Basic Information

Name: Karasawa Enyo
Age: 15
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 45 kilograms
Measurements: (Flat is a status symbol.)
Ta'ge Symbiont: Echo
Role Models: Kamen Rider

Human Form Tager Form
Attribute Rating Secondary Attributes Attribute Rating Secondary Attributes
Agility 6(5) Actions 1 Agility 8 Actions 2
Intellect 3 Movement 15 mph (37/9 ypt) Intellect 3 Movement 19 mph (47/11 ypt)
Perception 5 Orgonne 5 (11) Perception 7 Orgonne 5
Presence 5 Reflex 5 Presence 5 Reflex 6
Strength 11(10) Vitality 15 Strength 13 Vitality 17
Tenacity 9(8) Drama Points 10 Tenacity 11 Jump/Climb 0 across, 0 vertical / 0 mph (0/0 ypt)
Sanity Damage: 0
Athletics 3
Criminal 1
Hobby 1
Pilot 1
Combat Skills
Dodge 2
Fighting 3
Armed Fighting 3
Free Skills
Language: English 2
Language: Japanese 4
Literacy 1
Value Human Tager
Strength Damage Mod. +1 +3
Regeneration 1/hour 1d10/round
Armor 0 2/2
Wound Level Vitality Vitality
Unhurt 0 0
Flesh Wounds 0 0
Light Wounds 0 0
Moderate wounds 0 0
Serious wounds 0 0
Death's door 0 0


Enyo's appearance is generally unremarkable. Her hair is black, cut and styled to the rough approximation of a bobcut. Her eyes, almond-shaped and usually narrowed in contemplation is a simple, honest red. Her body is skinny, bordering on athletic, and has nothing to brag about in the way of endowments (although she's been complimented on her behind quite a bit). The only remarkable thing about her is that her hands - her fingers in particular - are rough and calloused from a life of hard labor (she repairs motorcycles and vehicles as a living). There's also the massive tattoo of a Yakuza dragon on her entire back - but that's something she keeps out of sight.

She's often tanned, too, due to spending a lot of team swimming and going to the beach on weekends. Tan-lines ahoy.

What often draws people's eyes to Enyo is how casual her clothes are: she wears a loose black leather jacket with a single white stripe running down both sleeves, and with said sleeves often rolled up to the elbows. The jacket itself is often zipped up to her chin, but during hot days, it's left open, revealing only a simple black tank top-clad chest and nothing else. The tank top will sometimes be replaced by either chest bindings or even a black string bikini top. For her bottom, it's black leather cutoff jeans held up by a white belt, and with the cutoffs barely reaching down quarter-thigh. Shoes are black high-cut leather boots, with steel toes.

Her work clothes are heavy blue cotton overalls, and these are often stained dirty with motor oil and grease. Whenever Enyo wears this, she is always happy.

A secret hobby of Enyo's is swimming. She regularly makes trips to the community pool to cool off.

Enyo can also be found crunching down on small jawbreakers, or even eating one large one just like one would eat an apple.


Very laid-back, deliberate. She finds it a bit too taxing to get worked up over every small thing (and will often react to embarrassing situations with a shrug, or even play along to it). She's not entirely apathetic though, and genuinely tries to be understanding and helpful to people with problems despite her usually coarse language and mood.


Enyo is a child of a Yakuza boss' first lieutenant. Her father's occupation was mainly kept secret from her.

She now works in a local auto repair shop, with her specialty being motorcycles.


  • Ally (3) - Yakuza Oyabun. She may be out of the business, her father may be dead, but the Yakuza Oyabun favors her due to her father dying in his service.
  • Efficient Immune System (1) - Idiots don't get colds, after all.
  • Luck (3) Enyo's got the devil's luck.
  • Tager (4) Enyo is a Tager.
  • Fearless (2) Enyo's not easily scared.
  • Sexy Voice (1) Enyo's voice is the type you'd hear from a typical male protagonist - somewhat masculine in tone and timbre and very smooth with just the right roughness - making it quite the attracting factor. This coupled with her rather undeveloped form has led to some confusions about her gender.
  • High Pain Threshold (3) Enyo is used to taking pain as well as dishing it out.
  • Common Sense (2) Enyo may not be smart, but she knows not to take unnecessary risks unnecessarily.


Code (3)
I will protect the downtrodden and needy.
I am a Hero of Justice. I am a Kamen Rider.
A friend of a friend is my friend, and an enemy of my friend is my foe.
I will never turn my back on a friend in need.
I will fight with honor and I will not willingly fight lesser opponents.
I love my motorcycle.

Delusions (2)Enyo is not a Kamen Rider fan. She IS a Kamen Rider.

Misfit (1)Enyo never fits in.

Duty (1) School.
Duty (1) Tachibana Auto Repair Shop. She's an employee. Old man Tachibana is her boss.

Habit (1) Cigarettes. Hence her Sexy Voice (TM). Something she picked up from being in the Yakuza.

Foe (3) Every Kamen Rider has a boss to take down, i.e. Mankind's Enemy.

Mean (2) Enyo has issues with holding back from kicking when the enemy is down.

Notable Possessions

  • Waterproof Cellphone
  • Father's silver case of cigarettes
  • Red Ascot of Justice(TM) Long, flowing, silk scarf-thing. Ripped and frayed at the edges.
  • Kamen Rider paraphernalia (figurines, toy transformation belts, DVDs)
  • Motorcycle (an unholy amalgamation between the Kamen Rider 1 Cyclone and a Harley. Loud, not entirely fuel efficient, but fast).
  • Black metal alloy baseball bat. You never know.
  • School swimsuit (She often takes rides to the pool to swim).
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