Essence La Essence

MaidInvictus changes topic to 'Tonight's Episode: Agathe is in a sticky situation! Will our hero find a way to prevail? Find out tonight on D̶r̶a̶g̶o̶n̶ ̶B̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶E̶ Exalted Curtain Call!'

<@MaidInvictus> Morning! The sun is peeking over the horizon, shedding its beautiful light on the entirety of the world — and doesn't the world just look better under His glorious eye? It does! Though, this city — THIS CITY — looks as filthy under the sunlight as it does under the moonlight, to the eyes of our hero, the brave and mighty Agathe Song. Joined by a cadre of her trusted followers, who are…
<@MaidInvictus> …already suiting up to meet the day by wrapping their fists and strapping on basic leathers and other protections, they awaken our thrice-graced heroine with their clamor. They'd made camp outside the burgeoning Guild trading city of Honmoja, where Agathe knows that an evil governor lives, who forces the villagers to play her petty games all to glorify her — it's a village of mostly…
<@MaidInvictus> …teenagers, with adults banished to work in the farms, and the entire place takes the pretense of an Academy of Badassitude. Unfortunately for them, Agathe knows what REAL badassitude is.
<@MaidInvictus> The town itself is quite advanced, in the Southeast of Creation; nice, temperate weather makes for good farming conditions, although trade is hindered by proximity to beastmen tribes. The buildings are mostly stone, with some metalworking remnants from the First Age still in good condition — the entire city is built ascending up a hill, with the corrupt governor, KIRYUAN SATSUKA, residing…
<@MaidInvictus> …at the top. You know her to be an essence user, though you're not sure exactly how; is she an exalt? The daughter of a god? But that won't matter, when you're hitting her in the face. You're at the bottom of the town, in your camp, and you're almost certainly awake by now. The camera brings us in to view our heroine, zipping past and around her many followers…

  • Agathe_Song has only just woken up a moment ago, and of course needs to make herself ready first. Strolling silently along, smiling at the followers as they prepare and trail behind her, she hands one her cloak and retreives her burnt knuckles from someone else to strap on. She does all this along the way to the small table where the groups food is stored and picks up the first leg of meat she sees. As she takes inelegent bites she eyes her way up the mountain, taking in sights, the places where 'defences' might cause trouble for her stragglers, where Kiryuan could flee, etc. It isn't a plan forming in her head, that doesn't tend to be how it works, just acknowledgements. Before she gets too caught up in fantizising what she'll shout to humiliate and humilify this guild master no matter what they do, she's interupted by biting into nothing but bone and as it cracks in half and falls to the ground, she knows she's done enough and gives the signal to the group and this town, not some fanciful gesture but simply an echoing clap of her hands, doubtless catching the attention of, and perhaps shattering the closest planes of glass, then starts marching up directly for Kiryuan.

<@MaidInvictus> There are plenty of buildings for hiding spots on the way up — no doubt her lackeys will be pouring out of those. There's also a railway system that goes straight up to KIRYUAN SATSUKA's fortress at the very top — you could try to take that. Try not to forget there are definitely civilians in the city, though, that might not be fine with the rule they're under — not EVERYONE is against…
<@MaidInvictus> …you, but trust no one on face value! As you approach the village, most people who spot you coming either recognize your punch-gloves, or you, or maybe they just don't like strangers, but they vanish into their homes. The first part of the city you're roaming through is the slums, at the bottom of the mountain: the people here live in absolute squalor, tiny houses all packed together and…
<@MaidInvictus> …rife with alleyways and other generally awful places to live. It's filthy, and you're pretty sure there's some kids ahe— yep. They've got bats and stuff: they demand you hand over some money if you want to pass down their street. Nyah ,see?

