Esper Powers


Redhanded • to ••••

Blood bursts from the esper's body with an effort of will. These bloody tendrils allow the esper to attack and grapple the target, entagling them in a bloody mess.
Cost: 1 Willpower+1 Lethal Damage
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: None
By spending a point of Willpower and taking a point of lethal damage the character becomes able to make Dexterity+Brawl attacks with equipment bonus equal to their dots in this power. The tendrils can be attacked at a -3 penalty, destroying them.
If the character makes a grappling attack, the target's escape attempt is penalized by the esper's Stamina instead of their Strength. While the tentacles are in use, the character suffers from -1 to their Defense, which is further decreased by 1 for every target grappled. The esper may only grapple two characters at a time with their Redhands..
This ability lasts for one scene, until the character dismisses it, or until the tentacles are destroyed.

Supernatural Healing

Prerequisite: Esperism
The character is exceptionally tough, their healing accellerated.
The esper's natural healing is increased to one point of bashing damage every 12 seconds (4 turns), one point of lethal damage every 8 hours, and one point of aggravated damage every 5 days.
Drawback: The healing is not optional. Healing continues as long as the character is alive, which

Enervation ••

By manifesting their blood along their hands, the esper poisons a target. Their body slows down, becoming unable to protect itself during this time, causing them to sicken. This power is not rolled, but requires an unarmed Strength+Brawl attack to have any effect.
Cost: 2 Essence+1 Bashing
Action: Instant
For a number of turns equal to the character's Stamina, the esper's unarmed Strength+Brawl attacks deal lethal damage. In addition, the blood coated hands poison the target, making all damage inflicted by the esper to heal at half the normal rate. If the target has the ability to heal themselves with supernatural abilities, they do not work on these wounds. Damage that converts will be downgraded, but the lethal damage will heal at half the rate. This ability lasts for one scene, or until the power is canceled.
The first time a target is hit with this ability, they Reflexively roll Stamina - the user's Esperism dots. Any powers or Merits that provide a bonus to resisting poisons or disease add to this roll.

Blood Trap •••

As the esper takes damage, she instills her blood with Essence, allowing it to lay in wait until she decides to send it towards a foe, striking back at whoever spilled it.
Cost: 1 Essence+1 Willpower+Special
Action: Reflexive
When taking damage, the esper may reflexively embue her blood with Essence to allow it to stay 'alive' for a number of minutes equal to her Resolve+Stamina. During this time, the blood lays dormant, but at any time the esper may Reflexively attack with it, using a total dice pool equal to the amount of damage taken on the original attack, and does bashing damage. Blood only has so much force when it has nothing to propel it.
This ability works even with bashing damage that has been converted to lethal, and by spending up to 2 points of lethal, the esper may sacrifice health to increase the power of the Blood Trap by the same amount. Being an ambush attack, this power offers no Defense, unless the target is aware of it being a possibility.
This power can only be used to create one Blood Trap at a time, though a character may damage themselves intentionally to activate this power.

Scent of Blood ••••

By throwing a small drop of blood and infusing it with their Essence, the character effectively 'tags' a target. For a number of days equal to 1+Stamina the esper has the ability to sense the approximate range and direction of the target with an Instant Wits+Composure roll. By spending a point of Willpower, the roll becomes Reflexive. This ability even functions if the target has gone to another plane or state of existence. This ability also grants the esper a +1 to any rolls to notice the target attempting to ambush her.
The attack deals no damage, but at least one success must make it past the target's armour and biology. The target gets a Reflexive Wits+Composure roll to realize they've been tagged, but the sensation of the projectile is still only that of an insect sting.
Cost: 1 Essence+1 Bashing
Action: Reflexive
Dice Pool: Stamina+Athletics+Esperism vs Stamina+SA
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character succeeds in burying the blood in the target, but it reacts poorly with the target's body. The esper takes a -1 to any rolls she makes for the next 24 hours. She becomes unable to concentrate, and focuses on the blood, though she cannot sense it.
Failure: The blood does nothing, and the target's body overcomes it.
Success: The character becomes able to sense the target as detailed above. This power even functions if the target shifts into Twilight, or goes into Shadow or the Hedge. If the target is in another plane, the roll suffers a -2 penalty. The character feels different, as if they were in the wrong place. The character may not be aware of other realms, but if they are, they may know that the target is not in the regular world.
Exceptional Success: The Wits+Composure roll gains a +1 bonus.

