Ragara Taiga

Name: Ragara Taiga
Aspect: Fire
Motivation: Reform the Immaculate Order/Wyld Hunt
Anima: Swirling flames. May take on forms such as a phoenix or wings at particularly high levels of essence expenditure.

Strength 3 Charisma 4 Perception 2
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 2 Appearance 3 Wits 3
Linguistics 2 Lore 2 Occult 3 Martial Arts 5
Awareness 3 Integrity 3 War 3 Archery 1
Performance 1 Ride 1 Survival 3 Athletics 3
Dodge 5 Melee 1 Presence 3 Socialize 4


  • Dodge- While wearing armor: 3
  • Martial Arts- Fire Dragon Style form weapons: 3
Compassion 2 Temperance 2
Conviction 3 Valor 3
Willpower 6
Essence 3
Personal 15 Peripheral 18/35
Committed 17


  • Artifact 4 - Jade Perfected Kata Bracers, Jade short daiklaives, Jade hearthstone amulet, Jade breastplate
  • Manse 3 - Kata-Sculpting Gem, Jewel of the Flying Heart, Purchased as per Solars, not Dynasts.
  • Resources 2
  • Breeding 5
  • Mentor 1


  • Her Friends - Taiga feels strongly for her friends and allies, whoever they might be.

Merits and Flaws


  • Legendary Breeding - Taiga is the product of a House Ragara eugenics program, not that she's aware of it. +6 motes personal/+11 peripheral, Reduce cost of activating anima banner by three, Add 3 to roll to determine if children exalt, one-die bonus to social rolls against other dragon-blooded or mortals taught to respect and fear the dragon-blooded. Add two to the difficulty to pass as a mortal.


  • Enemy 3 - Either she's running from an arranged marriage on the Blessed Isle, and both her family and her betrothed's family want to drag her back, or she's pissed off a few of the Fair Folk, or both. 3 BP
  • Vice: Sex - Shameless slut. 3 BP
  • Sterile - Her house is crying. May be an enabler for the above, but it's got its share of baggage and negative stigma. Also bothers her to no end ,though she's usually quiet about it. 3 BP, because Dynasts are under immense social pressure to procreate.


  • Pasiap's Humility
  • Moment of Daana'd
  • Flash-Fire Technique
  • Flame-Flicker Stance
  • Searing Fist Attack
  • Perfect Blazing Blow
  • Fire Dragon Form
  • Effortlessly Rising Flame
  • Fiery Hand Attack
  • First Dodge Excellency


  • Join Battle: 6
  • Dodge DV: 8
  • Parry DV: 7
  • Mental DVs: Dodge - 6, Parry - 3
  • With Fire Dragon Form active: Dodge DV - 11, Parry DV - 9
  • Soak: 7L/6B; 1L/2B natural. Add (essence) to bashing and lethal soak with Fire Dragon Form active.
  • Hardness: 2L/2B


  • Short Daiklaives - Speed 3, Accuracy 17, Damage 8L, Defense +1, Rate 4
    • With Fire Dragon form active (perfected kata bracers) - Speed 3, Accuracy 20, Damage 11L (or B), Defense +4, Rate 6
  • Punch - Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 3B, Defense +2, Rate 3
    • With Fire Dragon Form - Speed 5, Accuracy 14, Damage 6L (or B), Defense +5, Rate 5
  • Kick - Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 6B, Defense -2, Rate 2
    • Fire Dragon Form - Speed 5, Accuracy 13, Damage 9L/B, Defense +1, Rate 4
  • Clinch - Speed 6, Accuracy 10, Damage 3B, Defense - , Rate 1
    • Fire dragon form - Speed 6, Accuracy 13, Damage 6B/L, Defense - , Rate 1

Virtue Flaw: Valor - Becomes an immolating engine of destruction, and hatred for foes overcomes all reason and thought of negotiation.

Experience: 53
Spent: 44


Taiga had the childhood and upbringing typical of the child of a Dynast family, that being that she was raised to expect power, and that she was given proper and extensive schooling in the arts of war and etiquette. She exalted in her mid teenage years, and her family rejoiced at the strength with which the blood of the dragons flowed through her veins. They were less thrilled, however with her wanton nature and, when it became apparent from the lack of consequences from her various dalliances, her sterility. Needless to say, her family has been quite disappointed in her for some time for her failings. Rather than be married off as part of family politics, likely to someone far below her station, she chose to join the Immaculate Order and make her own way to be useful to House and Realm. Her family suggested that the virtues of chastity be particularly impressed upon her, but otherwise did little to interfere.

While very interested in the martial training provided at the Cloister of Wisdom, Taiga paid little attention to the spiritual side of things (where it wasn't relevant to the enlightenment required to attain the secrets of Celestial martial arts). She did avoid anything that would get her into obvious trouble, but for the most part, she seems content to ignore a majority of the precepts of the Order, beyond paying lip service to them. Most, she does follow, some she only follows when convenient. She also began questioning authority on some points around this time,though it took her much longer to decide some things need work. Fortunately, there isn't too much issue with someone who trains for more personal reasons that their investment in the Immaculate Philosophy.

Taiga has been stationed in the East of Creation for several years, more as an agent of the Wyld Hunt than as a nun of any sort. She will preform the duties of an itinerant monk if necessary. For the most part, though, she spends her time traveling around, hunting the Fair Folk and other threats that require a more than mortal hand to deal with them. She's spent enough time in Lookshy to personally adopt their view on Anathema: that if one does no harm, one should not be labeled as such, despite all indications to the contrary. This agrees with her personal outlook, if nothing else, and she would be happy to see the Realm adopt it. She tends to travel fairly light, beyond the talent or so of jade that constitutes her personal equipment.


Taiga is reasonably tall and well-developed. She has long red hair which she either refused to cut in the first place, or only shaved off upon her original entry into the Immaculate Order. Her body is always a bit warmer than usual, making her skin noticeably warm to the touch. She smells faintly of smoke, though this is not unpleasant. Her breastplate is made primarily of red jade, and she usually wears a long coat over it. Her jade short daiklaives are also predominantly red jade, and their blades seem to glow softly as if the forge's fires never truly left them. The hearthstone amulet she wears serves as a bade of office of sorts, bearing the symbol of the Order upon it.

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