Felicita Ojalehto

Felicita Ojalehto

Name Total Modifier
Strength 12 +1
Dexterity 12 +1
Constitution 12 +1
Wisdom 10 +0
Intelligence 10 +0
Charisma 14 +2
Hero points
Name Amount
Hero points 1
Determination 1
Determined Recovery 1
Escape Death 0
Improvisation 0
Inspiration 0
Inspired Feat 0
Instant Counter 0
Lucky Dodge 0
Second Wind 0
Name Base Attribute modifiers Total
Toughness 0 +1 Constitution +11 Force field 12
Reflex 3 +1 Dexterity 4
Fortitude 6 +1 Constitution 7
Will 6 none 6
Name Base Attribute Modifiers Total
Attack 4 +5 ranged*,+2 sword of ire' 4/6'9*
Defense 5 3 is dodge +1 dodge focus* 6/2*
Grapple 5 +1 Strength 6
Block 5 none block
Defect none +8 Deflect energy 8
Knock back - .5 -5.5 force field -6
Initiative 1 None +1
Movement Capabilities
Name Tactical Total
Ground speed 30 feet 20 MPH
Jumping 11 feet N/A
Flight speed 45 feet 50 MPH
Carrying capacity
Light 43 pounds
Medium 86 pounds
Heavy 130 pounds
Maximum 260 pounds
push/pull 650 pounds
Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 6 +1 Dexterity 7
Bluff 6 +2 Charisma +4 Attractive* 8/12*
Climb 0 +1 Strength 1
Concentration 10 none 10
Diplomacy 8 +2 Charisma +4 Attractive* 10/14*
Disable Device 0 +1 Intelligence N/A
Disguise 0 +2 Charisma 2
Escape Artist 0 +1 1
Gather Information 6 +2 Charisma 8
Handle Animal 0 +2 Charisma 2
Intimidate 6 +2 Charisma 8
Knowledge: Arcane Lore 10 None 10
Knowledge: Politics 10 None 10
Notice 8 None 8
Search 4 None 4
Sense Motive 6 None 6
Sleight of Hand 0 None N/A
Stealth 0 +1 Dexterity 1
Survival 0 None 0
Swim 0 +1 Strength 1
Name Ranks/Specialty Description
All out attack N/A May impose a penalty of up to 5 to defense bonus to give a bonus of equal amount to attack bonus until the start of Felitia's next turn.
Attractive 1 For each rank a +4 bonus is given bluff and diplomacy for attempts to seduce, deceive, or change attitude of those that find Felitica appealing
Attack focus Ranged 5 Felicia gains +5 attack bonus on all ranged attacks.
Benefit Military 'Royalty' Felicia's family connections give a minor effects that the GM find appealing. It at least makes Military personal in the know react more positively or possibly negatively.
Dodge focus 1 Felicia has a +1 dodge bonus to her defense.
Well informed N/A Felicia is generally informed of people before she meets them. She may gain an immediate gather information roll upon meeting a/hearing of person or organization. She may also make a knowledge check for any questions she would be able to answer. This only happens once per person/organization baring a significant passage of time
Ritualist N/A Felicita is able to create and perform Rituals.
Defensive strike N/A Felicita is able to gain an advantage over enemies who miss her in melee, after the missed attack on her next turn she gains +4 to all melee attacks against the foe that missed.
Determination 1 Points usable for the improve roll aspect of hero points.
Determined Recovery 1 Points usable for the recover aspect of hero points.


Destructive Array
Type Array
Cost 2 per rank
Ranks 11
Power feats: Alternate power 3
Total points provided 22
Total cost 25

Felicita's magic is of a raw destructive type. All attempts to curve the destructive effects were minimal at best and the obvious solution was to expand and strengthen this destructive nature.

Default power
Name Fire Blast
Type Attack Action Standard
Range Ranged Duration Instant
Descriptor Fire Source Magic
Effect Damage
Extra Range
Cost per rank 2 Ranks 11
Toughness DC 26

The basic of basics. Felicia uses her magical energy to create a blazing ball of energy that propels itself at her enemies.

Alternate power 1
Name Claymore
type Sensory+Attack Range Extended/touch
Duration Sustained/Instant Action Standard
Descriptor Fire Source Magic
Effect ESP
Extra Simultaneous +1
Extra Duration(sustained) +1
Power feat : subtle 1
Cost per rank 3 Ranks 3
Extra Linked +0
Effect Damage
Extra Explosion
Cost per rank 2 Ranks 5
Power feat : Triggered 2
Reflex save 15
Toughness save 20

A rarity from the days when Felicia's destructive potential was trying to be curved. When attempting to expand into sensory magic types Felicita was able to understand a very limited form of scrying that relied on her placing the scrying point. An unforeseen side effect was that the energies the scry point were composed of had a tendency to violently explode when actually used to observe. While technically a failure Felicita kept practicing the trick seeing it's tactical advantage it could provide.

