Exaltations Anonymous

Exaltations Anonymous Houserules

Expect this to pretty much be permanently under construction and subject to change.


Bonus Points

I granted some Bonus Points for backstory at the beginning. Just some things to explain where you were and what you did before exaltation, what happened during your exaltation, and how it affected/caused you to start adventuring around (or how it otherwise modified how you were planning to live).
You can also gain Bonus Points from taking Flaws (these are prone to change from the supplement, so ask first). You can gain a maximum of 5 Bonus Points from taking Flaws.

Health Levels

Everyone has a -0, -1, -2, and a -4 Health Level. For every point of Stamina (every point of Stamina past the first for non essence users), you get an additional -1 and -2 Health Level. For every point of Essence (default of 1), you get an Incap Health Level.
Things that temporarily shift your Stamina or Essence do not have an effect on these Health Levels, though permanent changes might and likely will. You use the Stamina score of your normal self (so Lunars for instance use their True Human form, or at least what it would be).
In addition to its normal benefits, each purchase of Ox-Body Technique also grants an additional -0 Health Level.


Basic Jumping distances are halved. Charms or other affects that let you jump a set or determined amount are not halved (though if they are determined using your base jump, then that portion would be based off of a smaller number).


You stunt for your whole action (or in response to the action of someone else) and the stunt bonus applies to all actions. In example, this means that you stunt once for a flurry, apply the bonus to all parts, and can make another stunt to defend against each time you're attacked (though only once for each time they attack, even if they're flurrying).


Jade Material Bonus

We're using the Oadenol's variant for weapons as far as the bonus goes.

Weapon Speed

Things that would decrease Speed below 3 instead set the Speed to 3 and increase Rate by the difference. Some effects may explicitly allow reducing Speed to 2.


That Bow/Sword/Lyre Thing

Art 3, Commit 6, 2 Hearthstone Settings. Can be changed into 3 forms: dual paired short daiklaves, a short powerbow, or a lyre. To change into the sword or bow mode requires either a misc action (effectively Draw Weapon for the purposes of charms) or to spend 2 motes of Essence to quickly change the form. Changing the form multiple times before the start of your next action causes the penalties for the miscellaneous action to increase by 1 or the mote cost to increase by 1 (cumulative, max of 6 motes).
The third form is simply a modified form of the bow form, and requires a few Misc actions to properly string it. It is still obviously a weapon, though one that looks bizarre and difficult to wield as it is.

Not-A-Daiklave of Conquest

It's something, quite possibly a hearthstone bracer in place of a Daiklave. Not sure yet. But our Dawn doesn't really use weapons aside from her own self, and that's perfectly Dawn-ish.

Mechanics for Basic Charms

Excellency Discounts

Excellencies are half-cost to buy. At Character Generation, you may opt to purchase two excellencies for the cost of a normal charm slot. Should you choose to purchase all three Excellencies for a given Ability at Character Generation, you also get the [Ability] Essence Flow for that Ability (see [Ability] Essence Flow for changes). Note that the 'meta-excellencies' past the first 3 are not included as half-price.

[Ability] Essence Flow

Everyone has available to them a charm similar to the Solar charm [Ability] Essence Flow, except that the prerequisites only require Essence 2 and [Ability] 2 (it still requires any Excellency of that ability as a prerequisite though). In addition, this may allow other charms to be used similar to the Excellencies, assuming the relevant charms are known (see the relevant ability for further details, but roughly speaking the reflexive or supplemental ones with charm prerequisites of either none or only excellencies).
Charms that are so allowed cost the same as an excellency when creating combos. The experience spent adding these may be redirected into purchasing the relevant [Ability] Essence Flow.

Ox-Body Technique

Ox-Body Technique is half-price to buy. At Character Generation, you may opt to purchase two Ox-Bodies for the cost of a normal charm slot.
See the Health Level portion above for additional details.


You can add (or remove) charms from a combo for the difference in cost. Yes, that would require XP to remove a charm from a combo. Note that the reduced combo creation from copying below could potentially be cheaper than removing a charm from a combo.
When creating a new combo, you may choose any other one combo you have. The cost to add any charms that the new combo would share with the chosen combo is reduced to 1 xp.

Anima Powers


Haha, no. They'll get something similar perhaps, but as written is ridiculous. Probably that Glories variant where it always costs 5 motes.


It's by half their Essence instead of just 2. They also can create a suitably fighty combo on the spot for a one-time use at a cost of an additional temporary willpower (combo subject to ST approval, though expect the Dawn ability charms and Dodge charms to be ok; others may be allowed).


Their Anima soak also applies to Aggravated from the relevant source.

Charm Changes


Solar Archery

  • Essence Flow: There Is No Wind, Flashing Vengeance Draw, Essence Arrow

Solar Melee

  • Essence Flow: Hungry Tiger Technique, Call the Blade, Dipping Swallow Defense.
  • One Weapon, Two Blows: You invoke the effects of this charm as an inherent ability that does not count as charm use. If your weapon is magical and attuned to you or a non-magical weapon that you maintain care of similar to the requirements for an attuned weapon, then the duration increases to Scene.

Solar Resistance

This needs all sorts of help. Let's see how it goes.

  • Essence Flow: Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana, Durability of Oak Meditation, Unbreakable Warrior's Mastery
  • Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana: At Essence 3, you may spend an additional 3m to invoke the effects of this charm twice. At Essence 5, you may spend a further 4m to gain a third invocation.
  • Durability of Oak Meditation: Increased to 4m. Duration increased to tick-long.
  • Spirit Strengthens the Skin: Reduces pre-soak by 2 dice per mote spent.
  • Iron Skin Concentration: ability requirement increases to Resistance 4.
  • Adamant Skin Technique: loses the requirement for Spirit Strengthens the Skin.
  • Essence-Gathering Temper: At Resistance 3 you may spend 2 additional XP to permanently gain the ability to invoke the effects of this charm as an inherent ability that does not count as charm use.
  • Willpower-Enhancing Spirit: At Resistance 5 you may spend 2 additional XP to permanently gain the ability to invoke the effects of this charm as an inherent ability that does not count as charm use.
  • Unbreakable Warrior's Mastery: Cost is reduced to 1 W. Invoking this effect is Obvious if the Crippling effect it negates is also Obvious.
    • Repurchase (at Essence 3): You may negate one or more Crippling effects that you are suffering from for an additional 5m as if you had recuperated normally over time.
      • During combat, you may negate a number of Crippling effects up to your Essence.
      • Outside of combat, you may take a dramatic action to supplement your recovery. This action requires an hour without a Stunt or Charm. You recover from every Crippling effect you could overcome with rest and recuperation.
  • That Resistance Charm: Resistance 3, Essence 2, Preq: Ox-Body Technique: Can soak lethal with full stamina. Natural Lethal and Bashing soaks improve by 3. While permanent, this charm is incompatible with any type of armor (though things like Silk Shirts and other such that don't count as normal armor may potentially work). At Essence 3, the Solar also gains a point of Natural Hardness. At Essence 4, the improvement increases to 4 and additionally improves Aggravated soak by 2.

Solar Dodge

  • Essence Flow: Shadow Over Water, Reflex Sidestep Technique.


Martial Arts

Solar Hero Style It's not Chung's version of SHS, but it's closer to that than original SHS.


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