Exalted Curtain Call Frosty

Name:Frosted Meadow of the Harvest Moon (Kiraya Liyos before her second breath)
Caste:Full moon
Motivation:end the scourge of dragonblooded corruption
Inspirations:Fritz Leiber's fafhrd and the grey mouser books, Seras Victoria, Angua von Uberwald, :3s


Kiraya is a wiry young woman with green eyes and a long mane of black hair she sometimes keeps indifferently braided, but usually just lets it run wild and free. Before her second breath, Kiraya was cursed with extensive freckles, her tell replaced them with an equal collection of snake scales. She prefers to dress in browns and greens, with an eye more for durability and weather resistance than fashion. Her caste tattoos, at least those not concealed by clothing or charms, are an extensive network of serpentine tracery that leave little of her skin untouched.
Kiraya prefers to avoid exerting herself, and is charming enough to talk people into doing about whatever she wants, but she moves like greased lightning when she decides to.

Background and other things

Backstory Charm - Elephant Memory Meditation
Personal background details and so-on.

Character Sheet


Strength *3
Dexterity *5
Stamina *4
Charisma *4
Manipulation *3
Appearance 3
Perception 2
Intelligence *3
Wits 3


Archery 0
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Dodge 4
Integrity 3
Martial Arts *5 (wrestling +2)
Melee 0
Resistance 2
Thrown 0
War 0
Craft 0
Larceny 0
Linguistics 0
Performance 0
Presence 3 (Persuasion +1)
Ride 0
Sail 0
Socialize 2 (discern motives +1)
Stealth 2
Survival *3
Bureaucracy 0
Investigation 2
Lore 2
Medicine 0
Occult 0



Background Rating
Heart's Blood xx
Artifact x
Cult x
Mentor xx
snake coils, loosely wrapped about Kiraya
Limit Break (compassion flaw)
- - - - - - - - - -
The Curse of the Whipped Dog
Kiraya has crippling anxiety attacks and excessive introspection with respect to the quality of her judgement, and will avoid fighting and thinking for herself if someone else is willing to step in and take on the burden of her obedience until she snaps out of it.
x x x x x x x x 0 0


B 4(n) L 2(n) A 0
-0 ok x x x x
-1 ok ok x x x
-2 ok ok ok ok ok
-2 ok ok ok ok ok
-2 ok ok ok ok x
-4 ok
Incapacitated ok
Dying ok ok ok ok ok
Dying ok ok ok ok ok
Add/remove rows and "blank" out boxes you don't need as necessary.


Compassion Temperance
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5
Conviction Valor
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5
X X X 0 0 0
Personal 19 0
Peripheral 44 0
Committed 6


Name Charms Cost Description
Combo name What's in it Cost to activate it Fluffy description of its effects.

Paste more into that chart as you need it, too.


Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Parry DV Range Rate
Moonsilver smashfists 5 +3 (str+5/2)B +4 parry DV with weapon melee 2
Moonsilver clinchfists(P) 7 +2 (str+4/2)B - parry DV with weapon melee 1
Paste as you need for weapons.
Armor Type Soak (B/L) Fatigue Mobility Dodge DV
Armor name Armor type bashing soak lethal soak Fatigue Mobility penalty Dodge DV in armor
Add onto as you need to.


  • The Cult of the Illuminated (devotion)
  • Imperial Justicifiers (disgust)
  • Parentage (love)
  • One Fang Shy (wary respect)
  • Her circle (dedication)
  • Solars (awe)
  • Luna (worship)
  • definitely more, as plot and character inspiration warrants


  • Riverspeak
  • Other languages
  • etc.

Expanded Backgrounds

  • Heart's Blood = xx The birthright of all lunars, Kiraya can have the forms of up to ten animals, humans, or miscillaneous in her library.

Blood for the Moon God!

  • Artifact = x This pair of reinforced leather and moonsilver gauntlets are notable only for the quality of their craftsmanship, and appear practically new, because they are practically new. Inscribed on the wrist of the right gauntlet is the text 'For all the problems you can't solve with your bear hands. Good luck, kid. -One Fang Shy.'
  • Cult = x While Kiraya is 'only' a lunar, the number of celestial exalted any given member of the cult of the illuminated is likely to encounter is… small, to say the least. While the moon doesn't shine as brightly as the sun, she takes a much more active hand in the affairs of creation. Kiraya's very existence and animal charisma has inspired a measure of worship among the cultists she's spent most of her exaltation with. When she's aware of it, she alternates between gratification and embarrassment, with the constant feeling that she needs to be doing something special to justify their devotion.
  • Mentor = xx One Fang Shy is a coyote totem no moon lunar, Kiraya's mentor, and has what can charitably be described as a unique grasp of reality. He's a joker at heart, and is possessed of a robust sense of humor that thinks a caltrop under your seat cushion is the height of comedy, though none of his pranks are ever intended to cause lasting harm. The story of how he got his name changes every time he tells it, and Kiraya is convinced that there's a point he's trying to make with that, under all the bad jokes.


