Aisling Tá Súil


Aisling is a tall woman of indeterminate age, due to her time passed within the Wyld storms. She could be anywhere from 19 to her late 20s, it's difficult to tell, exactly. Her limbs are long and slender, and she moves with an easy, casual grace. She doesn't appear particularly strong, nor particularly fat, and her chest is only modestly proportioned, which isn't helped by her usual habit of wrapping a sarashi. She has long, dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail using a a large red ribbon with white lace trim, which is a gift from her mother and one of her few mementos of her parents. Her usual outfit is also her miko outfit, although it doesn't resemble a traditional one too closely. It has the proper red hakama pants, but the top has a set of detached sleeves which flare out as they extend toward her hands. She usually carries her powerbow carefully wrapped in cloth on her back, along with her quiver of arrows. Once she's in a location where carrying the weapon openly wouldn't be as strange, she is likely to do so, however. She wears tall, sturdy boots that are well-suited to travel on foot. She wears her shrine's hearthstone as a sort of amulet, strung on a simple chain around her neck.

Background and other things

Aisling is the current-generation miko at her shrine, and is probably its only current custodian. She grew up as one might expect for a daughter born into such circumstances, and was raised with piety and respect for the gods. She started her duties at the shrine at a young age, although it was only within the last few years that she began the more strenuous work of things like dealing directly with minor gods. Despite the general job description of youkai "extermination," her work more often involved negotiation in one way or another, rather than direct combat. A mortal simply cannot fight a spirit on its own terms, although she can sometimes drive one off with enough violence, or the proper application of knowledge of weaknesses and taboos.

Aisling has something of a reputation within the Dreaming Sea region as a result of her job, and the villagers and others who know her either by it or personally tend to treat her well, if not with complete respect. Due to the circumstances with the Wyld storms, she is considered a lazy or absentee miko by some, since she by and large wasn't around or easily accessible. She did also fiercly defend her shrine and way of life from the Immaculate Order, and will continue to do so. There is no need for an Immaculate temple in the Empire, because she can already handle any issues with the local gods.

When the Wyld storms hit, Aisling was commanded to flee the area by her shrine's god, Eightfold Gathering of Violet Clouds. She was reluctant to leave, but more so to reject a command from her goddess, and thus she left. She drew her Second Breath during her fight through the storms, as she stopped along the way to aid the local gods in finding shelter from the storm or get safely away. Her bravery in the face of such intense danger parted the storm long enough for the Sun to shien down upon her. Her exaltation possibly saved the shrine itself, as it temporarily provided an anchor of sorts, and re-established fate within the area, if only temporarily.

Now that the storms have receded, she is returning to the area to reclaim her shrine and position. Her own memories are fuzzy, so she isn't sure just how long it's technically been since she left. It could be anything from a few weeks to a few decades, although she hasn't aged more than two years since the storms hit, by her own reckoning.

Character Sheet

Aisling Tá Súil (pronounced ASH-ling Ta Soo-il)

Caste: Zenith Concept: Miko youkai exterminator
Totemic Anima: A torii of brilliant white essence leaps from Aisling's anima, to stand with her in the middle of the gate. Countless more appear to form behind her, as if she stands at the beginning of an endless road to a shrine, right on the edge of its sacred space. Her own attitude determines whether she is barring one's passage, or welcoming them.
Inspirations: Reimu Hakurei
Age: 22 Sex: Female Skin: Light Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown


Rating ●●●
Personal 19 19
Peripheral 42 47
Committed 5


Strength ●●
Dexterity ●●●●●
Stamina ●●●
Charisma ●●●●●
Manipulation ●●
Appearance ●●●●
Perception ●●
Intelligence ●●●
Wits ●●●


F Archery ●●●●●
Melee ●●
Integrity ●●●
C Performance ●●●
C Presence ●●●●●
C Survival ●●●
C Athletics ●●●
Awareness ●●●
F Dodge ●●●●●
F Lore ●●●
S Occult ●●●●●

F Linguistics ●●●
F Socialize ●●●
Martial Arts
Dodge Ranged Attacks
Performance Prayer
Presence Gods
Occult Demons


