Maia Lena Singh

Name: Maia Lena Singh
Caste: Twilight
Inspirations: Twoearle (Ore Twintail), Lezard Valeth (Valkyrie Profile), Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia)


Maia is about average in height, and rather busty. She has long, light green hair and blue eyes. She usually dresses to emphasize her body, and always wears a long white coat, which she has alchemically treated to resist burns and stains. It's quite useful for just about any sort of work. She designs her own outfits and probably has what some would call an eccentric fashion sense. She also usually wears a beret or similar floppy hat.

Background and other things

Before the Second Breath, Maia was a reasonably successful and skilled Scavenger Lord, making a living plundering tombs for tokens of ages past or working as a smith when her latest venture didn't pan out or she needed to fund her next one. She managed well enough, and was making a living, if not a particularly great or noteworthy one. In a turn of events which would usually find a Scavenger Lord dead of starvation or worse, she found herself trapped in an unexplored tomb, after triggering one too many traps and causing a small cave-in. With no other way than through, she proceeded to work on getting further into the tomb. Her efforts in defeating the sorcerous puzzle-locks, traps and other challenges within the tomb drew a solar exaltation to her, and without it, she more than likely would be a corpse in a tomb people continue to avoid for good reason.

After she finally found another exit from the tomb in which she was trapped, Maia went about her life much as before, although she was still clearly changed. She often worked like a woman possessed, driving toward greater and still unreachable heights of craftsmanship. When not busy with that, she spent a lot of time studying the local tombs and doing what she could to learn of Ages past. Many would consider her pursuits dangerous, if not outright heretical, but she was determined to do…something to make the world a better place than it was even in the ages of legend. As far as most people are concerned, she'd gone from being simply an eccentric to being a complete madwoman, although her skills were sharper than ever and her services thus still in some demand.

Maia eventually began traveling further and further afield, and during one of her longer trips, the young Solar ended up in an encounter with the Fair Folk that did not go well for her. She had grossly overestimated her own ability, as is not unusual for the newly exalted, and she lost, hard. She doesn't elaborate much on what happened while she was a prisoner of the Freehold, or how she escaped, but she's clearly been changed by the experience. If pressed on just why she hates the Fair Folk so much, she tends to just say they stole her "precious thing," or "precious feelings." Whatever the case, there's something missing in her eyes, and anyone who knew her both before and after can tell that she's changed, and probably not for the better.

Her ability to love has been taken from her, and she quite frankly wants it back. She does what she can to fill the gap with some mixture of perversion, lewdness, obsession, lust, and so-on, but it doesn't really work or make her come off as the most…ordinary of individuals. Although it is probably terrible to be the object of what passes for her affections, she is still completely capable of platonic friendship, respect, and other such relationships. She enjoys teasing those around her, especially her friends, and doesn't seem to mind if she gets herself into trouble as a result. Currently, she's seeking new relics and knowledge of the past, and doing her best to hunt down certain Fair Folk nobles for revenge.

Character Sheet

Maia Lena Singh

Caste: Twilight Concept: Mad Scientist
Totemic Anima: Maia's anima takes the form of large butterfly wings coming from her back, edged in gold and composed primarily of blue and purple panels. The wings bend and refract the light they catch into ghostly images of wonders and creatures from the past age, and of ages yet to come.
Inspirations: Twoearle (Ore Twintail), Lezard Valeth (Valkyrie Profile), Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia)
Age: 25 Sex: Female Skin: Bronzed Hair: Light Green Eyes: Blue


Personal 13 13
Peripheral 28 33
Committed 5


Strength ●●
Dexterity ●●●●
Stamina ●●●
Charisma ●●
Manipulation ●●
Appearance ●●●
Perception ●●●●
Intelligence ●●●●
Wits ●●●


F Brawl
Integrity ●●
F Performance ●●●
Survival ●●
F Awareness ●●●
F Dodge ●●●●●
F Larceny ●●●
S Craft ●●●●●
C Investigation
C Lore ●●●
C Medicine
C Occult ●●●●●

Martial Arts
F Single Point Shining into the Void ●●●●●
Martial Arts Swords
Larceny Locks
Awareness Traps
Lore History
Craft Artifacts


5+m Peripheral to advance Banner
Dim Default
Glowing Caste Mark shines; -3 Stealth/Disguise
Burning Blazing Anima; Stealth Impossible
Bonfire Totemic Displays; Illuminate short range; Visible for miles; Stealth Impossible
  • Know the exact time of day (1m)
  • Display Caste Mark indefinitely (1m)
  • 5 Hardness for 1 turn, works in crash (5m or Bonfire+)
  • Disappear until Sunset, reappear at place of power (10m, 1wp)
  • Make elemental/Demon familiar (10m)


●●●●● ●○○○○
□□□□□ □■■■■


Defining (+4/-3)

  • My creations will improve the world (strong belief)
  • Learn about the wonders of the past age and surpass them (Goal/motivation)

Major (+3/-2)

  • Fair Folk (enmity/hatred)
  • Personal freedom (personal philosophy)
  • Exploring ruins (interest/hobby)

Minor (+2/-1)

  • Cute girls (attraction)
  • Embarrassing secrets
  • Other exalted (Curiosity)

Great Curse

Whenever Maia is completely ignored, overlooked, or disregarded.
□□□□□ □□□□□


3 Artifacts
2 Boundless Endurance
2 Eidetic Memory
2 Language (Old Realm, Low Realm)
1 Resources
N/A Thauamturgist


Should I do something for the whole missing "love" thing?