Resilience •+

The esper's blood thickens their body, making them tougher and more resistent.
Cost: 1 Essence per scene.
Action: Instant
The amount of dots in Resilience is added to the esper's Stamina for the scene, granting a number of temporary health dots. This ability also downgrades a number of aggravated damage equal to the number of dots. If a character has thee dots of Resilience, and is dealt 4 aggravated damage, the character takes 3 lethal damage and 1 aggravated. If the character takes damage beyond their health when this ability ends, the damage is compounded.

Vigor •+

The esper's blood strengthens their body, allowing them to push it to astounding levels.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Instant
The characters dots of Vigor are added to their Strength for the scene, in addition, for every dot of Vigor the character posesses, the length of their base jump on each success is increased by 1.


Fuel (•)

The esper has the power to impress her fury onto an existing fire. She need only look at a fire and concentrate to increase it's Intensity.
Cost: None
Dice Pool: Presence+Resolve
Action: Reflexive
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The fire actually loses a point of Intensity. This may cause it to go out. Attempting to increase the fire costs a point of Willpower.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The fire gains one point of Intensity. A character can only use this power on the same fire once in a single scene.
Exceptional Success: The flame gains an additional point of Intensity, for a total of +2 damage.

Snuff (•)

The character can stop flames in their tracks, causing them to weaken and die.
Cost: None
Dice Pool: Resolve+Stamina
Action: Extended
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The fire may grow out of control, becoming larger and more feirce. The character must spend a point of Willpower to make another attempt.
Failure: The fire fails to be snuffed out.
Success: The character gains a number of successes equal to the fire's Size+1, effectively destroying it. At any point the character may stop rolling, leaving the fire to stay at the last size, provided that it isn't exposed to any fuel.
Exceptional Success: Great headway is made in stopping the fire.

Stoke the Inner Flames (••)

The character's fiery resolve allows them to burn the candle at both ends. The character can temporarily become faster, and more capable of avoiding attacks.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Reflexive
Effect: The character gains a bonus to Defense, Initiative, and Speed equal to her dots in Esperism.

Flash (••)

With a brilliant light, the esper stuns an enemy, causing them to suffer from afterimages and 'floaters' in their vision that make it difficult to discern one shape from the next.
Cost: 1 Essence
Dice Pool: Wits+Presence vs Composure+SA.
Action: Instant
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character blinds themselves instead, suffering -1 to any sight based actions, and -2 to Perception.
Failure: The light shows up, but it fails to blind the target. Or, perhaps it doesn't appear at all.
Success: The character creates a bright, sudden flare. The light causes an onlooker to become blinded, and suffers from -2 to any sight based rolls. This roll increases to -3 for any Perception rolls. This effect lasts until a number of turns equal to the number of Successes gaind on the roll.
Exceptional Success: The target also may only use half of his Defense during the duration of this effect.

Command Fire (•••)

The character controls a flame, causing it to burn where they want, and even making it attack others. A flame has an attack bonus equal to it's Intensity, and this power can be used for up to a scene to control and shape fire. Flames can be whipped at enemies, or even used to make a wall, halting pursuers or providing a 'smoke screen' of sorts.
Using fire to attack an enemy has a short range equal to the character's Resolve+Composure, and a medium range double that. The long range is double the medium range.
The fire moves suddenly, but
Any turn in which the character uses her ability to manipulate fire, she may do nothing but move her speed. Controlling the fire is a full time job, though the cost need only be paid once a scene. If the character loses control of a fire with a dramatic failure, then a point of Willpower needs to be spent to regain it.
Cost: 1 Willpower
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Dexterity+Manipulation
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character loses control, and the fire goes off on it's own, possibly damaging someone or something unintended, the esper herself included.
Failure: The fire fails to react to the character.
Success: The character is able to move a volume of fire up to five times the number of successes rolled. If she uses this ability as an attack, the esper gains an equipment bonus equal to the Intensity of the flame.
Exceptional Success: As with success, except the target catches on fire. The target may attempt to put out the fire with a reflexive Wits+Dexterity roll each turn.

