Everyday Magical Girls 2

The Game

You're all members of the MCTF, the Magitech Crimes Task Force. This means you're magical girl military types. You'd usually be putting down shady cartels and their ilk, but you're on full-time alien-killing duty. Expect a good bit of roleplaying shenanigans between missions, however.

General Requirements for PCs

  • You must have at least 1 or 2 levels of flight, and/or some other method of enhanced movement, whether it be teleportation, "walking" on air, or superhuman speed. Flight is preferred because you WILL see a lot of airborne combat so the ability to at least hover may become important.
  • You must have some way to damage enemies. This is…common sense, really.
  • You must have some way to avoid damage. Whether that's a high defense/AC or high toughness, and which powers you use for either, is up to you.
  • Beyond that, spend your PP how you want, though I highly recommend buying feats and skills, to round out the character or have noncombat things to do.

Other Houserules and notes on character creation.

  • I'm not allowing the Attack Name drawback. As it stands, it's pretty much free points. Not many, true, but still. It'd be cool in a game where I can make you say it in person, not so much when we game via IRC. If you want to say your attack names or other things when you toss your spells, be my guest, but I'm not giving you free PP for doing it.
  • Putting a container (device, alternate form, etc.) inside of another container is forbidden.
  • Likewise, just because you can see through walls doesn't mean you can shoot through them, even with perception range attacks.
  • There aren't mecha. Magical girls aren't mecha. But, read the mecha dogfighting rules and related feats in Mecha and Manga, I may implement them to make any air combat encounters far more interesting. There's nothing worthwhile and particularly relevant, unfortunately.
  • I know it's a pain in the arse to get Maptool working, but I may run combat on a gird so we can track positioning for all the area attacks everyone is doubtless going to throw. Get Maptool 1.3.b63.
  • We're using The Book of Magic's rules for feats to get more hero points. I'll drag them out into the light in a bit, but basically, they're hero points usable only for certain aspects of spending them, but they come back every session.
  • You can spend points to "upgrade" feats like attack focus or dodge focus into attack and defense bonus. To do so, spend 1 PP and remove a rank of the relevant feat to increase your raw attack bonus or defense bonus by one.
  • If you only get a criticla hit on a natural 20 (the default for any attack), don't bother confirming. We'll go by "if it'd hit anyway, it's a critical hit." Now, if you've got a crit range of, like 5, you better roll to confirm.
  • New? Item: Medkit- Typical videogame-like Bullshitted medical supplies of disposable nature any idiot can use effectively. They provide a one-time use heal effect of rank 5 (i.e. an immediate recovery check with a +5 bonus) on the worst damage condition a character is suffering from. Medkits preferably address lethal injuries before non-lethal ones, should a character have suffered both. Using a medkit in combat is a full-round action. They cost 1 equipment point apiece, and are also fairly easy to acquire via wealth (or just requisitioning them from NPCs, whatever).

This game takes place over IRC, on Rizon network, channel: #EDMG2 at 8:00 PM Saturdays, US Central time.


The world is not unlike Earth. Maybe it's a little in the future compared to Earth ,based on the spaceships and general level of technology. But, well, there's not much point getting into the minor differences. Notably when there's a big one in MAGIC. Magic and magic-based technology (magitech) is everywhere. Magical girls don't need to pretend they're normal kids or anything, it's a well-paying job. The MCTF is the equivalent of a magical police force, though some claim that it and the government it answers to abuse authority to purposefully keep people under strict control. Most don't listen to the conspiracy theorists. There's also a fair number of so-called free agents or freelancers, who are powerful mages who act as mercenaries. Most of them are officially registered in databases and belong to their own organizations.

A few years ago, a major space exploratory vessel disappeared. It was not the last. Several ships have disappeared since then, some of which managed to get back distress calls, or bits of video. something's out there. It's been attacking our stuff. It's followed them back. Now, the planet is beset by alien invaders, who regularly appear throughout the solar system, and on the planet itself. The MCTF has been tied up dealing with these things quite often, because nobody else is quite so well-equipped to deal with the magical and technological threats these things pose. The skill in urban combat and damage control helps, when it comes to large-scale attacks flying around, too.

Your base of operations is a typical sort of military base. You guys are bunked two to a room in nice quarters, and have access to a variety of facilities during your off time. It's near enough to a major city to take trips there, as well.


List characters here.

Please make a short write-up of the rules relevant to each of your character's powers in each power entry, to reduce the need to crack open a book when looking at sheets on the wiki. It's helpful for both players and game masters. It may be wise to include a short note on what your feats do, as well.

Current EXP: 7? I dunno anymore.
Last Session: The Girls invade the personal space of a gigantic Bydo headed for Earth. They encounter someone who seems to not be a Bydo, but is an annoying bitch. It takes Maya going into some sort of super-mode to even bloody her nose. Anyway, one really amusing intimidate check later, and the part's assailant retreats ,followed closely by the party, although they return to their ship for medical treatment.


  • Major Yukari Ichijo - The unit's commanding officer. Twelve year old who drinks and smokes far too much and can act like a drill sergeant if she needs to. Often seen dragging her subordinates around by their ties. Drinks and smokes too much, if Aya can be trusted.
  • Aya Sakurano - Operator for the group. Keeps them up to date on mission events and objectives. Energetic and talkative. Possibly telepathic. Definitely a pervert to some degree.
  • Hermes - Generic mook from mission 1 who earned a step up in the world. I have no clue what will become of him now he's been adopted.
  • Eirin Sonomiya - Young genius type researcher in magic and weird alien monsters. Go-to person for discussion on either. Seems very shy. Friends with Aya. Just because Aya says hello by groping her doesn't mean you should, too.
  • Philo and Soma - A pair of girls wearing weird organic armor and theme after shmup bosses. They make an annoying team, but were captured during the attack on the Bydo base. Felly wants a piece of Soma's giant sword~
  • Captain Rinnosuke Togo - Captain of the starship the girls are currently using as a base while they deal with the Zolgear. Fairly laid-back and easygoing.
  • Zolgear, The - A Bydo big enough to be a small island. It's slowly making its way across the solar system toward Earth.
  • Karina - Last name unknown. Mysterious girl with a Russian accent encountered inside Zolgear's gravity organ. She appears to have extensive cybernetic augmentation and a very flippant attitude. Terrified of being dismantled. Claims to be working for the Bydo only for her own reasons, and is the only antagonist so far to manage enough of a speaking part to drop hints about what's going on.
  • That Fucking Robot Guy - The series' most persistent recurrent antagonist. First encountered way back at the crashed ship, and defeated, it later got back up and escaped from a high-security military research lab with a surprising lack of loss of life. Was next encountered onboard a rogue starship, inside radiation-soaked engine room. It went down with the ship and is presumed dead. Actual identity and motive unknown. If the PCs see it one more time…
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