Diva of Automated Harmony
Diva's typical appearance, not concealed by charms.

Name: Diva of Automated Harmony
Caste: Orichalcum
Motivation: Awaken Autocthon (so he can address the problems within himself)
Inspirations: Hatsune Miku, Lady Shurelia (Ar Tonelico), Blame! (For Autocthonia in general), Daft Punk, Kraftwerk. Musical genres: In general, Techno, Dance, Eelctronica, and Ar Tonelico's Hymmnos tracks.


Diva has long teal hair and brilliant teal eyes which sparkle like gemstones. She appears to be a young woman anywhere from her late teens to early 20s, and it's difficult to place her actual age. Her skin is a porcelain white in color, and lightly brushed with a dusting of gold. She usually wears her hair in twintails, although she also sometimes braids it or lets it hang down loose. Her manner of dress depends largely on the area, with her transformative armor often configured to fit in with the locals (especially in Creation). She also has a number of stage outfits which she can switch to, should she need to put on a concert. She moves gracefully and efficiently, and often seems to do so in tune with a beat or song only she can hear.

Her charms tend to be artistically crafted devices, with as much given to form as to function. A number of them appear to be some sort of unusual piercings or jewelry, as their external components are rather subtle. Orichalcum wires glitter just beneath her skin, and pulse or glow with power as she expends essence.

When she assumes a human appearance, her hair and eye color remain the same, and her skin color remains pale, but not unnaturally so. She still overall has a doll-like appearance.

Background and other things

Catalyzed a few years ago to be an entertainer, Diva of Automated Hrmony has enjoyed a good life in the public eye and happily lived up to her role. Her performances and efforts in the arts are exemplary, and she meshes well with most any endeavor, although she truly shines when singing. She carved a niche for herself as a major icon, if something of an untouchable one. As her fame grew, she sometimes went on tour to neighboring nations to entertain the people there, and often act as diplomat on the side.

When not performing, Diva often leverages her popularity and influence, such as it is, to steer people toward cooperation and help smooth things over, and has put many efforts toward integrating the recent influx of Sovan refugees. The usual propaganda involving her takes the form of polite requests or reminders of the rules of society (so, typical stuff idols might appear in, at least PSA style, etc). Although it's not her primary purpose, she's shown some aptitude for artifice and magictech, and has even designed and created some artifacts of her own, including her signature daiklaive, Radiant Anthem, which is never far from her side, whether on stage or on the battlefield.

Diva's brilliance and diplomatic nature eventually caught the eye of a Paradigmatic sect with an unusual plan: to breach the Seal of Eight Divinities and begin exploring Creation. She was unsure of the radical idea at first, but certain legends of Creation still circulate in Gulak, and they were intriguing. Living trees of wood, rather than jade, whole new peoples and their own Exalted leaders, and the wonders they have surely wrought. She and the others involved on the project devoted a great deal of time and resources to create unusual new technologies based around Elsewhere, both as a first step toward reaching Creation, and as an important support system to the first group sent through. Diva herself volunteered to be the first,undergoing extensive rebuilding in the Vats and finally preparing to embark on a new journey. The idea was, should anything terrible happen, she wouldn't will it upon someone else to be killed by her work, and should it not, well…a Moonsilver caste may have been a better choice simply for their natural talents as spies, but an Orichalcum caste is well equipped to overcome any obstacle presented to them and make the best of it. As it currently would be a one-way trip, she may have a better chance of securing a more stable route, and already plans to prepare the way for diplomatic relations. After all, Gulak is a nation of immigrants and trade.

Character Sheet


X Strength 3
X Dexterity 4
Stamina 3
X Charisma 5
Manipulation 3
X Appearance 4
X Perception 2
X Intelligence 3
Wits 3


Archery 0
Athletics 2
Awareness 3
Dodge 4
Martial Arts 0
Melee 3
Resistance 3
Thrown 0
War 0
Craft (Mundane) 0
Craft (Magitech) 0
Larceny 0
Linguistics 1
Performance 5
Presence 4
Ride 0
Sail 0
Socialize 4
Stealth 0
Survival 0
Bureaucracy 0
Investigation 2
Lore 3
Medicine 2
Occult 3
Song (Performance) 3
Dance (Performance) 2
Rabid Fans (Socialize) 2



Background Rating
Artifact 3
Class 3
Familiar 2
Savant 2
The innards of a gigantic music box, turning in tempo with Diva's actions.
Willpower 8
unspent unspent unspent unspent unspent unspent unspent unspent


B 7 L 7 A 6
Dodge DV 6 Parry DV 5
-0 ok
-1 ok ok ok ok
-2 ok ok ok ok ok
-2 ok ok ok ok ok
-2 ok
-4 ok
Incapacitated ok
Dying ok ok ok


Compassion Temperance
1 2 3 0 0 1 2 0 0 0
Conviction Valor
1 2 3 0 0 1 2 0 0 0
1 2 3 0 0 0
Personal 17 5
Peripheral 45 31
Committed 26

Installed Charms

Dedicated Cost
First Charisma Augmentation 1m
First Dexterity Augmentation 1m
Radiant Iconography Array
Perfected Union Patterning 1m
Patriotism-Provoking Display 1m
Man-Machine Weaving Interface 1m
Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier 1m
Personal Gravity Manipulation Apapratus 1m
General Cost
Auxiliary Essence Storage Unit 1m
Interpolative Syntax Emulator 1m
6th Intelligence Augmentation (Int+Crafts) 1m
Strain-resistant Chassis Modification 1m
Strain-resistant Chassis Modification 1m
Strain-resistant Chassis Modification 0m


Name Charms Cost Description
Combo name What's in it Cost to activate it Fluffy description of its effects.