Just gonna put the basic list here because otherwise I'm going to explode trying to transcribe everything. I can put it off a bit, because words. And if you guys don't know what first excellencies do by this point there's no power on earth that can help you.

first str. excellency (free)
first sta. excellency (free)
first dex. excellency (free)
first cha. excellency (free)
first man. excellency (free)
first int excellency (free)

x3 ox-body technique (free from essence) getting the x4 -2 HLs

Golden Tiger stance (2m, inst, reflex(s2) decrease penalties to dodge/parry DV by up to (dex), fury-ok, dex/2 decrease in fury)

Wind-dancing method (3m, inst, reflex(s9) can dodge back up to dex+dodge yards to avoid further flurry hits if opponent lacks movement to follow. counts as counterattack (-1 to DV))

Wasp-sting blur (2m per tick, inst, reflex, can reduce speed of action down to 3 at the cost of 2m per tick, fury-ok, -1 to all speeds in fury)

Steadfast yeddim meditation (2m+, scene, reflex, can ignore 1 point of internal penalties from basically any wounds/fatigue per 2 motes spent up to stam/2. fury-ok. ignore all wound penalties in fury)

Relentless lunar fury (1m1wp, essx2 actions, reflex(s1,2). gain +1 autosuccess to all combat actions, ignore fatigue, -1 wound penalties, excellency cap rises to stat+essence, can glue up to (ess) additional fury-ok charms to this w/o combo at the cost of 2m/charm. must fight, but can take noncombat or break off with wp check (-2 penalty to said action). to end fury early, roll wp vs. valor)

Hide-toughening essence (1m+, scene, reflex(s7), gain +2B/L soak per mote, (ess) motes max)

Bruise-relief method (1m+, inst, reflex, heal up to (sta) levels of bashing damage at 1m/level. charm can be used while unconcious. gift; commit 2 motes during dbt to autoregen 1 bashing/action)

Halting the scarlet flow (2m+, inst, reflex, obvious, heal 1 lethal per activation, gift; commit 3 motes during dbt to autoregen 1 lethal/action)

Hard nosed denial style(4m, scene, reflex(s2), perfect social parry, -2 penalty to all further attempts to do similar social-fu in same scene)

Herd reinforcement stance (4m1wp, inst, simple(spd5), add intimacy to person/social unit, either to their native culture or the one they're involved in. if conflicts with existing intimacy, roll cha+ess vs conv.+magnitude)

Mask of white jade (2m, inst, reflex. make an opponent autofail an attempt to read character motivations. if backed by charms, cost is +1wp. each use applies to all attempts to read that specific intention)

Hide of the cunning hunter (commit 2m, conceal any identifying marks, including moonsilver tats)

New Friend aroma (3m, simple, scene. roll cha+pres vs MDV when meeting new person to add a friend or foe intimacy towards lunar in them)


deadly beastman transformation(5m warform! (ess+4 thematic mutation points 5/7 spent)
+1 to str/sta/dex, counts as natural stats for purpose of excellencies
snake scales (+2B/L soak, 2 pts)
fangs (bite is (str)L 1 pt)
toxin (bite is poisonous (5L/action, 2, -/-, -2), 2 pts)

Towering Beast form (upper size limits don't really matter to sacred hunts)

Changing plumage mastery (lets you fiddle with appearance within natural limits, also a devious way to get around extensive specific descriptions of lunar heartblood forms. can just make it up on a per-transformation basis. Mostly here so I don't need, say, five forms for every flavor of horse or large dog or medium sized snake or human female or what have you. Economy of murder is the ticket.)

Heart's Blood and forms

snake (that's me!)
put description fluff here, as in all forms
str dex sta
2 4 2
Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Parry DV Range Rate
Bite 4 +1 (str)L 0 0 melee 2


Quarter Horse (A horse is a horse, of course, of course!)
the standard riding/cartpulling/mobile tertiary ration pack of creation
str dex sta
4 3 3
Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Parry DV Range Rate
Bite 5 +1 (str-2)L 0 0 melee 1
Kick 3 -2 (str+2)B 0 0 melee 1
Border Collie (I still feel bad about this. I keep expecting I'm going to find it's owner.)
str dex sta
3 3 3
Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Parry DV Range Rate
Bite 5 +1 (str+1)L 0 0 melee 1
Hawk (It took me a week to catch that damn thing. One fang shy couldn't stop laughing.)
str dex sta
2 3 2
Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Parry DV Range Rate
claw 6 0 (str)L 0 0 melee 2
Grizzly Bear (bit of advice; never try to punch a bear. you can still see where it bit me.)
str dex sta
7 2 6
Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Parry DV Range Rate
Bite 4 +1 (str+1)L 0 0 melee 1
Claw 5 0 (str)L 0 0 melee 2
Tree Pard (I'm going to strangle the next person who asks if they can rub my stomach.)
str dex sta
5 4 4
Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Parry DV Range Rate
Bite 6 0 (str+1)L 0 0 melee 1
Claw 7 +1 (str)L 0 0 melee 2


no specific stats, will probably just make up whatever sounds good.

Attribute/Ability (Might as well organize them by tree)

Charm Name
Fluffy description of what the charm does.
Cost: The charm's cost to activate.
Type: The charm's type. Reflexive, Simple, Supplemental, etc.
Keywords: Charm keyword tags.
Duration: The charm's duration.

Basically repeat the above for each charm. Shit's gonna get long, but handy. Move it to another wiki page if you really need to.

Experience (total 39/39 available)

5 - unspent spillover from character creation.
3 - 1on1 session 11/8/14
5 - session 1 12/3/14
2 - nonsession 1.1 12/10/14
12 - session 2 12/18/14
6 - session 3 1/7/15
6 - session 4 1/25/15

none yet

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