Alternate power 2
Name Grand blast
Type Attack Action Full
Range Ranged Duration Instant
Descriptor Fire Source Magic
Effect Damage
Extra Range +1
Extra Area: Explosion +1
Extra Penetration +1
Flaw Action (full round) -1
Flaw Distraction -1
Cost per rank 2 Ranks 11
Area effected 100 foot radius
Toughness DC at center 26
Reflex DC at center 16

A natural direction of Fire blast that involves a little more time and concentration to fire an even more destructive ball of energy that explodes releasing a devastating inferno of short lived magical fire.

Alternate power 3
Name Firestorm
Type Attack Action Full
Range Ranged Duration Instant
Descriptor Fire Source Magic
Effect Damage
Extra autofire +1
Extra Ranged
Flaw Action (full round) -1
Cost per rank 2 Ranks 11
Toughness DC 26 + auto fire bonus

Using her magical Felicita fires clusters of small intensely blazing spheres of energy in hopes of causing massive damage through the multiple impacts.

Alternate power 4
Name Fire wave
Type Attack Action Standard
Range Ranged Duration Instant
Descriptor Fire Source Magic
Effect Damage
Extra Area of effect(cone) +1
Cost per rank 2 Ranks 10
Power feat : Knockback 2
Reflex save DC 20
Toughness save DC 25
Toughness save DC (half) 20

Determined to keep a large area attack without risking allies Felicita created the Fire wave. A Pulse of fire energy is created and directed while expanding in a roughly conic shape in front of Felicita leaving any enemies in it's wake in grave danger.

Alternate power 5
Name Concussive blast
Type Attack Action Full
Range Ranged Duration Instant
Descriptor Fire Source Magic
Effect Stun
Flaw Action
Cost per rank 2 Ranks 11
Power feat : Knockback 2
Fortitude save DC 21

A change in plain damaging tactics. This spell works on a more brutal way of dealing with foes. A wave of small motes of energy explode just at impact to maximize energy transference into their target. The hopes of this being to daze or knock the target unconscious due to the sudden and erratic application of force to their body.

Name Energy gauntlet
Type defense Action Free
Range Touch Duration Instant
Descriptor Magic Source Magic,Training
Effect Deflect Energy
Extra Action(free) +2
Flaw Limited : Only if not flat footed against attacker
power feat second chance snares
Cost per rank 2 Ranks 8

Felicita discovered early on that her magical power upon activation cause some minor disruptive and deflective properties against incoming offensive magical attacks. Through channeling this minor effect to the location of her hand that the maelstrom of energy could easily change the direction of magical blasts fired at her, provided she can move correctly when they are coming at her.

Name flying arrays Mark 3
Type movement Action move(active)
Range personal Duration Sustained
Descriptor Magic Source Magic,Training
Effect Flight
Cost per rank 2 Ranks 3

Like any magical soldier Felicita has practiced the art of self sustained flight. Not having a talent for such controlled expressions of magic she memorized and routinely practiced the a basic spells of flight making minor improvements on them to better suit her magical energy. While not being efficient or at times the fastest a person of her magical caliber.

Name Elemental Mantel
Type defense Action free
Range personal Duration Sustained
Descriptor Fire Source Magic,Training
Effect Protection
Extra Force field +0
Cost per rank 1 Ranks 11

Like the Energy gauntlet the Disruption mantel draws from Felicita's disruptive energy. Though unlike the Energy gauntlet the Energy Mantle is meant to stop all attacks instead of deflecting them away. The magic is channeled into a bubble around Felicita, due to the amount of the energy packed into the bubble all attacks have to fight their way through disruptive energy that acts as a psychical substance. The bubble itself is largely invisible though the edges can vaguely be seen due it's distortion effect on light giving the appearance of a faint red circle encasing redish tinted Felicita. Due to it being a very raw application of her own energy any other application of magic seems to be reflected in the surface causes the magical arrays and circuits to become visible.

Practiced magic
Type array
Cost per rank 2 ranks 4
Points provided 16
Power feat : Alternate power 1

While Felicita may have devoted her magical development to destructive arts she has not completely given up on more varied magical applications. While vastly weaker and harder to preform she does have a few options.

Default power
Name revealing field
type trait Action full action(active)
Range touch duration concentrate
descriptor magic source magic, training
Effect nullify Concealment
Extra nullify field +0
Extra Duration(concentrate) +1
Flaw Action -1
Flaw distraction -1
Cost per rank 1 ranks 8
Reflex Save DC 18
Will save DC 18

A spell developed to deal with foes who use magical trickery to avoid detection and thus avoid a magical energy ball to the face. While not exactly usable by Felicita it does at least alert her to the general area to drop explosions.