Join Battle: 6 /+3 Rush: 4 Disengage: 9
Weapon Type Accuracy
( W / D )
Damage /
Parry Tags
Slashing Sword M 11 9 9L 2 6 Lethal, Melee, Balanced
Armor Type Soak Hard Mob
Evasion Tags
Natural - 4 - - 5
Buff Jacket L +3 0 0 5
Total - 7 0 0 4
Invulnerable Skin of Bronze M +7 7 0 5
Total (ISB only) - 10 7 0 5
Buff Jacket + ISB M 12 6 0 5

Health Levels and Recovery

Track Recovery
ok : B : L : A Bash Lethal
-0 ok 1 hr 1 day
-1 ok 12 hrs 2 days
-1 ok
-2 ok 1 day 3 days
-2 ok
-4 ok 2 days 5 days
In ok Storyteller

Social Combat

Join Debate: 3 Resolve: 3 Guile: 1
Name Dice pool Targets Effect
Read Intentions (Perception+Socialize) 4 Guile Learn what another character wants to achieve, or learn about target's Intimacies
Inspire (Usually Performance) 5 Resolve Inspire an emotion of the user's choice in the target.
Threaten (Performance) 5 Resolve Does not need an intimacy. Intimidate/threaten someone to do what you want or take negative consequences. Target forms a negative intimacy towards you.
Bargain (Performance) 5 Resolve Does not need an intimacy. Convince a target to do what you want by offering a gift, bribe, etc.
Persuade (Performance) 5 Resolve Must be supported by an intimacy. Convinces a target to take a course of action in line with said intimacy.
Instill (Performance) 5 Resolve Change feelings and beliefs of others. Create, strengthen, or weaken intimacies.


  • Riverspeak (Native)
  • Low Realm
  • Old Realm

Further Details

  • Boundless Endurance: Maia has less trouble pulling an all-nighter or resisting fatigue of any sort than it would seem.
  • Language: As a student of antiquity, sorceress, and so-on, Maia has many a reason to know Old Realm. She makes good use of it when dealing with old ruins, spirits, etc. She also knows Low Realm, likely due to dealing enough with the rank and file citizenry at times.
  • Thaumaturgist: As a sorceress, Maia gains this merit at no cost. Allows her to undertake thaumaturgic rituals.
  • Eidetic Memory: Maia's always been good at remembering things, and has near-perfect recall. She adds one success to all attempts to remember details from previous scenes or events.
  • Artifact: Bracers of Universal Crafting Bracers carved from green and white jade, a quarter inch thick and 2 inches wide. When activated ,they create temporary projections of essence which can act as both tools and extra hands, and allow their wearer to add 4 dice to all rolls involving fine manipulation. Examples include picking locks, surgery, many Crafts rolls, cooking, calligraphy, embroidery, making jewelry, repairing complex devices, and any other careful task where precision matters more than brute strength. The tools and other manipulators vanish when they are not needed and can be controlled by the bracers' wearer as well as her own fingers. These bracers are compatible with all Crafts charms, and negate the need for additional tools and all penalties for performing an action without proper tools. They cost 5 motes to attune and can be activated at will afterward.
    • Maia found her pair of bracers in an old tomb in the Scavenger lands, after she was locked in the damn place and had to go through many complex trials to find a new way out. She picked these up along the way.
  • Resources: Maia makes things and sells them for money. While she is likely to be well above simply noteworthy in her craft, particularly when it comes to smithing of all kinds, she is only recently arrived in the area, and isn't extremely well-established. Yet.


Excellent Solar [Ability]
Cost: 1m per die
Mins: [Ability] 1, Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Solars excel at their chosen fields should they put in the effort.
Adds charm dice; 1 die per 1m.
Maia has an Excellency for: Brawl, Martial Arts, Awareness, Dodge, Larceny, Integrity, Craft, Lore, Medicine, and Occult.



Invulnerable Skin of Bronze
Maia's skin hardens into shining bronze, supple and flexible as silk, yet as impervious as any metal.
Cost: 20sm, 1wp
Duration: One Day


Maia has suffered various indignities at the hands of the Fair Folk, and while they have stolen her ability to love, she has gained and enlightening insight in the bargain. She generally refuses to speak about the details of what happened, beyond that a fair folk noble has stolen her "precious feelings" or "precious thing." (Essentially the Scarred by Nightmares archetype).

  • Maia can feed upon emotional energies the way the Raksha do. Once per scene, when another character forms, strengthens, or weakens an Intimacy that represents an emotional feeling, she may feed from it, gaining motes equal to the intensity of the Intimacy (its new rating if strengthened, its old rating if weakened). These motes last for the duration of the Story, and can be spent toward any spell she casts. Whenever a character, including Maia herself, gains a point of Limit, she may draw power from that, gaining motes equal to the character's current Limit. She may also draw 10 sorcerous motes from a character in Limit Break, but only once during the duration of that Break.


Gained Stored Spent
Normal 15 15 0
Solar 4 4 0
Crafting XP
Silver 0 0 0
Gold 0 0 0
White 0 0 0
  • 0 XP: None
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