Helen Wright

Name : Helen Wright
Race : Caucasian
Age : 15
Sex : F
History : Only child of Abe Wright and Sophie Wright(Sophie brown being a minor NERV employee) both deceased in what has been determined a murder suicide when she was age 9. She was the first to discover the scene and went about continuing to go to school for at least a week before a teacher suspected neglect and Child services was sent to investigate. It is unknown if there was any abuse in the household before the incident but it is assumed. General trouble in adjusting to any foster care home she was assigned to. Has a history of getting into fights, breaking curfew, shoplifting, and trespassing.

name at max
Wounds 11 11
EGO 100 100
Fate 3 3
Insanity 8 100
Fatigue Level none
Name Rating Bonus
Weapon Skill 32-3 (29) 2
Ballistic Skill 36 3
Strength 26 2
Toughness 24 2
Agility 35 3
Intelligence 30+5 3
Perception 29 2
Willpower 39 3
Fellowship 34 3
Synch Ratio 61+10 7
Name Status Rating Bonus governing attribute
Awareness Basic 14 +0 Perception
Barter Basic ? +0 ?
Charm Trained 34 +0 Fellowship
Carouse Basic ? +0 ?
Climb Basic ? +0 ?
Concealment Basic 17 +0 Agility?
Contortionist Basic 17 +0 Agility?
Dodge Basic 17 +0 Agility
Deceive Trained 34 +0 Fellowship
Disguise Basic ? +0 ?
Evaluate Basic 14 +0 Perception
Gamble Basic ? +0 ?
Inquiry Basic ? +0 ?
Intimidate Basic ? +0 ?
Speak language (English) Trained 30 +0 Intelligence
Literacy Trained 30 +0 intelligence
Logic Basic 15 + 0 Intelligence
Lore (Pop) Trained 35 +0 intelligence
Lore (Local) Trained 35 +0 intelligence
Scrutiny Basic ? +0 Intelligence
Search Basic 14 +0 Perception?
Silent Move Basic 17 +0 Agility?
Swim Basic ? +0 ?
Positive traits
A10 sensitive +5 synch ratio
Synch Flux Whenever you roll for Synch Disruption, roll an extra 1d10. Unlike the normal Synch Disruption, you may choose whether this 1d10 in specific is positive or negative, and apply it to your Synch Ratio at the same time as the normal Synch Disruption.
Negative traits
Open Mind You are easily disturbed and distracted by the foreign sensations flooding your nervous system from your Evangelion. Take a -10 to resist Feedback.
Untrained Eye You lack the combat training of your fellow Pilots, and miss openings in the enemy’s defense that are obvious to them. Take a -3 to either WS or BS. (WS taken)
Talent Name Cost Effect
Skill proficiency (Charm) N/A Proficient in Charm
Melee Weapon Training(general) N/A Proficient in general melee weapons
A.T. Power(Deflective Field) N/A Access to A.T.Power Deflective Field
A.T. Power(Neutralize) N/A Access to A.T. Power Neutralize
Biological Upgrade N/A one BU point
Structural Upgrade N/A one SU point
Gifted (willpower) 200 May buy attribute at a lower price
Inteligence (simple) 100 +5 intelligence
A.T. Power (AT push) 100 Gain A.T. Power (AT Push)
Rank one
Attribute Synch (simple) 100 EXP + 5 Synch Ratio
A.T. Power (AT Wave) 100 EXP Gain A.T. Power (AT Push)
Name Value Effect
Troublemaker 200 Raised without proper discipline, you spent you younger years constantly getting in trouble. And you got good at it. Troublemakers gain the following: Street Skill: Become trained in any two of the following: Concealment, Deceive, Gamble, Silent Move or Sleight of Hand. Trouble with Authority: Anyone in a position of apparent authority over your character takes a -20 to their Command or Charm skill tests to coerce you in any way. Intimidate works just fine, though.
Thrill Seeker 100 Your character is undaunted in the face of danger and the unknown. Whenever you spend a Fate Point in situations where you are outmatched or performing some dangerous feat of exceptional bravery, roll a d10. On a roll of 9, the fate point is not spent. This applies to conditional Fate Points as well.
Gifted (Willpower) 200 <will fill out later>
Name Value Effect
Dependent 200 Your sense of self worth is overly influenced by the opinions of others. Choose one person. If their opinion of you is ever negative, take a -10 to all rolls for 1d5 hours and choose a new person to become dependent on.
Damaged Goods 100 Your character has suffered some sort of massive trauma in the past and never fully recovered. Begin play with 1d5+5 insanity points. ((8))
Short Fuse 100 Your Character has a hard time controlling himself when he gets angry. When confronted or otherwise stressed and agitated, you must pass a Willpower test or fly into a rage either yelling at the source of your anger or trashing the surrounding environment. Punching someone in the face might also be appropriate, if ill advised.
Designations and Design
Line Special Production unit
Number 02
Primary color Dark Red
Secondary color Dark Grey
Skill Rating Bonus
WS 15+29+3 (37) 3
BS 15+36 (51) 5
S 30+3 (33) 3
T 30+10 (40) 4
AG 0+35+5 (40) 4
name armor current armor max wounds current wounds max
Head 2 2 4 4
R.ARM 2 2 6 6
L.ARM 2 2 6 6
BODY 4 4 11 11
R.LEG 2 2 6 6
L.LEG 2 2 6 6
Unique traits
Skittish Like a wild animal, the Evangelion shies away from danger. The Evangelions Agility increases by 5. When Berserk, the Evangelion will immediately disengage from melee for 1 round after receiving critical damage.
Unrestrained Jaw The Evangelion begins play capable of performing a 1d5+1 R bite attack.
Predatory As Unrestrained Jaw, but the Eva gains a +3 to Weapon Skill and a +3 to Strength as well.
Leg Pistons The Evangelion has high pressure support systems on its legs, driving its feet into the ground with extra force. Whenever the Eva takes the run action, treat its Ag as if it were 2 higher.
Mysterious Source The Evangelion wasn't built by a country, but rather by an unidentified organization. While it contains several unidentified small machines attached to key systems that worry the engineering team, it starts with a free SUP. It’s trustworthy enough to use, for now
Biological Upgrades
Name Cost Effect
Toughness 1 1 BU +5 toughness
Structural upgrades
Name Cost Effect
Wing Loadout (Progression knife) [right] N/A Right wing may dock a progression knife
Wing Loadout(Pistol Dock)[left] 1 Left wing may dock a pistol
Weapon Upgrades
Name Cost

