest heavily in the Katsuragi Expedition and a few of the family visited the site shortly before Second Impact. Some say that Second Impact took her eye and turned her hair white. Inia doesn't bother dispelling the rumors.

Character Sheet

Name At Max
Wounds 8 8
Fate 2 2
Insanity 1 100
Fatigue Level none
Name Rating Bonus Training
Weapon Skill 40 4 0/4
Ballistic Skill 29 2 0/4
Strength 32 3 0/4
Toughness 30 3 0/4
Agility 34 3 0/4
Intelligence 41 4 0/4
Perception 33 3 0/4
Willpower 34 3 0/4
Fellowship 28 2 0/4
Synch Ratio 36 3 0/0
Name Rating Bonus Governing Attribute
Command 28 +0 Fellowship
Common Lore (Second Impact) 41 +0 Intelligence
Demolition 41 +0 Intelligence
Literacy 41 +0 Intelligence
Medicae 41 +0 Intelligence
Scrutiny 33 +0 Perception
Silent Move 34 +0 Agility
Speak Language (English) 41 +0 Intelligence
Positive traits
Just Try Me Whenever Inia gains an insanity point, reduce it by her WP bonus to a minimum of 1.
Resourceful Whenever Inia spends a Fate point to add 1 degree of success to a roll, add 2 instead.
Negative traits
Trauma Start with 1 insanity point.
Uncomfortable Memories Whenever Inia uses her medicae skill on someone she considers a friend, she takes -20 to WP tests for however long it lasts plus 1d5 rounds.
Path Operations Director Captain
Talent Name Cost Effect
Cut Synch N/A As a reaction action, Inia may reduce a pilot's SR by xd10 up to 5d10 per round; pilot gains +20 to resist Feedback for 1 round, and must succeed a WP Test or take half actions to compensate for SR reduction.
Melee Weapon Training (General) N/A Trained in standard Mele weapons
Pistol Weapon Training (General) N/A Trained in standard Pistols
Skill proficiency (Demolition) N/A Proficient in Demolition
Skill proficiency (Silent Move) N/A Proficient in Silent Move
Rank one
Precision Targeting 200 Take a half action to give an Ally a weapon penetration bonus equal to the Inia's Intelligence bonus.
Requisition Support 100 N-HT VTOL "Firefly"
Requisition Support 100 N-HT VTOL "Firefly"
Name Value Effect
Fast 100 Agility bonus is one higher for determining on-foot speed.
Soldier 300 Gain Talents: Battlefield Experience (Jaded), Arms Master, This Gun is Mineā€¦, Overzealous.
Name Value Effect
Chronic Pain 200 Whenever Inia takes a level of fatigue, she must pass a Toughness Test or take another level of fatigue.
Poor Vision 200 Perception for sight-based checks and weapon range is halved.

Weapons and Equipment

Note: All equipment includes any modifications from str bonus, impaired vision, etc.


  • NERV Phone
  • NERV Uniform
  • Sidearm Pistol; 1 magazine


Starting Character EXP: 400
Drawback EXP: 400
Experience Earned: 0
Total Experience: 800

Experience Spent: 400
Current Rank: Captain
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