  • Agathe_Song Of course means no true harm to any of these people, and knows her people know better then to get exceptionally brutal with anyone. She brushes her short blonde hair to the side each time she looks in the direction of the rapidly locking up houses almost looking angry though, but on meeting the desperate youths, laughs. None of these could truly prove to be any sort of threat and walks up to one of them with a smile. As she approaches the one who must be the leader, or was brave enough to stand up front and thus should be at any rate, she bends down just slightly to keep their heads even in height and places one charblack gloved finger onto his bat and effortlessly pushes it down. "I'm glad someone is curtious enough to greet guests but I think the money I can offer you is not nearly as much as what you truly want, is it?" knowing he'll probably resist first, keeps her finger holding the weapon at bay, tilting her finger just subtley enough to let him know she's deffinitly keeping it at bay as he doubtless tries to wriggle it past her hand for an attack.

<@MaidInvictus> (2 die stunt. charisma + presence.)
<Agathe_Song> roll !e9
<Xomko> Exalt Agathe_Song rolled 3 success : [9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1]
<@MaidInvictus> He lowers his bat — someone who can move it around with a finger when he's actively trying to move it is probably not someone he wants to steal from. Still, though, he looks defiant. "You can't offer what we want! No one can!"

  • Agathe_Song straightens up now, grinning and pointing towards the headquaters of Kiryuan Satsuka. "Of course not! None of you can achive your dreams while you're under her rule, spending so much time and effort, making this place solely to keep people like you down! But I - we, intend to change that. Not for anything so pointless as money, but for you yourself! Why did you come here? To learn to fight, use essence just maybe? Hopes to become something greater? But how much closer to that goal have you gotten with this excuse for leadership when she works you all down like what I see around us?" gesturing to the slums.

<@MaidInvictus> His bat now drags against the grounds — your words seem to beat against his very soul, he's nearly flinching as you say them. "I… live here. We all do — she came to US. Said that the strong would be given their dues, they get to live at the top… and people who aren't strong enough live down here."

  • Agathe_Song smiles. She's got him. "So she says, but not everyone does what they say. Still, she'll learn soon enough. Unless you know a faster way to her, stand aside though, we have many more people who are similarly held back by her that we will have to pass before she doubtless willingly shows herself, then you'll have your chance to claim your fair dues."

<@MaidInvictus> "Fastest way to the top is the railway, but that's guarded by her Lieutenant, the Mad Dog. Otherwise you have to climb the mountain, and that's full of the people who follow her…"
<Agathe_Song> "Even better then, we can show both sides." turning to her followers "You climb the mountain! Speak to everyone in your way, you know what to tell them, I know you do. I will go see this mad dog, and teach him his error." and immediatly starts off for the rail.
<@MaidInvictus> They all pump their fists and say, "Ooorahhhh!!" And start charging up the mountain, each one trying to be first. You make your way towards the rail, entering a slightly nicer part of the city on the way, but you are waylaid by a group of four students who are no doubt KIRYUAN SATSUKA's lackeys! They're definitely gonna fight! Roll Join Battle!
<Agathe_Song> 7d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 7d10: 38 [7d10=4,1,9,8,8,7,1]
<@MaidInvictus> 2d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 2d10: 9 [2d10=3,6]
<@MaidInvictus> 2d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 2d10: 15 [2d10=7,8]
<@MaidInvictus> 2d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 2d10: 16 [2d10=7,9]
<@MaidInvictus> 2d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 2d10: 12 [2d10=10,2]
<@MaidInvictus> Alright, Agathe was definitely prepared for some hooligans! It's her action!

  • Agathe_Song will start off then moving in for whoever's closest, striking at them then and shouting "I seek the mad dog and your leader, KIRYUAN SATSUKA! Unless you are her in disguise, move aside or I'll make you!" with any luck, the first punch will dissuade the rest!

<@MaidInvictus> (1 die stunt, roll t hit)<Agathe_Song> 11d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 11d10: 82 [11d10=10,5,9,6,1,10,7,9,9,9,7]
<Agathe_Song> 12d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 12d10: 76 [12d10=5,6,6,5,5,8,6,4,8,9,4,10]
<Agathe_Song> 6d10 whoops
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, whoops: 37 [6d10=5,7,5,6,4,10]
<Maidu> Wow! Looks like you broke his nose, and he's -out cold-. One of the guys makes a move to dip on outta there, running down the hill, but the other two seem more than willing to fight back. They swing on you!
<Maidu> 5d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Maidu, 5d10: 19 [5d10=4,1,7,6,1]
<Maidu> 5d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Maidu, 5d10: 37 [5d10=10,6,9,9,3]
<Maidu> And there's no way either of them beat your dodge DV — you expertly dodge or smack their blows aside. We wrap back around to you — and normally a third guy would be here, but he's running. Easily catchable for someone as badass as Agathe, though.

