Ethe Stange

Character information

Character information
Player Thoon
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 5 Ft
Weight 91 pounds
Eyes Bright red with darker pupils
Hair Dirty Blonde
Power Level 10


The product of two people who really shouldn't be parents letting their child make Faustian pacts and abuse self destructive magic. Her mother is very proud of her.


Easily excited, Ethe doesn't tend to hesitate with anything. Raised on stories (or as her mother might call them, threats) about adventuring has instilled into her head a want to do good and save the world. To the partial chagrin of her family, this has lead to her having a very idolized view of things.


Being a half-elf, Ethe is young and still not fully grown, but tries to carry herself as if she were much more mature then she really is. Despite being half drow, she could be mistaken as simply being a half elf or possibly even human due to her long dirty blonde hair and faintly tanned skin, her true origins are only given away by her bright red eyes or ears, which are usually burried under hair.

Background and other things

Born from a powerful Magus and Witch, to say nothing of her mother's body being a maleable prison of souls, magic and some greater force, Ethe made for a natural sorcerer but didn't start refining her talent at a young age, usually instead focusing on bickering with her sister. This continued as she grew and turned into a complete lack of focus, and attempted near everything she could get her hands on, before quickly getting bored or disillusioned and moving on before truly absorbing more then the fundamentals. This came to a close on stealing ('borrowing', when caught by family in the act) a wand her mother made from herself trying to reverse her condition. This wand, Iraexull, was sentient and connected with the greater prison of souls, and, close enough to her mother in blood, it bonded itself to Ethe. It serves as a focus for Ethe's magical talent and made for the first effective tutor she listens to, but probably only because it kills anyone else it touches.

Character Sheet

Ability Scores:

Str Agl Fgt Awe
Score: 1 3 5 2
Sta Dex Int Pre
Score: 2 5 2 4


Saves and Combat:

Name Bought ~ Total Notes/Sources
Dodge: +3 8
Parry: +0 5
Fortitude: +2 8
Toughness: +4 6 Ring of Protection +4
Will: +8 10

** 17 PP **

Combat Attacks
Name Range ~ Attack bonus DC Notes
Unarmed Melee +5 Toughness 16 Unarmed Close Combat skill
Grab Melee +10 DC Spec 16 For grapple checks
Iraexull Blast Cone (60ft) - Dodge 20 Toughness 25 Requires an 11+ on a roll to use successfully, Selective targeting
Nullify Perception - Power Effect/Will 20 Only affects Arcane descriptor, Power effect or owners Will save, whichever's higher.
Flare Perception - DC 20 Fort Inflicts Impared, if they fail by 5, Disabled, or if by 10 Unaware. Cumulative effects with multiple uses.
Soul Steal Melee +5 DC 26 Will Deadly touch attack, targeted against will and Incurable damage, Contagious if multiple targets touch each other.
Combat stats
Initiative: + 3
Grapple: +10
Knockback resistance:
Bruised Dazed Staggered
- - -
Fatigued Exhausted Unconscious
- - -

Carrying Capacity: 100 pounds

Movement Rates:

Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 30 feet
Flight 500 feet 30 miles/hour


Skill Rank Ability Total
Acrobatics 3 +3 +6
Athletics 2 +1 +3
Deception +4 +4
Expertise : Magic 2 +2 +4
Insight 2 +2 +4
Intimidation +4 +4
Perception 2 +2 +4
Persuasion 2 +4 +6
Slight of Hand - - -
Stealth 1 +3 +4



Languages [3] Drow , Alko, Dragonic, Elven, Common
Attractive [1] +2 circumstance bonus based on looks. Deception and Persuasion checks to deceive, seduce, or change the attitude of anyone who finds your looks appealing. (Little Brown Elfling)
Benefit (Status) As the daughter of an elite arcane teacher that is dear friends with a queen, and a high ranking member of the city guard, Ethe enjoys a few benefits from nobility and legacy.
Favored Foe (Those who are very actively involved in trying to end the world) +2 circumstance bonus to Deception, Intimidation, Insight and Perception against people Ethe who have their fingers on literal or metaphorical buttons.
Luck [3] 3 fake Hero Points that can be spent.

10 PP


Power Name
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Action Range Duration

Class Install
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Variable 10 (x 7/r - 2/r) - 1/5 40
Action Range Duration
Standard Personal Sustained
Distracting, Limited (Heroic forms), Removable
Descriptors: Arcane, Souls, Memetics, History
The ultimate expression of Ethe's magical ability, protean nature and desire to be a hero, in a grand ritual, Ethe is bathed in light and transforms herself, magically crafted weapons, armour, even knowledge and new magical abilities manifest. These new forms she takes are based on the nature of the heroes she grew up hearing about and living with. The moment of casting the ritual however is dangerously distracting and when unconcious or helpless, can be easily exorcised by disarming her and will need reapplying.

The Educated Archer Who Wields the Weapon of the Future

The Cunning Opportunist, Arrested as an Assassin, Retired as a Captain

The Noble Berserker, Who Carved a Path Through the World and its Rules

The Mad Witch of Darkness and Demons, Caster of Hexes and Devourer of Souls

The Quiet Beast, A Forgotten Lancer who's Care and Distance Averted Disasters

The Devout Inquisitor, Rider of Knowledge and People, Defeater of Death and Servant of Life

The Beautiful Knight, The Saber that Cuts Down the Battlefield and Holds True Divine Right to Rule

Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Device (- 15) 26
Easily Removable, Indestructible
Descriptors: Device, Arcane, Curse, Lovecraftian, Water, Souls
Iraexull is the sentient artifact Nathurra crafted from herself. It functions like a less stable edition of the sword it was originally made from. Now linked with Ethe, it serves as the channeller for her magic and always stays on hand.
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Create 10 (x 2/r + 2/r - 1/r ) + 2 + 4ap 36
Action Range Duration
Standard Ranged (175/350/700) Sustained
Innate, Movable, Stationary, Increased Duration, Inherited
Descriptors: Arcane, Curse, Lovecraftian, Water, Souls
Iraexull manifests similar matter to itself in the area. This is stable enough to be safely touched by people and doesn't take on much more then simple shapes up to 125 cft, but they do disturb viewers on some small level. These objects can resist being moved and are not difficult to maintain.
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Blast 10 (x 2/r + 1/r - 1/r) 20
Action Range Duration
Standard Ranged (125/250/500) -
Area (Cone), Increased Range, Unreliable (11+), Selective, Inherited
Descriptors: Arcane, Curse, Lovecraftian, Water, Souls
Iraexull unleashes a barrage of darkened wet magic bolts. They don't do much damage individually but can wash away crowds easily. If Ethe rolls an 11+ the attack successfully deals damage in a cone.
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Dazzle 10 (x 1/r + 3/r -1/r ) 30
Action Range Duration
Standard Perception Instant
Increased Range (2), Cumulative, Limited (Visual)
Descriptors: Arcane, Light
With an explosion of sparkles, lights and choas, Ethe blinds targets who can see the display. This does not work on blind/eyeless Opponents.
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Strike 10 (x 1/r + 2/r 22
Action Range Duration
Standard Touch Instant
Alternate Resist (Will), Contagious, Incurable, Innate, Inherited, Strength Based
Descriptors: Arcane, Lovecraftian, Soul, Physical
Ethe swings Iraexull like a crude blunt instrument, pseudometalic, this hurts, but much more relevent is the lethal effects touching it can have, as it will attempt to pry the soul out of most weak things.
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Nullify 10 (x 1/r + 1/r 20
Action Range Duration
Standard Perception Instant
Increased Range
Descriptors: Arcane
Weak magic used by the common wizard means nothing to Iraexull. With a ranged attack against an Arcane descriptor power, the power must make a rank check or the user must make a will save of DC20 of the power will be turned off. It can be reactivated again, Two or more degrees of failiure make further attempts require extra effort..
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Sense 3 (x 1/r ) 3
Action Range Duration
- Perception Permanent
Awareness (Arcane Magic), Analytical (Arcane Magic Awareness), Communication Link (Mental with Ethe)
Descriptors: Arcane
Iraexull can sense magic and know inherently what magic how it works, as well as communicate to Ethe over a distance, should the two get separated.
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Feature 2 (x 1/r ) 2
Action Range Duration
Movement Personal
Feature, effectivly Flight 1
Descriptors: Arcane, Soul, Construct
Iraexull is capable of flight, serving as a good way to get back to Ethe. It isn't very fast or strong so this does not help if she is disarmed or seperated by a clever opponent, but its generally enough to let the two find each other.

Iraexull is the source of Ethe's inherritence, as it was made from and by her mother Nathurra.

Drow Eyes
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Senses 2 (+1) 3
Action Range Duration
- Personal -
Descriptors: Natural, Drow
Like any Drow, Ethe can see in the dark. Its debatable if this is truly the result of nature or that Nathurra simply kept
their home unreasonably dark. Unlike her mother, sudden or bright light isn't blinding, but it still is unpleasent.
Ethe can see in the dark just fine, and this ability can't be suppressed.
Superior Noble Levitation
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Flight 4 (x 2/r) 8
Action Range Duration
Move Personal Sustained
Descriptors: Arcane, Psychic, Drow
Any noble Drow has a minor level of ability to levitate and with her raw arcane talent, this has been turbocharged.
Ethe can fly at 500 Feet a round.
Drow Eyes
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Protection 4 (x 1/r - 1/5) 3
Action Range Duration
Permanent Personal -
Descriptors: Arcane, Device
Ethe received this ring as a gift from her father to keep safe when she inevitably gets herself into danger.
Ethe gains +4 Toughness, already worked into all math
Weird Twin ESP
Effect(s) Ranks Cost
Mind Reading 1 (x 2/r + 2 - 3) 1
Action Range Duration
Reaction Personal Sustained
Limited 2 (Only Ilph), Reduced Action (Reaction), Uncontrolled
Descriptors: Natural, Psychic, Possibly-not-real
Ethe and Ilph never can be sure why, but they often seem to think the same thing at the same time, and know what is up with the other one when separate.

69 PP


  • Sibling Rivalry:

Ethe has a bratty twin sister and, as the obviously older, more attractive and favorite one, it's her duty to keep her safe. Incidentally, she also cannot be shown up by this bitch and has to constantly be one step ahead.

  • Iraexull:

Ethe channels her power from a magical wand made by her mother Nathurra in a failed experiment trying to safely separate herself from her sword body/prison. She considered the wand a failure and like the other dangerous things she keeps messing with, gave it little regard once it wasn't immediately relevant to her, and didn't expect it to be stolen. Now at least some of what she herself contained is partially channelled into this device giving it sentience. It's also effectively a pretty deadly weapon and Ethe probably only survives contact with it due to her own origins.

  • Half Drow :

Though Ethe takes after her father a lot more, but she's obviously still a half elf, and the slightly darkened skin and red eyes mark her as obviously drow at that on prolonged inspection. Also bright light hurts.

  • Hero Worship:

Unlike the rest of her family, Ethe has some level of good heartedness and took tales of her parents heroism and idolization of their paladin queen seriously, and, though plenty of times the methods are off, Ethe usually attempts to live up to the same heroic ideals to a fault.

Hero Points
Starting one Spent to win a three legged race
Gained for being traumatised by stories of things blowing up to punish mistakes.

Power Points gained
Got to work on inherritence still, likely Iraexull
SSJ form maybe.

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