Alternate power 1
Name extra dimensional ward
type trait Action Full action(active)
Range touch duration concentrate
descriptor magic source magic, training
Effect Ward Extra dimensional beings
Extra Damaging +3
Flaw Action -1
Flaw Distraction -1
Flaw Duration(concentrate) -1
Cost per rank 1 Ranks 8
Effected area radius 40 (centered)
Reflex save 18
Will save (damage and ward effect) 18

Something that Felicita has hesitantly practiced under advisement from her family before entering the MCTF . It is a ward to hedge out and disorientate the extra dimensional creatures that have been appearing as of late.

Alternate power 2
Name Spacial barrier
Type Defense Action standard
Range Touch duration Contentious
Desciptor magic Source Magic, Training
Effect Immunity
Effect 1 Environment immunity (Vacuum)
Effect 2 Environment immunity (Radiation)
Effect 3 Environment immunity (Heat)
Effect 4 Felicita Destruction array
Flaw | Action (standard) -2
Flaw | Distraction -1
Extra Remove permanent +2
Extra Effects others +1
Extra area +1
Cost per rank 1 Ranks 4
Effected area radius 20 (centered)

With the change of assignment to space Felicita developed a magical field to create an atmosphere and ignore the worst effects of spacial travel. A side effect was that due to her general use of energy to create the atmosphere envelope it causes the bubble to be highly resilient to the effects of her general energy based attacks.

Weapon summon: Sword of ire
Type array
Extra Effects others
Flaw Dismissal (must be touched)
Power feat : Alternate power 2
Power feat : Dynamic 3
Cost per rank 2 ranks 3
Points provided 6

The sword of ire is a created weapon on demand. While not in a physical form it's part of the owner.

| Default dynamic power
Name sword form
type attack Action Standard
Range touch duration instant
descriptor slashing source Metal
Effect | strike
Power feat : Muscle powered N/A
Power feat : Innate N/A
Cost per rank 1 ranks 4
Toughness save DC 19+strength modifier

Felicita summons the sword of ire in the form of an arming blade. It is not ornate and generally boring to the eye. Her fathers standard form for the sword was a large ornate glave.

Dynamic alternate power 1
Name Spear form
type Trait Action N/A
Range touch duration instant
descriptor fire source magic
Effect | Extra : Piercing
Power feat : extended range N/A
Cost per rank 1 ranks 5

An attempt to emulate her fathers form of the sword of ire caused her to allow the blade to take on a flaming glave like form. The magic is seemingly unstable but it can allow her to pierce tough barriers.

Dynamic alternate power 2
Name molten dagger form
type attack Action Full
Range touch duration instant
descriptor fire source magic
Extra linked +0
Effect | drain toughness
Extra effects objects
Flaw Full action
Cost per rank 1 ranks 6

Shorting the blade and channeling energy into it allows Felicita to create a molten dagger that can seriously harm any foes protection.

Name Magical sense
Type sensory Action none passive
Range personal Duration continuous
Descriptor Magic Source Magic,Training
Effect Detect magic
Cost per rank 2 Ranks 1


Water vulnerability
All effects with a water gain a +1 DC for Felicita to resits
Points gained 1

Felicita is a fire type unexpectedly weak against water magic, this may be due to her heavy dependence on destructive fire magic for the majority of her abilities.


Attributes 10 + Combat 18 + saves 14 + skills 17 + feat 12 + powers 80 + drawbacks -1 = 150


Blood knight

Felicita has something of a calling to battle and not quite as noble as she should have. Felly likes a good fight. She loves all fights.

Felicita loves slaughter. Felicita loves sneak attacks. Felicita loves aggesion. Felicita loves defending. Felicita loves besiegement. Felicita loves destroying defenses. Felicita loves causing retreat. Felicita loves mop-up. Felicita loves helping withdrawal.

People Felicita likes fighting.


Felicita is very prideful and belives she deserves great many a thing in this world, mostly respect and saving face but sometimes to be first in line.


Being from a Military family Felicita has a high regard for the Military and does not wish to disobey orders or generally shame it.


Felicita values few things, and for all the complaints and abuse she gives to the sword it is one of her most prized possessions. She will go to extreme lengths to keep it.

Fire type Water afflicted

Much like she is susceptible to attacks from water based sources she sometimes suffers negative effects or just general discomfort for water elemental magic or just plain old water. These effects are not consistent and vary in severeness.