  • Agathe_Song cares not for him running, he'll hear her message! "I said stand down! My fight's with her and her dog!"

<Maidu> cha + presence, specialty applicable
<Agathe_Song> 9d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 9d10: 51 [9d10=10,7,8,3,1,2,9,9,2]
<Maidu> They seem prepped to keep fighting, but… something about you just seems… off. They quiver for a moment, then dash off towards the rail system, yelling behind them, "You'll never beat the Mad Dog! You'll never even see Satsuka-sama's boot! Waaahhhh!"
<Maidu> Combat is over, of course, and there doesn't seem to be any more lackeys around — you catch sight of some of your own people beating a group of lackeys not far away, though they look a bit bruised, and you have a clear route to the railway.

  • Agathe_Song slams a foot down and calls out skyward. "Mad dog! Face me and show that someone who falls for this corrupted idea of man's strength has some conviction to show for it!" and immediatly starts stomping for the railway. If he shows up or not, she'll start things up just for herself, and for arriving late like a fool he can chase after her.

<Maidu> As you approach the railway, it seems your taunt was effective — you can see someone up on the platform, looking down at you with the sun behind them to create a silhouette — you can see that he or she has a massive sword, one that they no doubt can use to great effectiveness. As you hear their voice, you realize that they are male: "The Mad Dog doesn't answer calls from worms! If you…
<Maidu> …set foot on my platform, I won't hold back! You'll never make it to Satsuka-samaaaa!"
<Agathe_Song> "Finally! Honmoja has had little to show for it so far, so please do anything you want, except hold back!" and then, ever so slowly and purpsefully, steps one single foot onto the railway car, waits for just the faintest twitch of a reaction from him, and to suddenly surges essence to her legs, fists venting the quickest jet of magical steam, the burst of strength into her legs for the monkey leap technique, to launch herself up from the platform right at him!
<Maidu> (2 die stunt, join battle!)
<Agathe_Song> 9d10 join!
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, join!: 53 [9d10=8,10,10,3,2,1,8,5,6]
<Maidu> 7d10 join battle.
<Ekseltidbawt> Maidu, join battle.: 32 [7d10=4,2,4,6,7,2,7]
<Maidu> Agathe, having started the fight, very much has the initiative. It's her move! Aim for the root of his valor!

  • Agathe_Song aims her punch for his face first, if he's tough enough to take the first hit, perhaps. She gives a shout of rage for it will clearly add to the force of it!

<Maidu> (1 die, accuracy~)
<Agathe_Song> 11d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 11d10: 60 [11d10=3,5,2,9,7,10,4,4,4,7,5]
<Maidu> Woah! He swings his sword, slapping your attack aside, then spins and brings his massive reaver daiklave-esque blade around in a vicious swipe! He's really not fucking around!
<Maidu> 7d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Maidu, 7d10: 18 [7d10=4,3,1,2,1,2,5]
<Maidu> Lmfao he accidentally lets go and it goes flying across the arena and embeds itself in the nearest railway car.

  • Agathe_Song landing right beside him, crouching from the attempted crosscounter, takes just a moment herself to realize the blunder, actually darting her eyes down to see if she's run into some sort of miraculous swordsman who's cut her in half without noticing, before the clang of the blade informs her of the truth. She takes another second, and then with a sigh stands back up, dedicating just a small amount of essence, fist venting steam, to create more painful but ultimately soft buffer of force and backhanding the fool in the root of valor.