Heat Lance (•••)

With an effort of will, the esper may fill an area with extreme heat. This power can even me used on human beings or other creatures, causing them to suffer as if they'd been left to the elements for an extended period. By spending an additional 2 points of Essence, the character may also turn her powers of heat inwards, draining an area and making it colder. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages of either option.
The esper that possesses this power also finds themself comfortable in temperatures between -60 and 160 degrees. With the expenditure of a point of Willpower and 1 Essence for each subject, the esper may transfer this ability to anyone that she can touch. Sharing the ability only lasts one scene.
To change the temperature of an area, the Size of the area is subtracted from the roll. This can be lessened if the character is touching a specific target, which grants a +2 bonus to the roll.
Cost: 1 Willpower+1 Essence
Action: Instant, or Contested
Dice Pool: Resolve+Stamina (heating) or Intelligence+Composure (freezing) vs Stamina
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The esper is effected as if she was in extreme heat or cold for an hour. If the character was attempting to heat an area, she suffer -1 to both Wits and Strength. If the esper was attempting to freeze an area, then she suffers a -1 to both Wits and Dexterity.
Failure: The temperature remains the same.
Success: The area's temperature is increased or decreased by 5 degrees for each success. If a person or living creature is effected by this, they suffer a cummulative -1 penalty to Wits and Strength for heat, or Wits and Dexterity for freezing. Every two points causes the target to suffer a point of bashing damage as the extreme cold or heat wracks their body.
If a target's attributes are ever reduced to zero, they become unable to move due to heat prostration or hypothermia.
**Exceptional Success:* The target suffers from the temperature change immensely. At 25 degrees of difference, the target begins to take lethal damage. If this damage ever rolls over to aggravated, it shows as loss of motor skills, or severe burns, and may cause the character to suffer from flaws.
Heating a target undoes freezing it, though the extreme temperature change may also cause problems in and of itself.

Ignite (••••)

The character has the ability to create flames. She can create small, Size 0 flames roughly enough to start candle fires that provide light and little more. These require no roll, and no expenditure of Essence, though they are useless for anything but shedding light, and will blow out if used with Command Fire.
Cost: 2 Essence(+1 Aggravated damage)
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Resolve+Stamina
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character takes three lethal damage as their own fire burns them.
Failure: Fire fails to start.
Success: a fire is created of up to the size of the roll with a base intensity of 2. If this attack is used against an opponent, the target suffers damage equal to the number of successes.
If the character takes a point of aggravated damage and uses this move to attack, they breath out a belt of flame that deals Aggravated damage instead of lethal.
Exceptional Success: The fire deals more damage if used as an attack, and a target catches fire. The target may forgo their turn to make a Wits+Dexterity roll to put out the fire.

Burning Finger (••••)

The character sets their hands or weapon on fire, dealing 2 automatic damage from the flames. Her hands become wreathed in fire, or her weapon glows red with the tongues. Any time the character deals an exceptional success with the effected attack, then the target catches fire. They may attempt to put out the fire with a reflexive Wits+Dexterity roll each turn.
Cost: 2 Essence(+1 Willpower)
By spending 2 Essence, the character's hands deal additional fire damage with every successful Strength+Brawl attack. By spending an additional point of Willpower, the character may also give this bonus to a weapon or object, but this causes the object one point of structural damage.
The esper cannot grant this bonus to weapons held by other characters. Only the weapon she's using herself can benefit from this ability.

