Himura Ami

Appearance and Obvious Information

Ami is quite tall for her age and bloomed to a very mature and attractive figure early in life, most noticeably around the chest. She has very long dark brown hair most often styled in a way with numerous bangs, though arranged differently for special occasions all the time, that she started dying red at an early age to try and look different from the ‘mundane look’ of the town.

She has a varied wardrobe with a lot of outfits, a sucker for clothes from any magazines or the like that she sees, sometimes not making the best choices for appropriate outfits given her build. At school, she’s often found wearing her track jacket over the normal uniform, not that she’s particularly athletic, but more of her standard preferring to stand out.

Most notable though is her attitude, Ami seems to be constantly happy and upbeat, and tries her hardest to be a source of happiness for others too. It’s rare to find her not smiling, and even during bad things she tries to find a bright side to things rather than dwell on negatives. She strive to know the names and details about everyone she meets and considers almost anyone a good friend. However, she doesn’t have much ability to gauge if this is appropriate and as a result has a habit of accidentally annoying people, generally though, she has gotten away with it as people can tell she does care and that her heart is in the right place.

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