400 EXP which I forgot about:
Gifted (willpower) 200 exp
Power AT (push)100 exp
Inteligence (simple) 100 exp

Common lore(pop)
Common lore(Local)

AT Tactition creation:
Skill proficiency (dodge)
Skill proficiency (Charm)
Weapon proficiency (General)
A.T. Power(deflection)
A.T. Power(Neutralization) 
BU Purchase Toughness 1

Trouble Maker:
Skill proficiency(Deceive)
Skill proficiency(Slight of Hand)

Mysterious Source:
SU Purchase Pistol dock[left]

100 EXP from drawbacks:
Synch Ratio (simple) 100 exp
100 EXP after session 2
A.T. Power(AT Wave) 100 exp

300 EXP after session 5
Dodge 100 exp
Basic weapons training(genearl) 200 exp

Ballistics training : Pass 1/3

EXP used: 900 exp
EXP from creation 800 EXP
EXP gained: 500 EXP


Session one: Welcome to the new world. See new places, meet other pilots.

Session two: Check out the club, meet new pilot. Almost get killed.
100 EXP
Trama causes more SR potential to emerge.

Session three: Learn about test plugs and do third impact session
100 EXP

Session four : Leave on a ship spend time talking.

Session five: spend time training with instructor, spend time eating with Johann, and got attacked by strange not angel.
300 EXP
Helen begins to learn the value of dodging.
Helen studies up more on rifle training starting to take it seriously.
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