Heatstroke (•••••)

The character's strike poisons the target with heat, causing them to suffer from painful and debilitating heat exhaustion. As time passes after the strike, the victim begins to feel the effects take hold and the target is no longer able to sweat, their tongue turns to cotton, and their blood boils. Their heart races, and they suffer splitting cramps.
Cost: 2 Essence+1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Stamina+Presence+Esperism vs Stamina+Composure
Action: Reflexive and Contested
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The effect does not occur, and the esper loses her Defense on the subsequent turn.
Failure: While the attack may have been successful, the effects fail to manifest.
Success: The attack requires the character to make a successful Brawl or Weaponry attack and do at least a point of lethal damage before activating this power.
On the following turn, the target begins to burn from the inside, suffering from 1 aggravated damage per turn. This heat curse lasts for a number of turns equal to the greater of the esper's Resolve or Stamina plus their Esperism.
Exceptional Success: The target takes both a point of aggravated damage and suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all actions as their body strives to fight off the effects of the intense heat.

Boiling Blood (•••••)

The character's body sizzles, burning and blistering. It doesn't hurt her, though it may disturb onlookers. Any time the character is hit with a successful melee attack (even bashing), the character is struck by the esper's flames, singing their skin and burning them.
Cost: 1 Essence+1 Lethal damage
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Stamina+Esperism
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The esper actually is hurt by their internal fire, and takes 3 lethal damage, without getting the benefits of protection.
Failure: The character fails to gain any protection from this power.
Success: The character's skin blisters and boils. Any target that makes a melee attack on her suffers from lethal damage equal to half the number of successes of the attack made on the esper as the internal fire strikes back at them. During this time, the character does not suffer Wound Penalties. This effect lasts for a scene, or until canceled. After that the esper's skin goes back to normal, as if she had never been burning.
Exceptional Success: The character also gains 1 point of armour as the blisters and toughened skin protects them from damage. In addition, the attacker will always take 2 automatic fire damage. When the character's rightmost Health box is filled with Bashing damage, they may continue without taking a Stamina roll until they take additional damage equal to half their Esperism dots.


Evil Eye

The character curses the target, causing them to bumble and blunder, failing on all their attempts.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Manipulation+Persusion-Composure
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character suffers a -2 penalty to their next action
Failure: The esper fails to curse the target.
Success: Each success reduces the target's dice pool by a penalty equal to the successes for two turns. When those two turns end, the character's next roll does not benefit from the 10-Again quality..
Exceptional Success: The curse lasts for the scene.

Exceptional Luck

The character focuses their luck to use on themselves, blessing their actions.
Cost: 1 Essence or 1 Willpower+1 Essence
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Manipulation+Occult
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character's luck fails them, causing their actions for the scene to be cursed. The character doesn't benefit from 10-Again, and 1 cancel successes.
Failure: The esper's luck doesn't change.
Success: The character gains a number of 9-Again actions equal to the successes rolled. These rolls can be used at any time by the character within the scene. Any luck not used after the scene is gone. At the cost of 1 Willpower, the user may bless anyone in sight.
Exceptional Success: More successes are their own reward. And curse.

Dumb Luck • to •••••

Cost: 1 Essence per scene
Action: Reflexive
Dice Pool: Manipulation+Dumb Luck
The character gains the amount of dots as armour for the scene. This generally isn't the actual stopping of damage, but attacks have a tendancy to not them, and when they do, the aim never seems to be right. They slip at just the right moment, or something distracts the shooter, things just seem to go their way. Successes on the activation roll are used to penalize attempts to dispell this ability.

Jinx •••

The character hexes the target, causing fate to scorn their actions.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Manipulation+Wits-Composure
Dramatic Failure: The user's next action is a Chance Roll, but the target isn't cursed.
Failure: The luck isn't with the character.
Success: The target doesn't benefit from 10 Again, and 1s cancel successes for a number of turns equal to successes rolled. Unfortunately, the esper's next action also loses 10-Again.
Exceptional Success: The target also suffers from -1 to all rolls due to poor luck.

Favoured Fate ••

The character grants an action an amazing bonus, allowing words to be sharper, fingers to be faster, and songs to be more moving.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Instant
Effect: The esper gains +4 to his next actively attempted action.
Ban: If this ability is used to modify the same type of action (such as shooting an enemy, climbing a building, or driving), the character suffers from an automatic Dramatic Failure on one roll, chosen by the storyteller.

