It is okay to want to touch my obijime.

Name: Tanaka Hatsumi
Age: 15
Virtue: Kindness
Flaw: Vengeance
Concept: The ojou-sama
Occupation: Schoolgirl/Tager (Nightmare)

Agility 7 9
Intellect 6
Perception 5 7
Presence 8
Strength 6 12
Tenacity 10 11
Actions 1 2
Movement 11 27/6 19 47/11
Reflex 6 7
Orgone 0
Vitality 13 16
Insanity Points 1
Base Drama 10
Fearless 2
Driven 2
Gift 2
Quick reference
Marksman 3d+6 4d+8 +3 Shot
Fighting 2d+7 3d+9 +5 Touch
Dodge 3d+7 3d+9
Damage Taken 0 Unhurt


Hatsumi is of middling height and slender build. She's attractive, though not stunningly so—rather, she gives the impression that she's the idealization of a normal girl. Long, undyed hair and pale skin match that classical look, as do her patterns of speech. She does own the necessary clothing to further that impression, but she's more likely to be seen in her uniform or in relatively plain casual wear (she's developed a fondness for sweaters, as well as for skirts not dissimilar from her uniform).

Her new transformation brings out a form that could be similarly slender, but is thickened by a complete covering of thick, ridged, gray-black armor. It seems to wear a mask, into which are carved the impression of enormous teeth, above which are drawn several lines and concentric circles in some precise pattern where the eyes should be. Though humanoid, the length of its limbs, the proportion of arm to leg, and the looseness of the joints all contribute to a uncanny valley effect, even before reaching the curved scythe-like blades growing from its right wrist and stretching over its fingers.

(Old Vampire, for posterity) Hatsumi thinks of her tager form as an angel. It's a frighteningly disturbing six-winged being with an armored hide that resembles stretched and hooked gray skin. While it is basically humanoid, and even looks (rather vaguely) female, and though the wings are covered in coarse, gray feathers, the angelic resemblance extends only that far. Her top pair of wings grow the barbs she uses as weapons. She's yet to find any way for this form to eat, as it lacks an obvious mouth.


Hatsumi was born to Tanaka Junichiro and his wife, Miyo, amid much rejoicing. Two years later, she gained a sister they named Sachiko. As Junichiro was a politically successful man who knew how to keep his connections open and his backers (consisting of the more traditionalist interest groups) content, the family wanted for little even in times as interesting as these. As his daughters grew, his unfulfilled wish for a son faded to a dull and indistinct ache he never thought to mention.

Hatsumi and Sachiko were given an upbringing to bring pride to the (widespread) Tanaka name, the classical appearance of the graceful, demure beauty combining with the rigorous education that had long been standard to the image of "a good child." Both sisters were successful in this—Sachiko naturally so, and Hatsumi making up for any failing with a drive to excel that she had willingly taken up so as not to disappoint any of her relations. Though Sachiko was the more clever, she was still the younger sister, and the two accepted that it would be Hatsumi's duty to watch over her. They remained close even when disparate studies would have dragged them apart, and their mother approved of and encouraged this closeness.

Then Sachiko went missing. She missed the last two periods of class, and no one seemed to know just where she had gone. Her mother lasted only a few hours after sunset before becoming frantic, and then literally ill with worry before she was put to bed. Her father was, as he expected to be, unable to get assistance from law enforcement for someone who was merely a few hours later coming home. It would have to wait until the next evening. Hatsumi decided to move immediately.

She had always been weak, but never frail. It therefore bothered her little to search her sister's school as it was closing, and she thought nothing of blending into the foot traffic to covertly observe the leaving students and faculty. When she found a man who seemed to be leaving but kept returning in the direction of the school, she followed him. And, a few hours later, when she shadowed him to a fourth floor closet that opened to reveal a small girl tied to a chair, she dented a bat over the man's head. When she finally stopped and let go of his neck, his face had changed color, and there was dirt and blood on her hands. It had all seemed like the natural thing to do at the time. It wasn't as if this were the first time she had followed someone for her precious sister's sake. Even if it were dirty, it was for her sake, so it could be forgiven.