Paste more into that chart as you need it, too.


Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Parry DV Range Rate
Radiant Anthem 5 11 8L/2 +3 5 Melee 4

Changed accuracy and damage to the full base pools rather than the weapon's bonuses.

Armor Type Soak (B/L) Hardness (B/L) Fatigue Mobility Dodge DV
Transformative Armor Artifact (light) 4 6 2 2 0 0 6

Join Combat: 6
Move/Dash: 4/10

Social Combat
Dodge MDV: 7
Join Debate: 6

Ability Speed Accuracy (Cha/Man) Parry MDV (Cha/Man) Rate Notes
Investigation 5 7/5 4/3 2
Performance 6 10/8 5/4 1 Attacks a whole area
Presence 4 9/7 5/4 2


  • Gulak, her home nation (Patriotism)
  • Leeks
  • Goal: Create a lasting peaceful relationship between Creation and Autocthonia
  • Her Assembly/Circle (Camaraderie/Friendship)
  • Her familiar (Useful)
  • Singing (Love/joy)
  • Twintails


  • Native Language: Autocthonic
  • Old Realm
  • Riverspeak

Expanded Backgrounds

  • Familiar: A flying automaton roughly the size and shape of a hawk. It is intelligent and capable of communicating in basic autocthonic. It can record and send or receive up to an hour of audio-video footage for a cost of 5 motes (for transmission). The mote cost for transmission is waived if this ability is used to communicate between points in either Creation or Autocthonia, but must be paid in other realms of existence or to communicate across dimensions. Any footage it records can also be stored indefinitely. The familiar can only send broadcasts to and receive them from specific receivers. One such receiver is in Autocthonia, and Diva has a portable one with her. Str/Dex/Sta: 2/3/2, Per/Int/Wits/WP: 5/2/4/4 Health: -0, -1*2, -2*2, Incap.
  • Artifact:
    • Radiant Anthem (Artifact 3): An orichalcum Daiklaive with a unique telescoping design, designed and built by Diva herself. The blade can be collapsed into the hilt, which can then be used as a microphone, providing a (+user's permanent essence) bonus to Performance checks where applicable when it's used. Stowing or deploying the blade is a Speed 5/DV-1 miscellaneous action. Attune cost 5
    • Transformative Armor (Artifact 2): A set of clothes carefully woven out of all five magical materials, transformative armor allows one to dress their best and be protected from harm. By paying 1 mote, the wearer may direct the armor to take on any appearance they choose. Designing a new outfit requires an Int+Craft (mundane) roll. The armor remembers all forms it has previously taken and can assume them at no cost. Transforming the armor is a speed 5/DV-1 miscellaneous action. Attune cost 4
    • Arc Protector (Artifact 1): Dark glasses or goggles to protect the eyes from bright lights, arcing lightning, etc. Standard-issue for those foraying into Creation to protect the eyes from the light of the Sun.
    • Essence Capacitor (Artifact 2): A small assembly of crystal and fine wires. By attuning to the artifact for a cost of 1 mote, the bearer may receive its rating in motes per hour. A capacitor may provide a current of essence for up to 25 hours before it must shut down to recharge. It can be shut down earlier by releasing commitment. Capacitors require one hour of charging for every two spent respiring essence, and do so from ambient motes.
    • Flaw Scanner (Artifact 1): A set of synthetic leather straps attached to an Orichalcum ring locked around an amethyst disk, worn so that the jewel fits in the palm of the user's hand. Spending 1 Willpower or 2 motes causes the gem to thrum faintly and project a cone of soft violet light for a scene. Up to a square yard of area may be examined per action, and any cracks, flaws, or ares of inadvertent stress appear highlighted in this light and glow with a purple-white aura. This provides a one-die bonus to any Craft rolls to repair detected flaws, provided the user studies the damage for at least five actions.
  • Savant: Diva gains two bonus dice to any Lore roll involving science or magic. She also adds her rating to any ratings in Lore, Occult, and Crafts in order to meet any requirements to operate, maintain, and repair magitech.


For brevity, the full details of any Augmentation/Excellency will only be listed once, with the rest only being listed by name where appropriate. Cost values in parentheses represent the installation cost of the charm, in committed personal essence. The "Installed" entry notes whether or not the charm is currently installed. Any charms not installed are in Diva's panoply.

1st Strength Augmentation: Essence Optimized
In moments of critical necessity, intrinsic competence can receive exponential augmentation.
Installed: No
Cost: 1m/die (1m)
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant

Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus
A set of reinforcing components and essence capacitors in the lower legs which, when activated, allows the Alchemical to twist gravity in one of two ways.
Installed: Yes
Cost: 4m (1m)
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Stackable, Combo-OK
Duration: One Scene


Driving the Shadow Machine
The Weaver summons a floating mass of roiling shadow. Once they take the controls, it launches itself into the air and once the weaver speaks a destination, circles once to gets its bearings as it rises, then speeds away, leaving a trail of dark mist in its wake.
Cost: 20 m
Min. Clarity: 2


(not counting character-creation XP)
Total: 36
Current: 36
XP Spent:

Spent on:

  • list

Other Notes:

  • 1 scene toward building a positive intimacy in the Peasantry of Varisston, toward Diva.
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