Beneficent Fate •••

The character alters the attentions of fortunes, allowing guaranteed success on a single action.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Instant
Effect: The character grants a single action the benefit of a single success, as if the character had made the roll and factored in all of the modifiers before casting the dice. Obviously, this ability wouldn't be of much use in a Contested action, as one success would be quickly outpaced by an actual roll. It also isn't of much use in combat, as a single success only deals one point of damage. A called shot to the head only grazes, instead of making a kill, for instance.
Ban: If this action is used on a single character more than once within a period from sun rise to sun down, that character's next action is instead resolved by a chance die.

Concentration ••

Cost: None
Dice Pool: Resolve+Composure
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character actually increases the penalties by -2.
Failure: Luck is not with the character.
Success: Each success reduces -1 in penalties for each success, removing factors such as environmental distractions, supernatural penalties, or other complications. The ability applies to the next action the character actively attempts. If used in combat, the target must remain in view of the esper during this time.
Exceptional Success: The next action actually gains a +1

Chances ••••

Fate is a tricky thing. With this power, the character can alter it against the efforts of their target, causing everything they do to go awry.
Cost: 2 Essence
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Presence+Subterfuge-Resolve
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character curses themselves. For the next scene, the Storyteller randomly chooses an action to be automatic Dramatic Failures.
Failure: The character fails to alter anyone's luck.
Success: The character causes the target's next roll to be a Dramatic Failure without a roll. The esper's next action suffers from -3.
Exceptional Success: The next two actions afterwards are Chance Rolls.



The character shakens the target, making them easier to attack. By imposing their presence with Essence, the character is able to cause a target to falter in their presence, unconsciously opening themselves up to attacks. They turn away at the wrong moment, or act slower than they would normally. Whatever the case, the subject of this power allows themselves to be harmed by the target more than they normally would.
Cost: 1 Essence
Action: Instant, Contested
Dice Pool: Presence+Intimidation
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character actually makes herself look more attackable. The target gains a +1 bonus to attack or use social skills on her for the scene.
Failure: The character does not impress the target.
Success: The character makes eye contact and impresses themselves on the target. For the rest of the scene, she gains +2 on all attacks or social abilities made against the target.
Exceptional Success: The target's attacks do not diminish the esper's Defense for the scene.


The character presses themselves onto another creature to perform her will. By momentarily locking eyes with the subject, the esper may command him to perform a single task. This task can only be a single word, and while it may be hidden in a sentence, the word must be given emphasis. If a character is not in any danger, they will follow the command to the best of their abilities. If a character is commanded to "Jump" while on a ledge, they won't do anything. If commanded to "Sleep", if the character doesn't see any imminent danger, they will sleep. If they're in combat, such a command will cause them to fall senseless, but only for a turn.
Cost: None
Action: Contested
Dice Pool: Intelligence+Intimidate vs Resolve+SA
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The esper fails. The subject does not obey her, and is immune to her Impressions for the rest of the scene.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The subject obeys the simple command to the best of their ability, as long as he does not feel he is going to be in any danger.
Assuming the command is one that can be continued for a time, such as "Wait" or "Sleep", the subject obeys for as many turns as the number of successes on the Command roll.
Exceptional Success: Whatever the subject does, they rationalize it as their own choice, unless otherwise convinced.