5+m Peripheral to advance Banner
Dim Default
Glowing Caste Mark shines; -3 Stealth/Disguise
Burning Blazing Anima; Stealth Impossible
Bonfire Totemic Displays; Illuminate short range; Visible for miles; Stealth Impossible
  • Know the exact time of day (1m)
  • Display Caste Mark indefinitely (1m)
  • Pay 1 mote to ignite a corpse in Solar flame, incinerating the corpse and ensuring the deceased will not return as a hungry ghost.
  • 10 motes, 1 wp: Channel her essence into an aura of divine retribution surging around an attack. Supplements a successful decisive attack against a creature of darkness, preventing the Solar's initiative from returning to its base value after the attack. When her anima is at bonfire, reduce the essence cost by 5 motes and ignore the Willpower cost. This power may be used once per day, resetting when the sun is at its zenith.
  • 7 m: May order a dematerialized spirit to manifest using a Charisma+Presence persuade action with (Essence) automatic successes. All spirits recognize the Unconquered Sun's authority in his priest-kings, and are compelled as if by a Defining Intimacy, but may have Defining ties or Principles which counter this advantage. If successful, the Zenith's very word draws the spirit into the material world, so that it does not need to pay the cost to materialize.


●●●●● ●○○○○
□□□□□ □■■■■


Defining (+4/-3)

  • Ensure the gods do their jobs.
  • Ensure the enemies of Creation don't win.

Major (+3/-2)

  • Keep Demons under control.
  • The shrine (Love, duty)
  • The Immaculate Order (major religious rivals)
  • Friends, including the Circle (Loyalty, friendship)
  • The Fair Folk (Hate)
  • Principle: She treats gods, mortals, and so-on equally.

Minor (+2/-1)

  • The Empire of Dreams (Patriotism)
  • The common people of the Empire (Responsibility, duty)
  • Her hair ribbon (Mother's memento)
  • Company at the shrine
  • Good tea
  • People donating to the shrine

Great Curse

Whenever she sees someone being unnecessarily cruel and can't intervene to stop it.
□□□□□ □□□□□


rating merit
3 Artifact
1 Influence
1 Language: Old Realm
3 Manse
1 Mentor
1 Resources


Overzealous Exterminator Aisling tends to have a "shoot first and ask questions later" policy when it comes to creatures of darkness or other spirits and entites which are more than likely bad or dangerous.


Join Battle: 6 dice+3 Rush: 8 Disengage: 10
Weapon Type Accuracy
( W / D )
Damage /
Parry Tags
Powerbow Medium * 10 14 4 Archery (long), Lethal
  • Accuracy bonus depends on range. Total accuracy is: Close: 9, Short 15, Medium 13 Long 11, Extreme 9
Armor Type Soak Hard Mob
Evasion Tags
Natural 2 5, 6 vs ranged

Health Levels and Recovery

Track Recovery
ok : B : L : A Bash Lethal
-0 ok 1 hr 1 day
-1 ok 12 hrs 2 days
-1 ok
-2 ok 1 day 3 days
-2 ok
-4 ok 2 days 5 days
In ok Storyteller

Social Combat

Join Debate: …doesn't exactly exist anymore, determined by flow of conversation Resolve: 2 Guile: 3
Name Dice pool Targets Effect
Read Intentions (Perception+Socialize) 5 Guile Learn what another character wants to achieve, or learn about target's Intimacies
Inspire 8 (Cha+Performance or presence), 5 (manip.+ performance or presence) Resolve Inspire an emotion of the user's choice in the target.
Threaten 8 (Charisma-based), 5 (Manipulation-based) Resolve Does not need an intimacy. Intimidate/threaten someone to do what you want or take negative consequences. Target forms a negative intimacy towards you.
Bargain 8/5 Resolve Does not need an intimacy. Convince a target to do what you want by offering a gift, bribe, etc.
Persuade 8/5 Resolve Must be supported by an intimacy. Convinces a target to take a course of action in line with said intimacy.
Instill 8/5 Resolve Change feelings and beliefs of others. Create, strengthen, or weaken intimacies.


