Name: Ingrid Dysart
Pact Partner: Griffon
PL 8
120 PP


Ingrid is a bit tall and boyish for her age. She's still short next to most men, though. She has reasonably short hair, usually worn up in a bun because it fits in a helmet better that way. Most of the time, she dresses in gowns or dresses, as befits a lady of her station, though she doesn't wear them that well. Her body is much more toned than one would expect of a lady, due to her martial training. Wearing armor and swinging weapons tends to do that. She has a few small scars, which she's ashamed of. She tends to think her fighting lifestyle has a negative effect on her appearance and that nobody would really consider her for marriage.


Ingrid is the fourth of several children. Due to some silly prophecy, she's destined for important things, which led to an…unusual upbringing. Her older brothers are knights, her older sister is a lady. She's…both. Though her parents were reluctant to put a girl through such an upbringing, Ingrid was trained and raised as a knight. As a result, she's strong, knows how to fight and ride a horse, and has other skills and privileges most women tend not to have. Doesn't mean she had it easy, several of her trainers and peers looked down upon a woman doing such things. She quickly learned her lesson about fighting in skirts, for example. All her time around men, some of whom of…less than noble birth, she's picked up some fairly mannish mannerisms, notably in a large vocabulary of slang and swearwords inappropriate for a proper lady.

Ingrid was also raised as a proper lady. She learned how to dress and act for courtly functions, how to sew and do needlepoint, and other such things. Most of which, she isn't too fond of, to be honest. Some things did overlap a bit, like falconry. This double life has been taxing on Ingrid, as she's never quite sure what to do or how to act in a given situation. She prefers to dress and conduct herself as a lady, but it never quite works out or feels "right."

Character Sheet

Ability Scores

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score 18 16 18 10 12 12
Bonus +4 +3 +4 0 +1 +1

26 PP

Saves and Combat

Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will
+4/+9 +4 +4 +4

4 PP

Attack Bonus: +6
Grapple: +10
Defense bonus +6 (trade-off when in armor. Max of +7)
Knockback resist -4
24 PP


Skill Ranks Ability bonus Check Bonus Skill Ranks Ability bonus Check Bonus
Climb 0 +4 +4 Bluff 0 +1 +1
Concentration 0 +1 +1 Diplomacy 4 +1 +5
Gather Information 0 +1 +1 Disguise 0 +1 +1
Intimidate 0 +1 +1 Escape Artist 0 +3 +3
Knowledge: Arcane Lore 4 0 +4 Handle Animal 8 +1 +9
Medicine 4 +1 +5 Notice 7 +1 +8
Search 5 0 +5 Ride 7 +3 +10
Survival 1 +1 +2 Sense Motive 0 +1 +1
Stealth 0 +3 +3 Swim 0 +4 +4

