Everyday Heroics

Originally intended to be a small, Heroes-esque Mutants and Masterminds game for the ungrateful lot over on the #miko channel, Everyday Heroics evolved past that.

The game centers on a group of young espers, primarily the lifelong high school friends Sophia Davies and Meira Edelweiss, who have come into their abilities. With the revelation that there are people with super powers in the world, they also will eventually learn of more than that. Werewolves, evil fairies, wizards and vampires (oh my!).

Taking it's cues now more from Type-Moon and Dresden Files, Everyday Heroics is a contemporary fantasy game where sidhe run companies and vampires own nightclubs. All the while the muggles are none-the-wiser.

Though the game was originally in Mutants and Masterminds, it's now switching over to World of Darkness to better facilitate the feeling of being regular people who've stumbled onto something meant to be hidden, and now see it everywhere. WoD really is like an anime in that respect.

World of Darkness Sheet

Character Creation

Your characters are created using a modified Proximus template (found in the Mage - Silver Ladder book). You may take almost any power from almost any book with permission of the ST, and each one is purchased as if it were a merit of that dot rating. Every character starts with 5 Essence, used in place of any other costs for the power. Normally, Proximi, which are mechanically just Sleepwalkers who have access to Mage rotes, and are something like half-Awakened, have five mana and can only gain more by performing a daily oblation, rolling Composure only instead of Composure+Gnosis (Proximi have no Gnosis or Arcana dots). In lieu of that, you will have a Nature and a Demeanor, which will reward you with more Essence.

You'll also want to read Hunter: the Vigil, particularly Chapters Two and Four. You may also want to read the first chapter. The rest of the book is also a wealth of ideas, and some of it is just interesting reading, the Conspiracies in particular. Professions are left up to you, but most of you won't have any Professional Training, with a few exceptions.

NOTE: Do not take Tactics, but do read it. You'll be learning these eventually, but you won't know them to begin with.

For character creation you have 5/4/3 to place into Attributes, as well as 1 free Attribute dot. You have 24 Skill dots, three specialties, and one Asset Specialty from your Profession. In addition, you have 7 dots in both Merits and Powers.
You'll also take one Weakness. This is to represent the inherent nature of being an esper, someone who is closer to being a creature from a fairy tale than most people are. This is something that you will need to go over with the ST.

Trait Experience Point Cost
Attribute New dots x5
Skill New dots x3
Skill Specialty 3
Merit New dots x2
Morality New dots x3
Powers New dots x2
Esperism New dots x2
Willpower 8 experience points*

*Can only be used to restore lost Willpower dots.


This is where the current list of powers to choose from will be. If you think that there's something that fits into your character's concept that isn't represented, ask Edward and he'll try to hook you up. Unless it's dumb.

You can find them on the Esper Powers page.

New Merit: Esperism • to •••••

You have the ability to channel the spiritual energy known as Essence. With the first dot in this ability, the character has a Essence pool total of 5. For every additional point in this merit, the character gains 1 point of Essence in total, taking 2 points at the fifth dot for a total of 10. The character gains access to Esperism abilities. The character chooses a focus and may advance their powers in that focus by gaining new Esperism Abilities. Any supernatural ability may be be purchased as a Merit at one dot level higher provided that it falls under the purview of the esper's Focus. Each dot also represents the amount of Essence that an esper may spend in a single turn.
New abilities are acquired by meditating on the character's focus and making an extended roll of the character's Resolve+Esperism. The target number is the number of dots in the desired power, and each roll represents 4 hours of meditation that an esper aware of herself uses to enhance her connection with her Focus. A Dramatic Failure on this roll gives the character a Minor Derangement that lasts a number of days equal to 15-Resolve+Esperism. If the esper already possesses a minor derangement, the failure instead upgrades one of their existing derangements to severe. If the character already possesses a severe derangement, it is triggered, but nothing else happens.
Characters regain Essence by acting in concert with their Nature or Demeanor, or by siphoning off Essence by rolling their Esperism at a loci. Note that Essence can only be gained from the Shadow side of a Loci.
Drawback: Espers don't gain their abilities from the Shadow or any Numina. Instead, their powers come from inside themselves. Only the power to fuel their abilities comes from the Shadow and the world. Despite this, they still draw their power from the spiritual energy, and as such they are inflicted with a ban at one, three, and five dots. This ban is generally something within the Focus of the character.
In addition some supernaturals, such as werewolves, mages, or spirits, might be interest with your character as they grow stronger and funnel their energies away from their intended users.

See this page explaining Bans. You're not spirits, but close enough, and I'm too lazy to reword everything.

Experience Tracker

  • The haunted house
    • Finding the secret room: 2 XP to everyone.

Practical Experience Tracker

  • The Haunted House
    • Rescuing Andy +1
    • The moving desk +1
    • Ghost sounds +1
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