<Maidu> (2 die, roll it)
<Agathe_Song> 14d10 2 excellency
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 2 excellency: 73 [14d10=3,1,8,10,3,2,6,4,8,6,5,6,5,6]
<Maidu> Woah! Your fist narrowly misses his crotch as he leans WAY back, head touching the ground as he does some kind of acrobatic fucking backflip. Amazingly, too, you hear his sword wrench itself free of the cable car… and come flying back towards you, from behind!! It's only now that you see the imperceptible wire attached to his fingers!
<Maidu> 8d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Maidu, 8d10: 58 [8d10=6,7,10,9,10,7,5,4]
<Maidu> 12d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Maidu, 12d10: 51 [12d10=4,7,2,1,6,5,1,5,1,1,8,10]
<Maidu> (3 damage pre-soak, lethal)
<Maidu> Slice! It does only superficial damage, but it's enough to startle you and draw some blood! He seems pretty smug.
<Maidu> "Heh… don't underestimate the Mad Dog of the Four Elites!!"
<Agathe_Song> "And I almost thought you made a complete blunder. I wonder if the others need such drastic measures to disguise their clumsiness!" and rushing at him once more with a punch to his chest, intending to launch him into the controlls and start things moving!
<Maidu> (2 die! roll it!)
<Agathe_Song> 12d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 12d10: 76 [12d10=9,10,8,9,6,4,4,7,1,2,6,10]
<Agathe_Song> 12d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 12d10: 57 [12d10=5,10,3,2,8,6,5,3,3,8,1,3]
<Maidu> He seems to tank it, but he moves back several inches. You're gonna have to swing for the fences with this guy… which is exactly what he does with you!! His sword comes down for your head!
<Maidu> roll 11d10
<Maidu> 11d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Maidu, 11d10: 70 [11d10=6,4,1,6,7,9,3,10,10,9,5]
<Maidu> A strange glint comes from his gaudy clothing! Something's happening here…!
<Maidu> 14d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Maidu, 14d10: 78 [14d10=5,1,3,1,9,10,3,5,5,9,8,10,1,8]
<Maidu> He still doesn't beat your soak. You manage to stop the blade on your gauntlets.

  • Agathe_Song holds the sword at bay with both fists up above her head, noticing this, straightens up and throws the locked parry to the side with one arm and jumps into the air, other arm aimed to punch him in the jaw!

<Maidu> (2 die. roll~)
<Agathe_Song> 12d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 12d10: 66 [12d10=8,1,1,2,6,3,8,4,10,9,8,6]
<Maidu> You hit, no threshold.
<Agathe_Song> 10d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 10d10: 52 [10d10=9,8,3,5,10,7,2,1,5,2]
<Agathe_Song> 16d10 mercies~
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, mercies~: 99 [16d10=2,8,2,5,7,9,4,9,1,7,6,7,10,3,9,10]

  • Agathe_Song as she launches up, propelling him back into the collection of controls, kicks him into the chest as he hopes to make a recovery and launches herself back, spinning in the air. As she lands on the ground in front of him, steam from the fists obscure the whole railcar for a moment, it starts moving from the lurching train going into motion but what finishes it is a brilliant white-gold globe glows on her forehead, throwing it all aside and illuminating things once more.

<Maidu> 2 dice! roll them seperate from the 16d10 there.
<Agathe_Song> 2d10 1s
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 1s: 12 [2d10=8,4]
<Maidu> That's enough to put him over his damage limit — he slams into the controls, destroying them as they spark and electrocute him. As he drops to his knees, he seems to try to use his suit again, there's the strange glint… but then he spits up blood and his hand touches the floor. Looks like he's done.
Agathe_Song smirks, he's beat now and cant' do more. "You gave it your all. Maybe once I'm done here, if you keep training…" and jumps to the front of the train to personally see it advance. Observing the whole scene as she raises up, she inhales and then screams out at the top of her lungs. "KIRYUAN SATSUKAAAAAAAAAA!"
<MaidInvictus> ahahaha. The train chugs slowly up the hill — you pass into another nicer part of town, leaving the Mad Dog behind in his unhappiness and defeat. Pretty soon, though, you hear footsteps behind you…! A quick look will reveal that the second of Satsuka's lieutenants, The Boiled Toad, has arrived. A massive mountain of a man, he seems to be unarmed, but you know for a fact that he's…
<MaidInvictus> …going to try and punch you. He points at you intimidatingly, but says nothing.
<Agathe_Song> "You've got the silence down, but can you claim the strong part?!" and rushing him down, brings both of her fists up in front of her!
<MaidInvictus> 1 die, join battle~
<Agathe_Song> 8d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 8d10: 40 [8d10=5,2,8,7,1,6,3,8]
<MaidInvictus> 7d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 7d10: 44 [7d10=3,7,9,1,5,10,9]
<MaidInvictus> Oh snap. He seems to have been more prepared than our heroine — he leaps into action, attempting to smash her off the train!
<MaidInvictus> 8d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 8d10: 32 [8d10=2,5,5,4,6,2,4,4]
<MaidInvictus> And he misses by a longshot.

