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Swordcraft Story 2

This will be a stream of the game. Non-completionist, for fun runthrough. You'll have some choices as to what I'm going to do, the current savefile, made for the first test stream is what I'd prefer to use, but I can quickly set up another save.

The Protagonist

The protagonists share most of their dialogue with each other, including many Guardian Beast interactions, but we'll note any large differences here.

The male protagonist. Very interested in girls, especially Lynn but will settle for any other female who shows enough interest.

The female protagonist. Has a terrible VA and looks up to Lynn instead of using her as a fantasy. Has some different text with Ryouga and Orin.

The Summoned Beasts

A mechanoid soldier, EXeLD is your calm, collected, and ofttimes sarcastic Guardian Beast. EXeLD is ostensibly a powerful soldier, but his weapon loadout is geared for strategic artillery while every fight in the game is a melee slugfest. EXeLD is a lightning elemental and gains defensive and offensive buffs early. Despite his cool demeanor, EXeLD can be prone to tantrums when his abilities are called into doubt, prompting a swift reboot.

A devil girl, Dinah is the closest this game comes to a tsundere. Despite claims otherwise, Dinah is a very pure and sensitive girl who has something of a secret locked away inside her. Dinah has the highest magical statistic of any Guardian Beast, and despite being water elemental, Dinah gains most of her spells early. Dinah is, of course, an eligible lady.

An oni child, Loki is brash, hot-headed, and full of himself. Loki is not actually as strong as he would like to be, and enjoys teasing Ryouga, whom he considers to be a little too effete. Loki is fire elemental and gains offensive magic quickly, which is to be expected. I don't have much experience with Loki so I can't comment on the quality of his "route".

A half-beast, Arno is this game's Bridget. In the original version of the game, Arno was explicitly a crossdressing, feminine boy, but this is glossed over in the localization. Arno is a wind elemental who gains utility spells quickly, but has the lowest magical stat of all the Beasts. Even though it is downplayed in this localization, Arno makes Edgar question his orientation several times.

Other Characters

Your master, step-father, and one of the heroes who fought off the evil summoner years ago. Blaine takes up residence in your room after the game begins. Thanks to the changes in the crafting system, Blaine doesn't teach you new techniques, but can still teach you some valuable information about crafting.

Your step-brother, Orin is skilled with machinery and a fellow craftknight. Orin spends most of his time in the village taking care of the injured Blaine after the start of the game.

Your step-sister, Tatiana is the cute imouto-type of the game. Unskilled in the domestic arts, Tatiana is still working hard to gain both her father's and the protagonist's approval. Tatiana will always be on your side.

Ryouga's step-sister and the only eligible lady for leagues, Lynn is the reliable older-sister type. While Aera sees her as a role model, Edgar mostly uses her as fuel for his pubescent fantasies.

Your childhood friend and rival, Ryouga doesn't know the first thing about crafting but is still a skilled fighter for his age. Known for his peculiar hairstyle, which draws the ridicule of Loki.

I already did an initial stream with one beast and PC combination, but the official stream can be of something else (I will redo the opening off camera). Tell me directly or edit this page to leave a tally mark next to which protagonist and which summon beast you want.


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