  • Flametongue (or whatever else is the common party language, I'd hope.)
  • Old Realm

Further Details

  • Artifact - An, as far as Aisling knows, nameless powerbow kept by the shrine for generations and venerated as a holy object (and generally seen as useless by the shrine's mortal attendants). The bow notably has a pair of folded paper ropes (shide) attached to it, one tied near each end. The bow itself is strung with a braided orichalcum cord, which can only be drawn by an attuned wielder (similarly, the bow can only be bent and strung by someone attuned to it). The bow itself is a single length of beautiful, jet-black wood which was taken from an ancient and magical tree. Its limbs appear not to be carved or otherwise shaped by human hands, but naturally grown. It takes the shape of a traditional Japanese style longbow. According to shrine legend, the bow was originally made by the shrine's god, who took a branch from a tree and bent it into a bow when petitioned by her loyal servants for a weapon with which to defend themselves from the great evils of the world. It has been generations since he shrine has been graced by a god-blooded or exalted person capable of properly wielding it.
  • Influence - As the local shrine maiden, Aisling is known around the Dreaming Sea area, as at least one authority on spirits, and is usually the go-to person for dealing with troublesome ones. People might recognize her if she helped them in the past.
  • Manse - The shrine itself is a manse, although one that is fairly modest and discreet in its construction, focusing primarily on maintaining the natural beauty of the area in which it was constructed. The hearthstone provided by (or at) the shrine is a Health Stone. Within two miles of the stone, Food keeps twice as long and is always obviously foul before it could make anyone sick. Everyone within the area of the stone's effect who wears an amulet marked with a spiral like the one on the stone gains two additional dice to resist and recover from all diseases and infections. The stone does not prevent desired aging or fermentation.
  • Mentor - Aisling's mentor is the god known as Eightfold Gathering of Violet Clouds. She is the one who taught Aisling Sorcery, and can continue to act as a tutor and resource on the subject. However, she is rarely available to help her student, and seems to come and go as she pleases, often bringing vague news or portents and tasks to accomplish when she does arrive. (In other words, the dot rating is as much related to her availability and reliability as anything else.)
  • Resources - Aisling manages to scrape together a modest standard of living, between donations to the shrine, the sale of talismans and good luck charms, and foraging for food at times. It's worth noting that she doesn't specifically charge for most services, such as intervening on one's behalf with a god, prayers and sacrifices, funerals, festivals, and so-on. It is, however, expected that one provides a donation within their means when requesting such a service, and provide any sacrifices or the like themselves.


Excellent Solar [Ability]
Cost: 1m per die
Mins: [Ability] 1, Essence 1
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Solars excel at their chosen fields should they put in the effort.
Adds charm dice; 1 die per 1m. Or 2m per +1 to a static value, with the same limits of Attribute+Ability. Supplemental for adding dice, reflexive for improving defenses.
Aisling has an Excellency for: Archery, Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Linguistics, Lore, Occult, Performance, Presence, Socialize, and Survival.



Death of Obsidian Butterflies
Aisling sculpts essence into a multitude of violet glass needles and unleashes them as a cascade of guided projectiles. Although the actual projectiles are different, the spell is otherwise identical to Death of Obsidian Butterflies and can be recognized as a variant thereof by any sorcerer. The version of the spell Aisling knows was specifically taught to her by her patron god, and is called Purple Needles of Painful Reproach.
Cost: 15sm, 1wp
Keywords: Decisive-Only, Perilous
Duration: Instant

Demon of the First Circle
Aisling summons forth one of the least denizens of the demon realm into Creation, breaking it and binding it to her will.
Cost: Ritual, 2wp
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant

Cirrus Skiff

Infallible Messenger (possibly refluff a bit for the Shinto flavor, possibly leave as-is)


Aisling was initiated by her shrine's god, who tends to serve as her sorcery instructor, when she actually has the time to do so. She draws strength from her faith and the rituals of her shrine and its gods, and uses them to empower her spells.

  • Aisling creates specially-prepared ofuda and uses them to aid in casting her spells. Preparing a single one requires a Charisma+Linguistics action, and takes some amount of time (she certainly can't do proper calligraphy in the middle of a fight). Every two successes on the roll grants on sorcerous mote, stored within the ofuda. She may use (occult) ofuda in the casting of a spell, consuming them in fires of essence and liberating their motes to fuel the spell, and she may keep only (Essence+occult) prepared ofuda at any time.
    • Alternatively, she may use an ofuda to add its successes to a prayer roll.
    • Current ofuda count: 5, each with three sorcerous motes.


