Glass Heart Rosa

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 16 19 11 11 12 11
Bonus: +3 +4 0 0 +1 0
+1 Str, Dex Level 4
+1 Dex, +1 Wis, Level 8
+1 All, Level 10
Total: Current: DR: Elemental Resistance
56 60 11 0


Primary Skills
Name Favored? Type Ranks Bonus Total
Weapon Attack: Fav Dex 14 +4 18/13/8
Unarmed Attack: Dex 6 +4 10
Ranged Attack: Dex 6 +4 10
Defense: Fav Dex 14 +4 18
Initiative: Dex 6 +4 10
Fortitude: Con 6 +0 6
Reflex: Fav Dex 14 +4 18
Will: Fav Wis 14 +1 15

Movement Rates:

Type: Normal: Modified
Land 30 feet 30 feet
Swimming Sinks


Item Details
Chef Kit Basics for cooking: chef's knives, pots, pans, etc.
Rapier 1d6 damage, 18-20/x2 critical. A fairly ordinary rapier with an ornamental hilt, and Rosa's primary weapon, despite her ability to make her own.
Leather Armor +1 defense, +6 max dex bonus, no armor check penalty.

Secondary Skills:

Skill Favored? Type Ranks Bonus Total
Balance Yes Dex 14 +4 18
Concentration Con 5 +0 5
Cooking Yes Wis 14 +1 stat, +2 feat 17
Hide Yes Dex 14 +4 18
Intimidate Yes Cha 14 0 14
Invent Int 5 0 5
Jump Str 5 +3 8
Perform Cha 5 0 5
Research Wis 5 +1 6
Search Yes Int 14 0 14
Spot Yes Wis 14 +1 15
Trapping Dex 5 +4 9
Tumble Yes Dex 14 +4 18


Weapon Proficiency: Swords Can use any sword
Armor Proficency (Light ) Can use light armor
Blade Guard Standard action for defensive posture, +4 defense and can't attack, end as free action.
Haste Stance, Entering and Exiting is a standard action. +10 speed and +2 dodge bonus to defense.
Run on Water While in Haste stance, may run across water at normal run speed.
Wicked Strike Standard action melee strike which deals no damage. Target rolls willpower versus DC of 26. On failure they are frightened for 2 rounds and shaken for 1d4 rounds when the frightened condition ends.
Blade Counter May counterattack instead of rolling a parry or defense roll.
Quick Slash As a standard action, can make an attack which has a 20% chance of stunning the target for one round if it hits. Roll 1d4 after attempting this attack to determine number of rounds before it may be used again.
Rapid Strikes May make a series of three full-out attacks as a full-round action, resetting attack bonus/penalties each time. Successful hits deal half normal damage, rounded up. Usable once per battle.
Improved Feint Feint in combat as a move action.
Uncanny Dodge Retain Dex bonus to defense when caught unaware.
Advance Full round action. Move twice your land speed toward an opponent, who is forced backwards. If they refuse to move, or cannot, may attack them with equivalent of two full-out attacks, with a -5 to each attack and damage roll.
Improved Uncanny Dodge Can no longer be flanked, opponent must be 4 levels higher to make sneak attacks.
Cook May attempt to cook a non-humanoid creature. Roll primary attack skill, followed by cooking skill on a hit. If the cooking check result exceeds the creature's current HP, it is fatally wounded and you begin cooking it on the spot.
Sous Chef Permanent +2 to cooking skill.
Waste Nothing Only use 50% of usual supplies to cook meals, effectively doubling food supply.
Penetrating Strike Ignore up to 5 points of a target's DR when your attack roll beats their defense roll by 5 or more.
Devil Fruit User You ate one of those fruits, didn't you?
Dodge May designate one opponent. toward whom your receive a +1 dodge bonus to defense rolls per 4 character levels (total bonus +2).
Move Like Lightning If you make two move actions in a round, gain 50% concealment for 1 round.
Run Run 5 times normal speed in up to medium armor, or 4 times normal speed in heavy armor. If jumping with a running start, gain a +4 bonus on the Jump check. Retain dexterity bonus to defense while running.
Soru Instead of rolling a defense or parry against an attack, may take a swift action to move to any location within 1/2 normal movement range to avoid the attack. The user may only make either a single move or attack action next turn.

Devil Fruit Stuff

Total feats: 6 (5 from level, +1 Human racial feature)

Logia Body
Rosa is immune to normal physical attacks of which they are aware and can take the form of glass. her armor or clothing is affected, but weapons remain in their normal form. Unlike most logia users, Rosa's body is solid and can be harmed, but to little detrimental effect. Any attack which does 2*[DR] damage will shatter a limb, and 3*[DR] will shatter her entire body. Shattered limbs can be reformed as a move action, and the body can be reformed even if smashed to pieces as a full-round action.

Reactive shattering [stance]:
When attacked, the glass of the character’s body flies off in shards that cut into their attackers. When the character is dealt damage in melee, they deal an amount of damage equal to ¼ the damage dealt to them to their attacker.

Glassmaker [Misc]
Rosa can create some amount of glass daily, and may also form it into weapons. Glass weapons have 1 HP and 1 hardness, and are easily shattered. Bladed glass weapons are Keen. Level ??: Glass weapons do an additional +2 damage from extreme sharpness. Creating a weapon takes a move action, as if drawing it. If Rosa is holding a damaged weapon of her own creation, she can repair it as a free action.

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