Sachiko came home, but not for long. Despite her family's embrace, and her older sister's assurances that everything was fine, she was quiet and withdrawn. A week later, and without explaining the circumstances of those several hours, she went missing again. She hasn't been seen since. The school mentioned only that an assistant teacher had been fired for consistent, unexcused absences. Junichiro, worrying over his remaining daughter traveling to and from a school so far from his own home, transferred her when the school year was only half over.

There she completed her year, and began the next. Sanagi was closer, and even had its own dorms—so, surely, it would be safer.

Hatsumi changed, gradually and subtly.

Observation (Per) Adept
Bureaucracy (Int) Novice
Education (Int) Adept
Japanese (Int) Master
English (Int) Novice
Literacy (Int) Novice
Medicine (Int) Novice
Regional Knowledge (Int) New Edo Around school
Savoir-faire (Int) Expert Focus: High Society
Surveillance (Int) Novice
Persuade (Pre) Adept
Seduction (Pre) Student
Misdirect (Pre) Novice
Stealth (Agi) Adept
Hobby (Pre) Tea ceremony
Athletics (Agi/Str/Ten) Student
Marksman (Per) Adept Focus: Tager
Dodge (Agi) Adept
Fighting (Agi) Novice Focus: Tager
Duty 1 Like most girls her age, Hatsumi is a student.
Prejudiced 2 As liberally-minded as most of the world has become, Tokyo City still holds more than its fair share of xenophobia and racism even toward those who have since become allies of the NEG. Her household is affected by this old sentiment more than most, and it enters Hatsumi's own behaviour as an irrational dislike for xenomixes. Of course, letting her feelings on the matter show would be impolite.
Obsessive 2 Hatsumi has always had a focused personality, something her parents regarded as a strength, but in the last few years she's become dangerously obsessive. Her focus was always Sachiko, but with her lost…
Code 2 In addition to the teachings from her father she took so closely to heart (more so than he did) — to never break her word once given, and to treat a friend's friends and enemies as one's own — she has added two additional precepts to her personal code. A friend must never be abandoned, and vengeance for a loved one must always be dealt as swiftly as possible. Violating any of these four points would wrack her with guilt.
Tager 4 She has a symbiont.
Exceptional Tager 2 It's a nightmare, now.
Variant Tager 1 Unlike the usual fare, it's freakishly strong, and well-armored. The +2 Str/Ten are included in her stats.
Permissions 2 Hatsumi's father has a position of some importance, and makes sure that most people around her are at least vaguely aware of it. Her own aura of belonging wherever she is helps to make sure people don't bother her over such trivia as asking just what it is she thinks she's doing.
Driven 2 Hatsumi tends to believe that she can do it if she tries, and she's usually right.
Fearless 2 Just as she won't accept her own limitations, she is loathe to accept anything being able to stop her.
Fast 2 She wasn't always, but her physical condition has been improving.
Alluring 1 There's just that something about her, drawing the eyes of men (and some women).
Sexy Voice 1 And more than eyes.
Subtle Menace 1 Can you say "yandere"?
Cheats All on skills.
Exp 205
Remaining: 5
55 starting exp: Int 6; Hobby; Athletics (student); Sexy Voice 1;
    Surveillance (novice); Seduction (student)
20 exp: Observation (adept) All this sneakin' around and listenin' to people.
20 exp: Savoir-faire (expert) Practice prettying people up.
5 exp: Alluring 1  "You're getting prettier every day." "Aw, mom~"
5 exp: Subtle Menace 1
5 exp: Misdirect (student) "This tea is fantastic."
20 exp: Marksman (adept) Ta'ge whispers (first use of this excuse)
5 exp: Variant Tager
10 exp: Fighting (novice) Stab punch kick ow.
15 exp: Fighting (focus: tager) "This doesn't make sense. This doesn't--die, die, DIE."
30 exp: Agi 7.
10 exp: Misdirect (novice)
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