10 PP


  • Benefit: Nobility 2
    • Ingrid, as a member of landed nobility, gets a +3 bonus to any social skill check for impressing the locals.
  • Improved Block
    • Ingrid gains a +2 on attack rolls used to block melee attacks.
  • Improved Defense
    • When taking the total defense action, Ingrid gains an additional +2 dodge bonus.
  • Improved Disarm
    • Ingrid gains a +2 to attack rolls when attempting to disarm an opponent, and they do not get the opportunity to disarm her.
  • Improved Initiative
    • Ingrid has +4 to initiative.
  • Improved Sunder
    • Ingrid has a +4 bonus to hit objects held by another person.
  • Instant Up
    • It's a free action to stand from prone.
  • Interpose
    • Once per round, when an ally adjacent to Ingrid is targeted by an attack ,she may switch places with them as a reaction, making herself the target of the attack instead. If the attack hits, she suffers the effect. If it misses, it also misses her ally. She must declare she's doing this before the attack roll is made. She cannot use interpose if she is stunned or incapable of taking free actions.
  • Leadership
    • Ingrid may use a standard action to spend a hero point to remove one of the following conditions from an ally with whom she can interact: dazed, fascinated, fatigued, shaken, or stunned.
  • Move-by Action
    • Ingrid can move both before an after acting when taking a standard action and a move action.
  • Power Attack
    • Ingrid may take a penalty of up to -5 on her attack roll for an equivalent bonus to her damage save DC. Her attack bonus cannot be reduced below zero, and her DC bonus cannot more than double. These changes are decided before making the attack roll.
  • Quick Draw
    • Ingrid may draw or reload a weapon as a free action.
  • Sidekick 21
    • For the griffon. Provides 5PP per level.
  • Takedown attack 2
    • If she knocks out or disables an opponent with a melee attack, Ingrid may immediately make another attack against another opponent within range and within 5 feet of where the previous opponent was when they were attacked. The extra attack is with the same attack and attack bonus as the first. She may use this feat once per round, except when fighting minions, in which case she may use it an unlimited number of times, until she misses or there are no more targets within range of her attack or last target. She can move 5 feet between each attack she makes, but cannot move further than her total speed in a round.
  • Weapon Bind
    • If she successfully blocks a melee attack, Ingrid can immediately make a disarm attempt against the opponent, as a free action.
  • Weapon Break
    • Ingrid can make an attack against a blocked weapon as a free action as well. I'm assuming she has to choose between this and a disarm, however.
  • Equipment 2
    • 5 points worth of equipment per level.
  • Finishing Blow
    • Ingrid can preform a Coup de Grace as a standard action, rather than a full-round action.
  • Follow-up Strike
    • If she scores a critical hit with a melee attack, Ingrid can make an additional melee attack against the same opponent immediately as a free action, with the same attack bonus as the attack which scored the critical hit.
  • Veteran fighter
    • When she scores a critical hit with a particular attack, Ingrid may spend a hero point to choose for the attack to have an additional effect up to 10 PP in value, instead of the usual +5 to save DC. This can be any power that the GM decides is suitable for the attack.

43 PP


  • Warhammer
  • Plate Mail (+5 to toughness save)


Pact Partner Communication:
Communication (4)
Descriptors: Old Magic
1 mile magical mental communication, does not give any information beyond the ability to talk including the presence of other pact partners nearby.
Flaw: Limited; Only fellow Pact Partners can hear.

Both members of the pact may talk to each other or other pact partners with a form of telepathy, however it generally requires knowledge of the persons existence to talk with them.
1/r - 1/r = 2pp

Shockwave strike

  • Strike 2
    • Extra: Area (burst)
    • Linked: Trip 2
      • Extra: Area (burst), Knockback
      • Flaw: Touch range.
      • Feats: Knockback bonus * 4, improved trip.

Ingrid makes an attack which creates a shockwave and sends her enemies flying and knocks them to the ground.
Linked Strike and Trip effect. Hits a ten-foot radius burst, centered on Ingrid. The enemies can make a reflex save (DC 12) to reduce the damage DC from 17 to 16. She also gets to make a trip attempt against each target (or, to save time, one attempt opposed by all targets), which is opposed by the lower of each target's strength or dexterity. If successfully, they are also knocked back as if by an attack with a damage bonus of +6 (6 - half the target's toughness - modifiers, apply resulting number to the progression and range table to get the value for knockback in feet).
Cost: 2*(1/r+1/r extra) (Strike) + 2*(1/r+1/r+1/r-1/r) (trip) + 5 PP feats = 13 PP


  • Pact Price:Can't see herself as a woman, whatever that means.
  • Geas-lite: Cannot or will not use a sword.


Life connection:
For as long as the pact is in place, both partners feel a bit of each others pain, but it isn't physical, however should either partner die then the other instantly dies of much the same wounds with no save allowed. Certain creatures may not be hindered by this death, but unless they can also revive the dead, they cannot restore their partner.
Uncommon occurrence, Major intensity: 4pp.

2 PP remaining unspent.

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