Golden Sky Stories

A game run by Vega (and anyone else) where the entire point is cute animals doing cute things.

Play a henge, an animal with a little bit of magic to take human form and do some other minor works of wonder. Your options are Fox, Dog, Cat, Racoon Dog (Tanuki), Bird, and Rabbit. We'll probably add the more unusual mononoke from Twilight Tales later, or other options later, but for now, we'll keep it to core only.

The Town

The town the characters live in. It's a rural Japanese town of maybe 10,000 people at the largest. A river runs through town, splitting around a few islands at part of it. There's at least one grocery store, a few restaurants downtown, and a convenience store. There's a single rail line to town.

Details such as specific NPC residents or locations will be added as they become relevant.

The Henge

Okumura Isamu Played by Thoon, Handsome aloof shrinefox.
Sora Played by Orrin, birb.

Shiro Mimi Played by Scrib, School Rabbit.

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