Exalted Curtain Call


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"roll e10" rolls 10 10-sided die — damage roll
"roll !e10" rolls 10 10-sided die and counts 10s twice. — normal rolls.

Campaign (For now)





The Harmonious Circle of Like-minded Exalts

Ex3e sheet template
Because a new edition means new sheets.
Maia Lena Singh - Twilight caste Solar played by Vega
Agathe Darius Song - Dawn caste Solar played by Thoon
Precious Opal - Twilight Caste Solar played by Orrin
Silver Tongued Sentinel Eclipse caste solar plated by starf
Kel Sera Dawn Caste Solar played by Alia
Aisling Tá Súil Zenith caste Solar played by Vega

Dramatis Personae

Curtain Call NPCs


Solo Sessions

Full Sessions

Session 1: Hunt in Varisston
Session 2: Courting Fire

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