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Guild and wealth

Guild basics:

Your group is provided with a small guild owned storage unit. This shack sized structure comes with a table(no chairs), chest(no lock), coat rack(ugly), and a general theft protection in the form of permanent protection magic circles and a general magic lock to which the guild gives out keys for (though if you lose it you have to buy a new one). Though this is rented to you at 10 Silver pieces (1 wealth) per month so someone has to front it or the rummage through your warchest for it. If you piss off the guild at large they may evict you and letting you clear out is up to them so don't piss them off too much.

You can do whatever you want to your "guild house" as long as you don't put holes or paint it. It's a "small" structure size so if you're desperate you could sleep in there but it isn't avised as you won't store too much stuff.

Guild wealth. Your warchest can contain a decent amount of wealth, hell it's been enchanted so it's extra dimensional and it has a ladder getting in (don't sleep in there though unless you don't need to breath tops always close after an hour to conserve magical energy). All exploits from missions are put into this warchest. Warchest wealth doesn't regenerate like normal wealth, you propose how much you are going to use and on a successful check that wealth is used for the purchase. On a failed check you can pay 2 ranks of wealth for a +1 bonus until you get it without taking more time to shop.

Upgrading your housing. The guild has a lot of places they own, you may rent out others with similar features (and sometimes more) based on how renowed you are in the guild and if you are willing to spend the money. You may also buy or rent your own buildings if you wish but have to pay wholesale for everything.

Character wealth:

while guild wealth should be the main point characters can will have personal wealth from side jobs or their own inheritance. The rules work the same except for wealth "pocketed" from adventuring, this extra wealth works much like guild wealth. You may add such wealth on the roll and lose it and also spend the 2 wealth on a failed roll for +1 bonus.

Saving wealth: You may save money by "skimping" on your general level of accustomed living. As long as you don't make any purchases that month and have a "reduced standard of living" you gain +x to your "extra" wealth. Drawback of this is for that month you gain a moral penalty until life or death situations for that month equal to the amount you are trying to save. You must "spend" at least one wealth a month for basic food and such unless you have obtained something to ignore that.

System modification


The following powers have been modified.

Animate object, shapeshift ,Alternate form, Morph.

Animate object:

The cost per rank is reduced by 1 .

For animate object, you create a construct to be your "basic" stats to animate something with.

Animate object gains the power feat "alternate animation" which allows you to create another set of stats to animate something as.

animate object gains the power feat "Mixed animation" You may combine the stats original bought with animate object and the alternate stats bought alternate animation power feat in the same maner you would with dynamic arrays.


Shapeshift has been banned, see alternate form for your shape shifting needs.

Alternate form:

You have free range on what you can spend the 5 points on for alternate forms.


Morph has had the power feat Metamorph removed (or at least on very high restriction).


new feats



Your combat style is eccentric in that you always keep attacking while moving +2 to damage when you move 10 or more feat before you attack. For each rank you gain +1 damage per rank until +5 damage. This stacks with other sneak attack effects up to the campaigns Limit.
(Based on the 3.5 scout ability skirmish me and the sneak attack and first strike feat)

Combat rhythm:

+4 dodge defense against an attack that was used against you in the previous turn. The attack must come from the same person. If you are hit by any attack you lose the bonus this round and next. If you have multiple assailants you must choose only one of them to apply this bonus to. It acts as per shield with limit: single target and a drawback "having been attacked and missed". This only goes up to campaign level limits.
(No real basis beyond the general guidelines and fight cinematography)

Opportunity grab:

After an opponent fails a melee attack you may attempt a grapple as a free action.


You game a +2 bonus to toughness throws vs a chosen narrow type of damage (fire,magic,blunt weapons, slashing weapons). This Bonus acts like protection with flaw limited. This only goes up to campaign level limits.

Sucker punch:

You strike the foe in a tender though not so vital area. Instead of dealing damage you may cause the foe to make a will save of DC 10+damage bonus, on a failed save they are slowed and take only a move or standard action each turn. They suffer a -1 penalty on attack rolls, defense, and reflex rolls. On a fail of 5 or more or a second sucker punch the foe is paralyzed. The foe automatically recovers from these effects on the next round.
(based on paralyze and the striking palm usage of Stun)

Nerve strike:

You hit an area the causes excruciating pain. Instead of dealing damage you may cause the foe to make a Fortitude save of DC 10+damage bonus, on a failed save they are sickened and -2 on all attacks and checks, if they fail by 5 or more they are nauseated and unable to take 1 action a round if they fail by 10 or more they are helpless. The foe automatically recovers from these effects after their next turn.
(based on nauseate and the striking palm usage of Stun)


Aura of Disgust:

Your presence makes certain individuals unwilling to come around your or interact with you. Choose a narrow type such as aliens, Magic users, or animals. All members of that group must make a DC 15 will save to even interact with you unless forced by someone else or by you. Some allies may overcome this and not require the save at GM discretion through repeated exposure. Each additional rank increases the DC by 1 to a max of DC 20 or you may choose another type to be discrimnated against.

