Exaltations Anonymous

Exaltations Anonymous

So you're now a glowing demi-god

Mostly just a new game to see how things are and how they work out. The characters get to play around in the setting as it starts taking more and more of an interest in them. And there's more than enough in Creation to take enough of an interest in you if you're an Exalt.
To be run in Exalted 2nd Edition with Solar/Lunar exalts. I'm willing to entertain most of the sources, but ST approval is a case-by-case as you might expect.
Time is 7:00 pm Central time on Saturdays.
Server is rizon, except when it's not. Then perhaps aniverse as a backup.

House Rules Most of it isn't posted yet, and may yet suffer some time before it is posted. Expect changes.

World at large

Well, there's the fairly nice one over at whitewolf, under the exalted extras section.


People who play this game hopefully.
Feel free to put up your concept and page link here.
Other Players

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