Mesmerize •••

The esper can actually implant a false thought or suggestion into the subconscious mind of the subject. The ability requires eye contact, but also intense concentration and precise wording, so the subject and the esper must be free from distraction. The esper may activate the imposed command immediately ("Walk over there and open the door"), or she may establish a stimulus that activates at a later date ("When you see a man in a blue suit with a rose on his lapel, you will spill your drink on him.") The victim must be able to understand the esper. Eye contact only needs to be maintained as long as it takes to implant the suggestion or idea. Mesmerize takes longer than Command, but requires more time to implant.
Cost: 1 Essence+1 Willpower
Action: Contested
Dice Pool: Intelligence+Expression
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The subject doesn't obey, and is immune to any uses of Impression for the rest of the day.
Failure: The character loses or ties against the contested roll, and the subject does not obey.
Success: The character gains more successes. The subject obeys the character's command to the best of their ability for as long as it takes to carry out the task, or until the subject is killed or sleeps. The power automatically fails if it involves the character doing something that is impossible or beyond the scope of the subject's mind, such as "count every grain of sand on the beach" fails to take hold and automatically fails. The subject can also not theirselves intentionally, and commands to commit Suicide also fails.
Exceptional Success: The esper not only causes the subject to obey, but the power is so strong that he rationalizes his actions unless he can be convinced otherwise.
If the subject of this roll finds themselves in mortal danger, or doing something that violates their personal code, ("Walk into that building with this gun and shoot that gangster") the character is given a second chance at the Resolve+SA roll, and must gain a number of successes equal to the number of successes on the esper's original roll.
Dramatic Failure: the victim fails, and may no longer make any Resolve rolls to resist the command.
Failure: The subject fails, and continues with their actions.
Success: The subject succeeds, and manages to shake off the esper's dominance.
Exceptional Success: The esper's future Impressions are at a -1 when used on this character for the next week.

Protection of Splendor •••

The character makes themselves so impressive and beautiful that they become nearly unassailable by any hostile force. They seem to glow, their words carry more weight, and their very presence is unearthly. The character becomes impossible to attack, and they become awe inspiring and impressive. This ability only functions on anyone who can see or hear the character. Cameras don't record it. Human characters remember the character was impressive, but not how, and assume they were wearing a costume or beautiful clothing. Supernaturals remember the form the esper takes when she uses this power, however.
Cost: 2 Essence
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Presence+Expression
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character seems meek and assailable, and all attacks against her gain +2.
Failure: The character gets no reactions.
Success: The character cannot be attacked by any mortal characters, though they may still block her path. If at any time a supernatural attempts to harm the esper, they must make a Reflexive Resolve+Composure roll to attack. The esper cannot use any weapons, harm anyone, or even threaten another or this power stops functioning, but she may still command others to attack without dispelling the impression.
During this time the character also gains the benefit of the four dot version of the four dot version of the Striking Looks Merit. This bonus adds to any others, including the actual Striking Looks Merit. As long as the character does not use or brandish a weapon, they cannot be attacked by normal human beings. People cannot harm a character, but they can still block her path, and harm her accidentally. This ability lasts for one scene or until the esper cancels it or
Exceptional Success: For 24 hours, any character affected by Protection of Splendor suffers -1 to resist any Impression abilities.

Oni's Countenance ••••

The character appears as a horrible monster, terrifying and frightening all onlookers. They cannot remember what it is that they saw, but they are left with the feeling that what they saw was utter terrible. A greater version of Stun, this ability affects more subjects, and has a greater effect.
Cost: 2 Essence+1 Willpower
Action: Contested
Dice Pool: Presence+Intimidate vs Composure+SA
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The character becomes weak and frail, or at least seems that way. Attacks against them gain a +2 bonus.
Failure: The esper terrifies no one, and she fails to use this power.
Success: The character gains the horrible form of the Oni, appearing to all as a terrible creature of nightmares. Anyone who rolls less successes than the character is completely stricken with fear and must immediately flee as fast as they possibly can. If they are incapable of fleeing, they are at -2 to all actions due to fear, and cannot spend Willpower to add +3 to rolls or +2 to boost Resistance traits (though they may still spend Willpower on activating capabilities or powers that require it).
Anyone who gains as many or more successes than the esper suffers a -2 penalty to any rolls to attack or attempt to harm her for as long as this power is active. The character gains a +2 to any attempts to Intimidate anyone in range. The awe inspiring countenance lasts for the rest of the scene, or until the esper resumes her normal appearance. Record the number of successes of this power when it is activated to compare to any newcomers to the power's range. The awe cannot be used selectively, and affects both allies and opponents.
Exceptional Success: Any subjects who gain less successes than the esper must flee, and any who do not suffer -2 to all actions.


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