  • Agathe_Song dodging around it, grabs ahold of him and starts climbing up his back to punch him somewhere he'll feel it!

<MaidInvictus> 2 die
<Agathe_Song> 14d10 2 excellency
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 2 excellency: 91 [14d10=9,2,7,4,2,2,9,9,10,6,8,9,8,6]
<MaidInvictus> 3 threshold.
<Agathe_Song> 17d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 17d10: 116 [17d10=5,10,10,10,10,7,4,5,10,8,2,10,4,4,5,3,9]
<MaidInvictus> You really give him a good drubbing! He seems to stay up through it, though, and he leaps up, attempting to slam you into the train by just landing on his back!
<MaidInvictus> 9d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 9d10: 50 [9d10=10,5,10,1,6,3,7,7,1]
<MaidInvictus> 14d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 14d10: 80 [14d10=6,10,1,1,5,5,7,10,5,6,10,4,5,5]

  • Agathe_Song as she climbs up the man's back and punches him away, her glowing forehead intensifies, until any hope of hiding it is now for naught and her whole body subtley glows with the same pale golden light. She takes the hit and doesn't even flinch as she now grabs his arm pulls it past her, quickly raising her fist to punch him in the face as he falls into her!

<MaidInvictus> 2!
<Agathe_Song> 12d10 !
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, !: 65 [12d10=7,3,8,6,8,4,5,7,2,7,1,7]
<MaidInvictus> No threshold
<Agathe_Song> 14d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 14d10: 71 [14d10=7,10,5,7,8,1,5,8,1,6,2,3,2,6]
<MaidInvictus> He seems to take this hit a lot better than the last, but he's definitely wavering — though, there's that odd glint again… and this one's brighter than before! He swings for the fences!
<MaidInvictus> 16d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 16d10: 102 [16d10=7,9,9,6,8,10,7,1,5,4,9,8,5,7,5,2]
<MaidInvictus> 25d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 25d10: 160 [25d10=1,10,5,4,1,6,7,2,2,10,6,9,9,10,6,6,5,4,9,9,6,7,10,6,10]

  • Agathe_Song takes the hit and starts falling back… as far as she can lean back, then leans foreward again, grinning, she spits a small drop of blood on the ground and suddenly is awash in armor that seems to be made of almost fire, if not for its obvious lack of heat and truly physical presence. "Was that the best you could muster?"

<MaidInvictus> He grits his teeth, looking quite pissed off by your taunt. You can HEAR his teeth grinding, in fact, but there's also blood leaking from his left eye, and from his mouth — it doesn't look like he's got much more fight in him, and you're nearly at the top.
<Agathe_Song> "I thought as much, now, do me a favor and tell whatever other elites you've got that they too are wasting their time! I'm only here for the one in charge!" and drawing her fist back, drives it foreward to launch him away and let him pass on her message.
<MaidInvictus> Normally that would be 1 die, but he can't do much! He gets launched off the tram as soon as it reaches the top, sliding to a stop in front of what you assume are the last two elites, and at least a hundred lackeys.
<MaidInvictus> They all seem ready to fight you, but then a loud voice calls out from above, with a bright light shining behind her! The voice could belong to no other than…
<MaidInvictus> KIRYUAN… SATSUKA!!
<MaidInvictus> And there she is, in all her glory, holding a pure black curved sword, looking down on you condescendingly. She takes the stairs one at a time, slowly, her shoes clacking loudly on each step, and the entire crowd parts to let her through, as she approaches you.

