Hisakawa Rin



Prospective General Notes/Summary:
Before last year, Rin was a perfectly normal, social girl with little in the way of cares for the world. Something changed and she suddenly was much more quiet and barely joined in anything she wasn't forced into; she didn't care to talk about whatever it was that caused this change or much of anything else. Whatever it was, she seems to have recovered since last summer break and now she's participating with things and talking to others again. Her social ties haven't completely recovered, and she can be found watching odd situations or chiming in with knowledge about people and events she probably shouldn't know. While she's once again smiling, those actually looking can occasionally see the smile not reaching her eyes, at least when not dealing with her friends; with those she'll smile and tease.

The occasional rumor gets passed around that she might be able to arrange for minor contraband or information about people. These are obviously false; also any odd glances the teachers may occasionally give her during certain odd situations are to be entirely attributed to coincidence.

Traits (PL 2)

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