Age 17

Felicita is of average height and of an athletic build. She is of Caucasian decent with a dark brown hair, kept at a longer length often in a ponytail, with Hazel eyes. She has an arrogant aura that seems to dissipate when a superior comes around. She prefers wearing pants as apposed to skirts or other feminine clothing but will wear something more frilly to make an appearance. Regular social events is apar of her upbringing meeting the occasional Diplomat and brass of various nations, and to say the least she knows how to lay on the charm.


Often described as boyish and brash such comments fall on death ears. Felicita may be described by some as bitchy but she could care less about them. She is quite forward with her opinion but will hold her tongue when superiors are around. In general she's somewhat calm though when enjoying herself she's known to joke, but when she is mad she'll let you know it.


Felicita comes from a long linage of war heros and participants. The family takes pride in this fact and continues the tradition occupying a fairly high regard among the elite and higher levels of military divisions around the world. In current service are an uncle and a few cousins more in traditional military structures.

Felicita's Military involvement

While having extensive private and institutional training Felicita has developed her natural talent though has not been deployed.<insert bit about our military unit here>

Sword of ire

The Sword of ire is from an oddity to magic definition belonging to a group known as the Amalgam blades. These "blades" fall under the artifact and enchantment properties of magic. It has a physical form which has an indefinite time span without any dependence nor production of magical energy. This lasts until it's owner is able to touch it in which case it can change to other forms that usually have an elemental component or even allow become part of its owner in it's enchantment state. It's power is purely based on the owners control of magic and tend to reflect the users magical preferences reflecting enchantment more then artifact. In this form it is virtually indistinguishable from the owners own aura until they wish to give it a physical form. The blade may have only one owner at a time but the transference of the blade is no more then a simple transfer of energy through the blade in it's material form, usually in the form of a healing or energizing spell, and the blade is bonded to a new owner. If the owner dies the blade automatically resumes a material form and lies inert until someone cycles energy generally in a strengthening or identifying spell in which case it bounds to them. This transfer in material form lends evidence to an artifact classification.

Amalgam blades often end up in the hands of royalty or families with long war histories, though two are under scientific and magical study currently. These blades have no set form though they are often in the form of a sword like the way Felicita often wields it though her father, the previous owner, had a glaive like form for it. Felicita has an imitation of such a form when need be but the elemental element of the blade shows in it in those instances.



Amount Date Events
1 5/30/10 Felly finds the group a bit lacking, entertains herself by playing nuke target practice and runs laps as told
0 6/6/10 Felly blows up a van as the mission site is assulted
0 6/13/10 Felly rushes in, gets pounded by guns, shot at least 5 times and then patched up by super future drugs as she bleeds out her side
1 6/20/10 Get hit by corpse, watch space creature get blown back to wherever it came from. Get unintentionally molested by a cyborg in the shower. Another day in MCTF.
0 7/11/10 Finish the night off with some light explosive magic training and blast roommate unconscious while destroying her own bed. Another day in MCTF.
0 7/18/10 Felly deals with an awkward morning after and has to deal with telling her partner what she should already know
1 7/25/10 Felly blasts some friends, loses her cool, loses her sword, and then seemingly loses her mind for a minute
0 8/07/10 Felly tries to be friendly with boss and fails. Bothers a prisoner while mildly buzzed. Returns to bar to be assaulted by a floating drunk Kunede
Need to work here
1 ???? go into a creepy crashed ship. See shit, blow up shit. And meet A robot that will haunt them forever
1 1/01/11 Fight the bio boosted armor girls, boil a brain, and be ruined forever by online postings
Missing dates and other thigns
1 ???? Take down a giant infiltrated ship that has been taken over by the haunting bot. Do this by running into a flooded room and placing explosives
1 3/26/11 Tell a robot girl the person she just hit is going to take her apart and shove her into a hole.
1 4/09/11 Getting out of an exploding bydo stomach
1 5/08/11
0 5/25/11 Detour to the bydo ship in hopes of capturing enemy agent. Find nothing and come back for yet another round of decon.
1 PP Determination Training her blast more
1 PP Determined recovery Learning she needs to shake off damage more she starts to arrange her magical circuits to subtly strengthen her body.
1 PP Skills 2 more to gather information and 2 to notice. A certain Mayaryn is bothering her.
1PP (second chance (snares) ) For getting bound by some little twerp and her sister.
1pp (spent on firewave) For engine fire fight with radiation and robots.
1 pp (spent on space barrier) for burning a brain alive.
1pp (spent on concussive blast) for being beat up by a mecha girl in a giant biovessle.
1pp (spent on search) from escaping brain and getting annoyed at looking at meat
1pp (spent on accurate for sword of ire) for training with it.

Felly's math sheet

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