  • Agathe_Song stares at the whole sight, looking almost divinely offended at the attitudes around her and spits another bit of blood on the ground. "Finally…" and starts bolting to meet her up the stairs, people getting in her way, she throws them to the side and her entire body, still covered in armor, starts growing, firey effects from all its edges growing, washing around and brightening up everything as she goes into hero-form. Sparks of incombatability with what they're trying to handle burst out of the gaps in her knuckles and she screams as loudly as possible. "KIRYUAN SATSUKAAAAAAAAA!"

<MaidInvictus> Satsuka breaks out into the same run, her sword freed from its metal prison with a metallic ring, and a clatter as the sheathe falls to the wayside, no doubt picked up by a scurrying minion. She meets you in the middle, clashing her sword against your fists, then leaps away, gaining some distance and facing off with you. Her own voice rings out in unison with yous, and for some reason……
<MaidInvictus> …she knows you. "*AGATHE SOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGG!!"
<MaidInvictus> (2 dice. i fucked up my bold tags. join battle!!)
<MaidInvictus> 12d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 12d10: 68 [12d10=5,10,6,5,9,5,3,3,2,3,7,10]
<Agathe_Song> 9d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 9d10: 54 [9d10=7,2,10,5,4,5,10,2,9]
<MaidInvictus> The two warriors are evenly matched! Kiryuan strikes with her sword, leaving after-images in its wake! "You dare invade my turf!?!"
<MaidInvictus> 10d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 10d10: 47 [10d10=2,9,2,3,4,8,3,2,4,10]
<Agathe_Song> "You dare keep these people as slaves?!" one fist blocking her blade, another striking at her, she is only one single impossible to miss form for possibly now miles.
<Agathe_Song> 10d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 10d10: 53 [10d10=7,10,1,8,3,4,3,9,6,2]
<MaidInvictus> Your fist is blocked by an equally swift movement of Satsuka's blade, showering the area with sparks! She keeps pace with you, swinging strike after strike!
<MaidInvictus> 10d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 10d10: 62 [10d10=4,4,4,6,8,7,3,9,7,10]
<MaidInvictus> 15d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 15d10: 58 [15d10=4,5,10,1,3,3,9,2,1,2,1,2,10,4,1]
<Agathe_Song> 10d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 10d10: 69 [10d10=8,8,9,9,4,5,3,5,8,10]
<Agathe_Song> 10d10
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 10d10: 69 [10d10=8,8,9,9,4,5,3,5,8,10]
<Agathe_Song> 16d10 4 excellency
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 4 excellency: 99 [16d10=9,8,4,8,4,8,2,9,4,7,8,4,7,10,5,2]
<MaidInvictus> Wham! You hit her, and she feels it! She recoils from your attack, but quickly catches herself and launches into a vicious attack! The glint from before comes from her gaudy uniform, but it's much stronger than the others.
<MaidInvictus> 14d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 14d10: 85 [14d10=6,10,9,9,8,6,1,8,9,3,5,3,5,3]
<MaidInvictus> 14d10
<Ekseltidbawt> MaidInvictus, 14d10: 83 [14d10=9,10,6,7,7,8,8,10,6,1,1,5,3,2]

  • Agathe_Song catching the sword for a moment, grins, lets it go and watches it bounce away from her spirit armor. "Do you see yet?! You think you know strength?! You think you can teach it, while you hold down some and favor others?! I heard you were strong, special, and I've seen nothing but weak attempts from any of you!"
  • Agathe_Song and with that deleives a backhand to her!

