Everyday Adeva

XP Gained: 500
Current Surplus: 10

Base Personnel Backgrounds

Lieutenant General Warhurst
Race: Caucasian
Country of Birth: United States
Personality Profile: [Redacted by UN ordinance]
Age: [Redacted by UN ordinance]
Career Profile: Major General Warhurst, graduate of the West Point Military Academy with honors. Enlisted in 22nd United States Battalion, progressed to rank of Lieutenant-Colonel during the minor skirmishes along the United States-Canadian border and the collapse of the United States government. Transferred into Nerv during formative years at the rank of Captain. Leading several covert and direct strikes against militant factions along the "Liberated Countries" borderlands with Nerv soldiers under U.N. command, Warhurst quickly ascended to the rank of Major General. He has since received a promotion and transferral to Nerv Facility 01, and put in charge of the secret research there. The Lieutenant General now controls all active operations of the forces situated at Facility 01.

Tactical Operations Director:
Captain John Dodgers
Race: African American
Country of Birth: United States
Personality Profile: Psychological profiling suggests extensive exposure to high-stress situations has rendered Dodgers distant to the reality of most combat situations. He also shows several warning markers of both repressed anger and mental instability. Instability appears to be from long-term experience and active combat status. Intelligence appears to be above-average, and coupled with peak physical capabilities produces a prime example of a 'seasoned veteran' archetype personality. Further psychological reviews have been canceled as per [Redacted], but subject appears mentally stable enough to serve as TOD for the current interim.
Age: 45

Operational Center 01

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America, North American Union.
Nerv Operational Facility: 01, situated in former MIT educational center.
Magi Operational System: Online.
Magi Personality Operating System: Operating within acceptable standards

• One Pallet Gun, Progressive Knife, and Wing Loadout (Knife dock) upgrade for each
• Production-grade Magi Supercomputer array. (+20 to all Magi Analysis rolls)
• One Prototype and one Test-Type of C, D and E Type Equipment.
• One Evangelion Carrier Plane for each Evangelion.
• One Mobile Support Structure and Support Drop for each Evangelion.
• Four Launch Ports, eight Umbilical Ports, six Support Caches and two Embarkation Points for the Base of Operations.
• Three wings of standard VTOL aircraft and two Bumblebee VTOLs.
• Six Tank Squadrons.
• Three N-HT "Firefly" VTOLs
• Two "Shores Scorcher" Warships in dock
• One Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier equipped with six N-IV Interception Planes
• [Classified as per UN decree]
• [Classified as per UN decree]
• [Classified as per UN decree]

NERV Facility 01, situated in the city of Boston along the East Coast of the United States of America, is a multi-purpose facility. Situated where MIT once stood, the above-ground structures have since been interconnected by a large megastructure build where the campus once stood. Taking up almost a quarter mile of land in every direction, Facility 01 is the research powerhouse of the program- and, by extension, almost all of the modern world. The greatest minds have been brought under the roof of the quarter-mile-wide facility, its circular shape designed to provide structural stability and an easily adaptable interior for any breakthrough developments. As it stands, the above-ground facility is heavily fortified, with UN Peacekeeper patrols providing day-and-night security. The major aerial contingents of NERV deploy via the seabase, whereas the facility's on-sight air support- primarily consisting of VTOL aircraft and helicopters- are deployed via a series of highly mobile elevators leading to the grounds around the outside of the base. The rapid response time of Facility 01's military forces provides a steady defense against Angel incursions while Evangelion pilots are being prepared for deployment.

In addition to rapid VTOL response times, Facility 01 sports a feature that few other active NERV sites possess- likely due to their lack of immediate access to 01's economic powerhouse status.


In particular, a subdivision of Bjarki Enterprises. The Russia-based firm, specializing in the defensive technologies of the Russian states recently innovated in the wake of the Second Impact. Rumored to have their own Magi Supercomputer system, or something to that effect, they have been mass producing and experimenting with weapons using information leaked- or somehow obtained- from the scant few engagements against the Angel threat. Bjarki Enterprises, however, does not seem to be in direct competition with the Eva program- on the contrary, they appear to be developing military-grade weaponry to combat the Angel threat on the much more applicable ground-scale. However, their efforts still dwarf in comparison to the capabilities of the NERV staff and their massive U.N. funding. Though jockeying with position, the pilots have little to fear from the far-reaching Russian corporation. For now.

Facility 01's main superiority over its competitor is its extensive research assets. Though all NERV facilities have a heavy presence underground to provide security against Angel attacks, Facility 01 has compensated in a way for its massive research capabilities. Though it does possess the security of being deeply underground and secure against even direct N2 strikes, a number of the research facilities- in the interest of using all available space- inhabit the above-ground portion of the base. Even though there are heavy defenses in place to protect this site, direct attacks on Facility 01 can be quite devastating to the research performed on the ground level, though most major research is kept well below ground. However, while physical items may be lost, all digital information is kept secure by the Magi Supercomputer array deep beneath the base. Where most NERV Operations Centers use a 3-body system for immense computing power, Facility 01 utilizes three individual rings of computers, bringing the grand total of units operating at once to nine. Their cores are kept secure in the command center, at the very heart of the Facility. With their vast computing power, the command and control of NERV assets in the area becomes much simpler, allowing coordination between the Eva units and military ground forces to a surprising degree.

However, it should be noted that- for all of its technological advantages and defensive features- that Facility 01 relies upon Battlefleet Prime for any major offensive powers. The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier Chicago contains most of the Facility's fighter-based weaponry, and the twin heavy cruisers Alaska and Ontario bring a mighty torrent of indirect bombardment power against any Angel presence that dare interfere with NERV Facility 01's operation.

Mission: The pacification and removal of the extraterrestrial threat by any means necessary,

Time after Second Impact: 19 Years
Time until Third Impact: [Redacted]

Playing characters

Helen Wright The girl who always wants attention.
Alice Hartmann The girl who likes dolls.
Johann Leyte The boy who is very eager.
Jennifer Thompson The girl with her eye on you.

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