Evangelion Test2

Just to list a bit of information from discovered tests. Not much in the way of plot. If you're interested in joining, just make a character and put them on the page, and/or get in contact with me to learn to do that. You'll just need the Adeptus Evangelion V2 book, which is a free download easily found online by like, RS, though a completely and utterly legally owned copy of Dark Heresy would help immensely, combat chapter specifically. Everything else is kind of reverse engineer-able/simple to be told/GMs job


  • Seems the pre battle phase is… handy. Pre roll that.
  • Raising an AT field grossly boosts your chances to live.
  • Don't bitch about initial effects, it can turn around fast
  • Being manly and accepting the critical damage can sometimes help
  • Fish for every bonus you possibly can use from the DH core book.
  • Rush the Angel ASAP.
  • Every character has the default exp (400) +what they'd get from drawbacks, +400 for the debatable beating of Omniel Helen managed.
  • The sparkling victory over Hayyel also gives 400 exp.
  • 30 surplus gained.
  • 8 weeks until the next attack. You get a sync test before this one that'll be rolled when game is started.


Helen Brown Orphaned Daughter of a murder suicide. A perpetual foster care baton she has been scouted as a possible child for the Evaneglion project.
Alice Hartmann Presumably-orphaned girl raised by NERV Germany as an evangelion pilot. She's horribly scarred, missing an eye, and her room is her doll-infested fortress.
Regina SmithsonNot quite orphaned girl who was born not too terribly before Second Impact, she's since made her way in the world. And by that, I mean she's been semi-abducted to pilot a giant robot that she can very nearly pilot with the luck she was born with.


  1. Angel of oneness Unit -01 not so much as fights the Angel of oneness as it breaks it's face and then gets hammered into the ground. It is not until pure madness and luck take over and allow a victory to weakly be teased from the jaws of defeat that took your other hand. Lessons learned, raise that AT field.
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