A player may even take this as a drawback under certain circumstances
such as the chosen type being a large portion of the population.
(variation on Ward power from ultimate powers, with removal of inability to enter the area, must leave area,Allowing for the ability to interact under circumstance, and permanent flaw)

Discrete hiding:

You may hide 5 pounds of what is general concealable items (within reason) on your person without it being noticed by general sight checks. A very thorough or super sense added check is needed to discover these items A GM may increase the amount you can hide with this feat based on the "serious" level of the campaign.
(dimensional pocket based with heavy limitations)

Lucky grab:

As per "Slow Fall" super movement power with the exception of only working in 20 feet of the point you started to fall


Trinkets are small minor magical items of magic that are not generally reliable. Commonly made as jewelery or as clothing trinkets are not to hard to come across. Artifacts are a single rank of Device (hard to lose) with a drawback of Powerloss:Use(recharges in 20 minutes). The trinket should only have 1 power and that power should have the flaw : limited. Each rank of trinket allows you to have another trinket.

Trinket_item examples


Luck feat is being broken into aspects of hero points. These are "virtual" hero points meaning that after a session they automatically replenish or during a session if it is appropriate. They are still can't exciede half the PL (rounded up because I'm nice) in buying these feats.


Points usable for the improve roll aspect of hero points.

Determined Recovery:

Points usable for the recover aspect of hero points.

Escape Death:

Points usable for the escape death aspect of hero points.


Points usable to cancel the fatigue of performing power stunts.


Points usable for the inspiration aspect of hero points. For mystics, this might represent true inspiration from a higher power or occult entity (see the Powers section of this chapter for more on this).

Inspired Feat:

Points usable for the heroic feat aspect of hero points.

Instant Counter:

Points usable for the instant countering aspect of hero points.

Lucky Dodge:

Points usable for the dodge aspect of hero points.

Second Wind:

Points usable for the cancel fatigue aspect of hero points, except for fatigue caused by power stunts (covered by the Improvisation feat).


Abrasive personality

Whenever you use a social skill with another person you may have a person in the room make a DC 10+rank will save throw. The rank applied can not be higher then the rank of the skill used. If they fail they are subject to the effects of the Hate under Emotion Control.
(Just general based on cinema political maneuvering combined with emotional control)

Soothing determiner

Whenever you use a social skill with another person or group of people you may have all parties involved make a DC 10+rank save throw. The rank applied can not be higher then the rank of the skill used. If they fail they are subject to the effects of Calm under Emotion Control.
(Also generally based on cinema political maneuvering combined with emotional control)

updated feats

Endurance feat has been removed and more or less replaced with endurance skill.

Luck feat has been removed, see new feats for replacement.


The skill list has been replaced with the following list. It is still 4 ranks per 1 power point. Powers that use stats under the old list (for example climb or swim) are considered a situational bonus where common sense dictates (or you can make a good argument). Specialty skills work more or less like they did in 3.5 and M&M. Every rank you can raise the specialty or gain 1 rank in a new specialty.

Acrobatics Dex
Arcana Int
Athletics Str
Bluff Cha
Concentration wis
Craft Wis specialty
Demolition int
Diplomacy Cha
Dungeoneerin Wis
Endurance Con
Heal Wis
History Int
Insight Wis
Intimidate Cha
Manipulation Dex
Nature Wis
Navigation Wis
Notice Wis
Profession see profession section specialty
Religion Wis
Stealth Dex
Streetwise Cha
Technology Int

Some explanation of new skills.

Demolition: You know how to take a structure down and know the generic equipment to do so.

Forcing: Using your strength at it's best against an obstacle, whether it's lifting, shoving, pulling, or otherwise using your muscles on some random stationary object in your way.
Hurr I'm a durr see athletics

Manipulation: Your digital dexterity being used in exacting precise movements.

Navigation: You can read a map, you can follow a compass, and more importantly you can tell if you're lost.

Technology: Knowledge of the new fangled cogs and how they work, and more importantly how to turn it off without disastrous effects.

Profession : Profession can be your choice of things and you may use the mod that suits best for the profession if it is within reasons. For instance a dancer could use cha, a lumberjack could use str.b

Limited powers.

Drain(toughness) effects can only drain up to half PL ranks.

You may not have more then PL ranks of regeneration.

You may only have up to PL of progression ranks

Banned/Restricted Powers

Dimensional movement : Banned / heavy restriction

Immunities : restricted (Discuss with me for most 9+ ones)

Teleportation : restricted (anything world wide is not going to happen)

Movement : restricted (high levels on the progression chart will require DM approval)

Character limitation.

Your max stats (strength, constitution and such toughness and powers are fine) are now PL-4 on the standard chart. So at PL5 you are limited to PL1 rules for raising your strength innately. Powers and racial templates may increase them up to the standard maximum.

Hero points

To clarify the way to regain hero points is as follows


Making a situation "more difficult" but still solvable to follow your values. If the situation is made impossible or unsaleable you may not get a hero point.


You do something astounding and entertaining that fits the game. You gain a hero point.


Satisfying a compulsion or protection one without making a complete mess of things. Choosing a less desirable goal over the best possible solution in order to keep your compulsion or satisfy it.


Something to be worked out with me. Major character development such as overcoming a fear like compulsion permanently (you buy off drawbacks or other things) during a game when dramatically appropriate would count for such a thing.


Innate power counter is now possible as long as the power is not of the permanent type (such as protection or additional limbs). This is now a staged effect.

Effects on person using the power in the contested check.

Fail 50% chance of no effect or rank reduction by 25%
Fail by 5+ 50% chance of rank reduction by 25% or 50%
Fail by 10+ 50% chance of countered as normal or reduction by 75%
Fail by 15+ Power countered as normal
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