Gained Stored Spent
Normal 200 27 173
Solar 96 3 93
  • 10 XP, 4 Solar XP: Carry-over from previous character.
  • 5 XP: Arrival at the borders of the Empire of Dreams, and thwarting an attack on the border town by a Fair Folk warrior and a small army of hobgoblins.
  • 5 XP: Exploring a village's curious problems with the local gods, and particularly with an unusually cold local climate.
  • 5 XP: Conversation with a mysterious Chosen of…something unusual. Also, here be monsters which we will completely be avoiding. Yep.
  • 5 XP: Investigation of further local problems, and discovery that one of the gods is dead, and the inheritor of his power doesn't quite like their situation. We probably need to enlist help from other local gods.
  • 5 XP: SPIDERS!
  • 5 XP: Negotiating with Blue Leaves in her sanctum.
  • 5 XP: Negotiating with Blue Leaves again, in a hot spring. Also, Kamthathar's underground, and there's something a bit…rotten about the place.
  • 5 XP: Big fight with the local law enforcement. Possibly a misunderstanding, on everyone's part.
  • 5 XP: We meet our tail and end up not picking a fight. We also get an interesting request from a very old lady.
  • 5 XP, 4 Solar XP: Stuff happens.
  • 5 XP, 0 Solar XP: Big fight scene!
  • 5 XP, 2 Solar XP: Q&A with Kagura.
  • 5 XP, 2 Solar XP: Ag beats a DB in interesting ways. Tsukuyo returns. So does an old friend of Ag's.
  • 5 XP, 4 Solar XP: Ag fights her darkly-mirrored counterpart to a standstill, while up in the stands, the others hold off a number of rampaging hungry ghosts.
  • 5 XP, 4 Solar XP: Everyone does some form of downtime investigation and learns fun things. Almost all roads point to Tsukuyo.
  • 5 XP, 0 Solar XP: We begin to get Opal's new schoolhouse and meet a new party member.
  • 5 XP, 2 Solar XP: And some fighting begins, Kingfisher's next.
  • 5 XP, 2 Solar XP: It's literally Christmas, also good on us for getting back into character.
  • 5 XP, 4 Solar XP: Splitting up to sneak into the palace, and also get into a big fight with Housen. Ag currently on the ropes.
  • 5 XP, 4 Solar XP: Finally done with this arc.
  • 5 XP, 0 Solar XP: Arrived at the major port town for the empire.
  • 5 XP, 2 Solar XP: Some shopping, Silver should meet the local governor, and Ag decides to enjoy questionable local cuisine. Ashei follows suit without actually eating anything.
  • 5 XP, 2 SXP: We meet an imperial advisor. This is mostly Silver's sort of area of expertise.
  • 5 XP, 2 SXP: The advisor is Calculated Maid of Sapience, and she's some kind of unidentified spirit. We get information on the local major powers, and consdier how much to trust her or how best to figure out what she is before deciding what to do about her.
  • 5XP, 2SXP: Or Ashei can jump the gun on the killing her bit, though we do have a solid idea of what she is (demon, not fae.) Things happen thanks to messenger underling. Aisling needs to do some library-diving.
  • 5XP, 2 SXP: We spread music appreciation, and begin figuring out arrangements for getting out of here. Also, there's a ship full of undead.
  • 5 XP, 2 SXP: We decide on the Unsinkable II, because it's a pretty good boat.
  • 5 XP, 4 SXP: We're never leaving the boat.
  • 5 XP, 2 SXP: Still on the boat. Nice talk with a Dragon-Blooded lady and a lead-up to fighting some kind of Behemoth.
  • 5 XP, 4 SXP: We kill said behemoth. Aisling steals the kill and finishes it for good using Ghost-eating technique. The dragon-blooded is likely to want to speak with us again later, though, as we've proven to be no ordinary travelers.
  • 5 XP, 2 SXP: We arrive at the Northern Shore and encounter Ragara Tekia along with the wyld-spawned beasts of some local Fae who wants to cause big trouble and seems to be shacking up in a shrine.
  • 30XP/20 SXP: Some stuff since then.
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