<MaidInvictus> 2 die!
<Agathe_Song> 15d10 3 excellencies
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 3 excellencies: 72 [15d10=2,9,2,7,1,9,6,5,6,7,3,4,4,6,1]
<MaidInvictus> Not one to be shamed, Kiryuan Satsuka turns her face just as your backhand would have hit — you feel yourself brush against her skin, but nothing more, and she leaps back, clearly about to pull off something disastrous. She reaches to a small device on her wrist, and yanks something out of it! A bright light envelops her!
<Agathe_Song> "Far too late for your plans now! You should have thought of what to do when you find someone stronger then you before!" and rushes her down. Essence sparking, jetting out in steam and introducing everyone to the unique smell of burning jade to slam both fists at the same time into her chest!
<MaidInvictus> 2~
<Agathe_Song> 16d10 4 excellency
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 4 excellency: 97 [16d10=6,9,7,6,4,10,4,1,1,9,6,4,9,2,9,10]
<MaidInvictus> threshold of 4.
<Agathe_Song> 16d10 2 more excellency
<Ekseltidbawt> Agathe_Song, 2 more excellency: 78 [16d10=1,2,5,6,5,3,6,8,1,10,5,8,2,7,3,6]
<MaidInvictus> It's just enough damage to do what you need — she's sent flying backwards, her transformation interrupted. Unfortunately, it's not quite what you expected. You think she's just going to impact a wall and make a nice crater, be a bit dinged up, not able to fight anymore… but it seems there was someone behind her, waiting, and you see that someone's fist protruding from Satsuka's chest. …
<MaidInvictus> …She gasps for air, just as surprised as you are, before the person retracts their fist and lets the girl fall to the ground. The minions and lackeys in the area immediately go to one knee, and from the looks on their faces, it isn't purposeful. The woman — as you now see it's a tall woman, with startlingly blonde-white hair — steps forward, a white dress trailing on the ground, though…
<MaidInvictus> …part of it is now bloody. She smiles at you, and blows you a kiss.
<MaidInvictus> "I couldn't have done it better myself, darling. You newbies are so easy to manipulate, aren't you? Poor girl. Never saw it coming…" It's not entirely clear which poor girl she's talking about, but.. you can definitely smell the essence coming off her. She's fresh to the fight, too!
Agathe_Song pausing for a moment, eyes shrunken and her anima's blaze actually flickers and almost seems like it will go out for a moment as she watches someone, disgusting as they were, that was a good match, someone with some serious potential die… before bursting back up brighter then ever! screaming, as suddenly her followers start coming from around, not real, they probably haven't arrived yet, though they would have perfect cover as the two remaining elites find glowing golden copies of themselves walk away from their own bodies, as well as the other two, now golden, leap off the train and engauge these people, as well as numerous other nobodies. "MANIPULATIVE SCUM! I'LL… SHOW YOU!" and suddenly starts with one fist raised, the other dragging along the ground leaving ruin in its wake "YOU THINK YOU'RE CLEVER?!" striking the fist in the air down on her and reguardless of its success into the ground. The other fist follows, raising up and bringing the chaos of the magically charged ground with it. "THINK YOU CAN STAND UP TO SOMEONE LIKE ME?!"
<MaidInvictus> WHAM. THUD. Both your fists connect soundly with the target — one on her face, one in her stomach — there's a flash of green essence, and you feel as if your fists have just connected with metal. She doesn't seem to have taken any damage, and she looks at you with a laugh already leaving her lips. She shoves you away, and you can feel the force behind it — definitely essence. She…
<MaidInvictus> …squares off against you, holding her right hand out; a split second later, what appears to be a rusted golden half-of-a-scissor appears in her hand, and she twirls it expertly before assuming a dueling stance.
<MaidInvictus> "I should ask you the same thing, child! You did wonderfully against a mortal… but how will you fare against a PRINCE?! Hahaha!"
<Agathe_Song> "You think you're worthy of a title like that?! I'll show you worth! Murderer!" slamming the fists again into the ground in rage, charges at her!
<MaidInvictus> She seems ready to charge back, but… something tall and white appears in front of you — and it's not the evil Exalt over there. It's someone in a full get-up of an immaculate monk, which you've seen once or twice before. But instead of trying to bash your head in, he seems to be bashing HER head in — he gives her a nasty kick, which sends her towards the wall, and makes an attempt to…
<MaidInvictus> …at least hope you'll not charge at him. His voice is clear and concise, but strained with worry: "You don't have time for this! You don't know me, but you're in grave danger!"

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