Hatsuharu Kimiko

Kimiko loves to be up and doing, and has been a tomboy as long as anyone can remember. She's a common sight at the school's sporting clubs, and is an active, if a little overenthusiastic participant in the school's softball team, track team, kendo team, and any other group that lets her burn off her seemingly inexhaustible reserves of energy. When she's not running herself ragged she is in secret (in her own mind, at least), perfecting her knowledge of the secret and stealthy arts, which is openly obvious to everyone except her. She's also, at times, a bit dense.

Kimiko likes sports, social events, dirt, and getting the drop on her friends. She dislikes spicy food, large animals, and people treating her like a kid.

30 points to start (10+4+8+1+7=30 pts spent)

Stats (10 pts)

Str 12
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 12
Luck 10

Derived (4 pts)

Attack +2 melee
Defense +2 dodge
Toughness +2 (+1 con +1 def. roll)
Fort +1 (+1 con)
Ref +2 (+2 dex)
Will +0

Skills (8 pts spent, 1 pt=4 ranks)
Abil Ranks Rank breakdown
Acrobatics Dex +6 +2 dex +4 buy
Bluff Cha +9 +8 attractive +1 cha
Climb Str +3 +1 str +2 buy
Diplomacy Cha +9 +8 attractive +1 cha
Disable Device Int +5 +5 buy
Know (history) Int +3 +3 buy
Language (Eng) Int +4 +2 (+2 freebie) +2 buy
Sleight of hand Dex +4 +2 dex +2 buy
Stealth Dex +10 +2 dex +8 buy
Swim Str +5 +1 str +4 buy

Powers (1 pts spent)
Supermovement (Wall-climbing (and *only* reasonable walls), limitations: not while being observed (1 pt)
Enscroll : If you're going to poke somethign unknown with a stick, make sure it's a sturdy one. When dealing with ??? and weilding a weapon such as a bat or stick she gains +1 to hit and +1 to the damage DC
Gilded tongue +4 diplomacy/bluff when engaging with ???

Feats (7 pts spent)
benefit cost
Gear R1 5 points of equipment freebie
Attractive R2 +8 circ. bluff, diplo 2 pts
Friieeeend Yamanaka Kenzan freebie
Lionhearted +4 save vs fear 1 pt
Endurance R1 +4 to exhaustion 1 pt
Fascinate R1 can distract w/bluff 1 pt
Def. Roll R1 +1 tough, +1 ref. aoe 1 pt
Swift +5 feet to tacmove 1 pt

Touched : Somethign has unerved kimiko more than she knows. It has burrowed its way deep down. On any fear save against ??? kimiko takes an option as well as loses dodge bonus until she shakes it off.
The dream-quest of unknown kimikodath: Uncommonly Kimiko has fevered dreams of strange things and wakes up fatigued. The can be cured with the (game normal) normal amount of rest or other things to make up for it.

equipment (wealth:8)
-cell phone (freebie)
-baseball bat (4)
-lockpicks (1)

Phobias! -Kimiko *hates* dogs. They're large and loud and try to jump up and knock her over, and she'd go to some lengths to avoid dealing with them. At all. Ever. This would probably count against things like bears and wolves and monstrous hellbeasts, but those aren't something you typically find in suburban japan
Older sister -Since she's the oldest, she has to look out for her little bro, whether due to all the bullies or because he's not supposed to be left home alone
Sibling of the corn -Unfortunately, as all order sisters know, little brothers are pure evil, and so he knows all her secrets, and isn't above using them against her to get what he wants
Mascot -Kimiko is a regular presence at the school's club and sporting events, whether it's her idea or not, crammed into whatever they think would raise the event's attendance the most.

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